Know These Web Development Hacks to Increase Your Traffic Organically

Web Development Hacks

Are you looking for a way to boost your traffic organically? Web development is the best way to do that!

From looking after its design to maintaining all the web pages, web development is undoubtedly a lot of work. Different websites are built differently, but there are three components of web development, which are commonly required to create them all.

The Client is the first component used for frontend purposes, Server is another component used for the backend, and the last component is the Database. When these three components are combined, it adds life to your ordinary web page. The process of web development includes languages such as HTML, Python, Java, and CSS.

The ranking of a web page is influenced by the number of people attracted to it. The more attention it grabs, the better search engine ranking it will have.

You want your webpage to be visible right on top of the results for relevant keywords. This is fundamental to every site’s growth. Why? Because if people don’t reach your website, they would not get more information on your product range, your services, and you. Your website helps you start communication with a new lead.

It helps in increasing the popularity of your business. This is why every business needs a website.

Be it a small or a large business, your website needs a good web developer because 48% of people cited website design as the first factor when it comes to deciding the credibility of a business. There are 4.4 billion active internet users, and 2 out of every 3users prefer visiting a well-designed website.

Looking at these numbers, you would be sure by now that you need quality web development. If so, you should only consult professionals such as Uplers, who have a proven track record of serving thousands of clients not just with web development but digital marketing too.

However, web development is not a one-time job. Once your website has been created, there is still room for more web development. You would need to check it and better it from time to time since web development can also better your search results. To help you gain organic traffic on your website, here are 7 web development hacks you should not miss on.

User-friendly URL

For many website owners, a user-friendly URL is not the utmost priority. They do not see the importance of a simple URL when it comes to increasing organic traffic, but it’s one of the most important factors. Your website link needs to be easy to spell, easy to recall, and also, relevant for your brand. For example, if your web page is about a cake but your URL is ‘’, it will be irrelevant for your bakery. However, if you keep it simple and relevant, something like “”, it will be user-friendly, sensible, precise, and will also do the SEO deed.

SEO Friendly

Making your website SEO friendly is where you should invest most of your time and efforts, once your website is live and churning out regular blogs. SEO comprises the right usage of keywords, images, backlinks, outbound links, and more. According to research, websites that get SEO right soon find their pages on the top of the search results and get 90% of their total traffic through search engines.

Optimize your images

Optimizing your images is the only way of reducing their file size without compromising on the quality. A large-sized file increases the load time of the website, which is one of the biggest reasons for losing traffic. The motive is to attain the best design results in the least of Megabytes. Try reducing to kilobytes to save more space. Saving the images in the right dimensions is the best way to optimize your images.

Image Naming

Images shan’t be overlooked. You not only want to make sure that your images are light and proper, but you also want to name them right. You should not leave the “Alt-text” or “Image Title” space blank, as this can do your SEO a great favour. So, you should use captions that match your images and do not look out of context. Plus, if you want to do image naming for SEO purposes, saving it in the right format is very important.

Responsive Design

In today’s era, internet surfing through mobile phones has increased. So, to drive success to your website, make sure you create it in a responsive design to build a connection with the mobile users. The responsive design will ensure that your website develops the right interface for whichever platform your visitors use, be it a mobile, tablet, or desktop. Your website should be able to adapt to all screens.

Minimal CSS

We know that you love how much can your CSS knowledge do to your website. It can give your website a beautiful exterior, however, too many codes and files could make your website uglier, messier, and slower from the insides. However, you can not just remove the codes and lose the features, so why not compress them! You can not just reduce the volume but also filter out the duplicate or broken codes by doing so. This will improve your website’s overall performance

Good UX

Only if the user’s needs are fulfilled, it will be recognized as a good user experience (UX). There are many ways to improve the UX but the best ones are customer surveys and compatible design to make it more interactive. Increasing the readability quotient is also a way of ensuring a good user experience, which can be done via white spaces and well-written headlines.

Well, congratulations because you just cracked the seven best web development hacks that will organically increase your engagement.

As a business owner, getting organic traffic to a website is the most important way of ensuring growth. So, if all this time you have been looking for ways to improve your business visibility, look no more!

Author Bio:

Sheryl is the Sr. Marketing Specialist at Uplers who has a great experience in designing well-defined user journeys across the digital marketing domain. She leverages her digital marketing expertise to help businesses draw significant ROIs.

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