Key Benefits Of PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Oracle is an American-based company marketing PeopleSoft applications or software programs for various business operations. These applications help address complex business requirements by providing comprehensive solutions that increase productivity, such as human resource and employee management. PeopleSoft applications also help in accelerating business performance with cloud technology for better user experience and reduced learning curve.

PeopleSoft applications work best in cloud technology, which is a web-based data processing and storage solution. It means that authorized users of your PeopleSoft applications can access data in any device.

This article discusses the key benefits of migrating your PeopleSoft apps to the cloud.

Automate Your PeopleSoft Apps From On-Premise To The Cloud

PeopleSoft to cloud migration involves the use of Cloud Manager, which assists in the lifecycle of PeopleSoft environments, providing the automation your business needs for seamless operations. Having automated systems can provide the following benefits:

  • Save time and effort manually entering business data into your old and obsolete system.
  • Ensure that your PeopleSoft apps are running at optimum performance.
  • With automated PeopleSoft to cloud migration capabilities, you can access your apps within weeks instead of months. It reduces concerns over shifting and lifting PeopleSoft to the cloud.
  • By leveraging your PeopleSoft applications’ automation features, a risk-mitigating approach is enabled to move your current PeopleSoft environment to the Oracle Cloud.

Mobility And Security

Moving your PeopleSoft environment to the cloud provides mobility and greater security.

Once you convert your PeopleSoft programs to cloud, you establish a more secure connection for accessing data on the cloud using any device.

Here are the advantages of a mobile and more secure system:

  • You have peace of mind about the security of your PeopleSoft apps.
  • Your team members or employees can access the apps anywhere and anytime without compromising security.
  • You will not likely run into several security issues, such as intrusions, hacking, unauthorized access, data theft, and identity theft. Having a cloud computing environment provides greater security.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

By converting your PeopleSoft environment to the cloud, your organization can benefit from a lower cost of ownership. With cloud technology, you don’t have to hire extra people to do the work. Repetitive tasks can be automated for a more productive workplace.

Here’s how PeopleSoft to cloud migration with the help of a professional can lower the cost of ownership:

  • You can preserve your current PeopleSoft investment in enhancements and customizations by availing the services of a cloud services provider.
  • In choosing the right cloud services company, you should consider years of experience, available tools, and processes for a smoother traditional PeopleSoft system to cloud transition.
  • You can get significant savings because ongoing facilities, upfront hardware, IT administration, and IT support costs are eliminated.

Better System Performance

Moving your PeopleSoft apps to the cloud improves the overall system performance. Your system becomes more flexible and reliable. Delivering higher performance using the Oracle cloud technology with the help of a cloud provider is lower in cost than deploying PeopleSoft to cloud migration running on-premises (do-it-yourself migration).

Check out these key performance indicators when you migrate your PeopleSoft apps to the cloud:

  • A faster-reporting speed.
  • No room for human error or point of failure.
  • Seamless and quick migration without changing your system or re-architecture.
  • Rapid in-place cloud technology refreshing and patching.
  • Scale up or down almost instantly.
  • Control and ensure system security.
  • Manage your newly migrated PeopleSoft apps using familiar tools.

Seamless On-Premise Integration

With PeopleSoft to cloud migration, you can run any PeopleSoft version on any data platform. It is because the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can execute seamless, automated provisioning (updating or adding features to your apps).

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure still supports manual (human-operated and not automatic) deployment to be able to integrate some of the features of your old system to cloud. It would help to discuss a combination of manual and automated PeopleSoft to cloud deployment (ways of migrating apps) with your cloud services provider to find the best option for your business.

Better Storage Backup And Disaster Recovery

Most cloud solution providers are offering high-security data storage without the hefty price. You can easily expand and shrink your data storage according to your requirements. That is why businesses with periodic or seasonal data storage requirements can use the cloud for better storage.

With PeopleSoft to cloud migration, you can recover data or info about your business, like sales and other financial reports more securely and faster. Companies using PeopleSoft can benefit from cloud-based technology since it’s more cost-effective than traditional on-premise systems because using computer hardware or external drives to store files is eliminated.


The important benefits of PeopleSoft to cloud migration include automation of your system to reduce project delays, saving time, effort, and money on complex systems. Your business can also benefit from better system performance, seamless on-premise integration, and a low cost of ownership.

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