Key features of solidstudio’s OCPI gateway – quick guide for CPO’s

Key features of solidstudio's OCPI gateway – quick guide for CPO’s

About Open Charge Point Interface

The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) plays a pivotal role in the world of electric vehicle charging, facilitating seamless information exchange between Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers . Designed to promote scalable and automated EV roaming, OCPI handles critical tasks such as sharing session information, providing location details, executing remote commands (e.g., reservation commands), offering charge detail records (CDRs) for billing, and authorizing charging sessions through token exchange.

Get Your OCPI with Solidstudio

In the realm of eMobility, interoperability is the key to unlocking greater potential. Solidstudio’s OCPI Gateway ( ensures a secure connection for both eMSPs and CPOs, empowering them with direct peer-to-peer connections and hub access. To guarantee secure transactions, Solidstudio has developed a robust token security mechanism that meets stringent reliability requirements, allowing customers to fully capitalize on the benefits of an integrated mobility ecosystem.

2.1 Discovery Document to Align Your Vision with the EV Charging Reality

Navigating the complexities of EV charging digital solutions and open standards can be challenging. Solidstudio addresses this by providing a Discovery Document after consulting with eMobility experts. This document sets the initial scope for potential projects, aligning visions with the reality of EV charging.

2.2 Onboarding in No Time with Our Support

Solidstudio is committed to delivering the best possible service to its customers. The OCPI Gateway has been successfully integrated with numerous customers, offering seamless onboarding without the need for lengthy testing procedures. This streamlined process not only saves time but also reduces implementation costs.

2.3 The Role of Software in the EV Charging Ecosystem

Paweł, Solidstudio’s CEO, shares valuable insights into the role of software in the eMobility environment. The company’s ebook delves into the entities involved, the reasons for using separate digital tools, the challenges of creating EV charging software, and more. Understanding these nuances is crucial for anyone navigating the evolving landscape of EV charging.

2.4 Client-Focused Flexibility

Solidstudio recognizes the diverse needs of organizations within the eMobility sector and offers client-focused flexibility. Acknowledging the complexity of eMobility, the company allows clients to choose how they want the solution to be maintained. Whether installed on-premise in the client’s architecture or supported by Solidstudio via cloud computing, this flexibility ensures organizations can tailor the solution to their unique requirements.

In conclusion, Solidstudio’s OCPI Gateway stands out as a comprehensive solution, addressing the challenges and complexities of EV charging. By providing secure connections, streamlined onboarding, and client-focused flexibility, Solidstudio empowers CPOs and eMSPs to navigate the evolving landscape of eMobility with confidence and efficiency. For more information on Solidstudio’s OCPI Gateway, visit Solidstudio’s OCPI Gateway.

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