Is it Time For PHP and to Put to Rest in 2021?


Are PHP and ASP.NET dead? Is PHP a dying language? Is ASP.Net worth considering in the coming year/s? And many other similar questions have been roaming across the internet for the last couple of years. We have also received similar questions from our readers and clients if PHP and ASP.Net are worth considering in 2021. The questions grabbed attention across the tech arena.

So, we have decided to curb the speculative urge and help you make a better decision.

Did you know 79.1% of all websites on the internet are based on PHP while 9.3% of all websites on ASP.Net?

No doubt, PHP is far ahead of ASP.Net, but both seem to be healthy enough to survive even decades to come. Let’s take a look at these images from W3Techs.

If we talk about the popularity growth, both seem stable with a little ebb and flow. At least, the “Google Trend” has something similar to say about. Let’s take a look at the image below;

So, we can clearly say that both PHP and ASP.Net are not quite dead when we see these findings. As far as the question is concerned, if PHP and ASP.Net are put to rest in 2021. The simple answer to this question is, “it depends.”

Frankly, it should not be based on someone’s maybe-assumptions or judgments, but on projects’ requirements.

Therefore, before taking any further steps, you should take proper research and guidelines from an expert to get the right decision. In this article, we help you explore the usability of these two technologies so that you can make a better decision based on your specific needs.

So, let’s explore;

Top Benefits of PHP Web Development

As we have mentioned in a paragraph above, more than 77% of websites are built on PHP, so there shouldn’t be any question of its sustainability. So, let’s explore the top benefits of PHP to know its usability;

PHP is open source

One of the most significant benefits of PHP is that it is open source and free in all sense. Being open-source in nature, PHP possesses a large community of developers are associated with the technology. They use PHP daily and work hard to bring changes in terms of usability, functionalities, and features.

PHP is scalable

When you start a business, growth is the primary objective you want to achieve in a time frame. Similarly, in web development, when you create a website, it must grow parallel to your business growth to handle the increasing traffic. Websites built on PHP enables you to scale up your website by adding more servers as needed. Importantly, PHP is compatible with all browsers, and hence scalability is no more an issue with it.

PHP is cost-effective

Since PHP is open source, it’s free to use, and it does not even require additional software to work with. It needs no license/permits, no fees/royalty, and no further restrictions, reducing significant development costs.

PHP supports custom development

PHP is a server-side scripting language, and so it supports custom development without limiting developers to custom options. Hence, creating a website based on PHP becomes easy.

PHP is secure

Even though everything on the internet is vulnerable to hack, PHP offers robust security. However, your website’s safety will depend on how you use it and the expertise of developers. To ensure better security, you need to hire the best PHP development company with experienced PHP developers in the team.

These are some of the top benefits of PHP that you can go through to know if the technology helps your projects. Now, we shall discuss the same for ASP.Net so that you can take it from a better perspective.

Top Benefits of ASP.NET

ASP.Net is the most favored technology by looking for high speed, low cost, and vast language support into their websites. Even though ASP.NET is a bar behind as compared to PHP, it has been consistent for decades. That technology is trusted and used by some of the fortune 500 companies, including,, and others. So, let’s explore the top benefits you will get with ASP.NET.

Excellent performance

With optimized code, ASP.NET Core is the best programming language for your web application to have high performance. More than that, when the technology receives any upgrades, it gets more power and automatically optimizes the websites without requiring you to make changes in the code. With a long-term plan in mind, Microsoft has empowered the technology with high performance, which is multiple times higher than most other technologies today.

Cross-platform support

One of the essential things everyone should look at before selecting technology is supporting multiple platforms. As far as ASP.Net is concerned, it supports the cross platform and is compatible with all the latest platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and others.

Better security

Built-in Windows applications with pre-application configuration reduce the chances of getting your website hacked. More than that, the reduced line of code will ensure you get to develop large yet secure applications.

Lesser Code

As technology advances, it comes with less labor and more work. ASP.Net has gone through transformational changes and enables developers to write less code. That means optimizing the code-structure by writing fewer statements is possible with ASP.Net.

Easier Maintenance

Post-development maintenance is irritating for most website holders. ASP.Net, as it needs lesser code, requires less maintenance. However, it is essential to understand its pattern, and hence you may have to take care of it from the very beginning. It’s easy to deploy as it has built-in configuration features.

These are some of the benefits that you can gain out of ASP.Net. However, considering concluding these two technologies, exploring PHP vs ASP.Net is the best possible solution.

Final Thoughts

So, whether ASP.Net and PHP are worth considering in 2021 or look for some other technologies will entirely depend on the projects’ need. There are circumstances when you would find that PHP will be the best for your web application, while in some cases, ASP.Net can have the edge over another. At the same time, while at some point, other technologies can do the best job.

The best way to choose the technology stack is to connect with an expert, explain your requirements, and get the solutions. As far as “PHP and ASP.Net are set to put to rest in 2021” is concerned, we’d say, don’t trust rumors. These two technologies will never die, though they may go through transformational changes and keep shining as they have been for years.

Author Bio:

Marilyn Rios is the senior business advisor at Excellent Webworld. Her work revolves around providing the best technical/non-technical advice to businesses that plan to digitize with web and app development services. Marilyn has stringently worked on perfecting her analysis and prediction skills to help businesses make the best decisions for long-term growth.

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