LEGO Piece 26047 – All You Need To Know

LEGO Piece 26047

Each LEGO piece has a unique identity, which lets packers determine which piece goes in which kit and fans find missing pieces. Among Us fans have been going wild about LEGO Piece 26047, so here’s all you need to know.

Why Has A LEGO Piece Gone Viral On The Internet?

In March 2021, online message boards and social media sites began to flare up. Among Us, players started spreading a single message with their followers: DON’T GOOGLE LEGO PIECE 26047 message. LEGO Piece 26047 has been converted into a meme and is being shared anywhere there is a fanbase online. This has generated considerable consternation in the LEGO community. Seeing these memes dominate our streams and newsfeeds is moderately annoying for those outside the Among Us environment. Many LEGO fans have flocked to these message boards to decipher the meme. Reaching out via social media has resulted in many people needing clarification lines, with others just responding with the useless message ‘a mongoose’. The most common response is ‘sus’. Sus, short for suspicion, refers to the piece’s significance in the game.

Among Us And LEGO Have Absolutely Nothing In Common. Why Is A Small Piece Causing Problems?

LEGO piece 26047 has become a meme due to the connection between what would otherwise be an ordinary LEGO brick and a game. The primary purpose of social media players is to warn others not to Google what LEGO Piece 26047 is. This causes online sadness, which leads to others doing the same, creating a vicious circle of LEGO/Among Us misunderstanding. On the other hand, its significance for Among Us fans and players has a few diverse connotations. When playing Among Us, players are randomly assigned one of two roles. Unfortunately for players, LEGO piece 26047 resembles the Impostor. The Impostor’s role is to murder as many Crewmates as possible, and stopping the Impostor from killing you is aim number one in this survival game. The role of Impostor is assigned to players, and their mission is to prey on as many Crewmates as possible.

What Is LEGO Piece 26047?

The LEGO Piece 26047 is a 1×1 plate with a rounded end and a bar handle. Also, it was created in 2016, making it one of the newest LEGO pieces. 356 sets, 14 mini-figures, 13 parts, and one gear have featured LEGO Piece 26047.

What Sets Is LEGO Piece 26047 Available In?

The piece may be found in current release sets like 31118 Surfer Beach House and/or 952105 Doctor and Patient and is sold separately on resale sites such as eBay. Other sets include 21321 International Space Station and/or 21320 Dinosaur Fossils.

Does It Come In A Range Of Colours?

Apart from the meme culture that has been created, LEGO Piece 26047 is available in several colors. White, green, black, light bluish gray, flesh, dark turquoise, sand green, dark blue, reddish brown, and pearl gold are among them.

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