Likes on Instagram to Boost Your Instagram Marketing and How to Avoid Top SEO Mistakes

One of the most effective ways of driving organic traffic to your website is search engine optimization. Similarly, by applying SEO to Instagram, you can make the account more visible to users thus helping you to acquire more followers, boost engagement, and drive sales. However, for the Instagram SEO to be effective and deliver the anticipated results, it is important to do it right and not make mistakes that can make it less effective. Some common examples of Instagram SEO mistakes:

Not Making Your Instagram Account Cohesive

The secret of effective management of your Instagram account is creating a cohesive feed. This means that whatever you post on your account who is an integrated whole in terms of visual themes, branding, photo captions, hashtags, as well as timing. However, achieving a high level of cohesiveness is not very easy to accomplish. It generally takes a fair amount of experimentation and research regarding the crafting of captions, hashtag relevance, appearance of the grid layout, as well as the frequency and timing of the posts.

Not Using Relevant Hashtags Is the Top Reason Why You Need Buy Likes on Instagram

Even though every Instagram marketer knows the vital importance of using hashtags with their posts, many of them balk at the effort and time that it takes to identify hashtags that are relevant to the target audience as well as the subject matter of the post, as well as the business niche. The two most common mistakes made by marketers are using irrelevant hashtags and not using them at all.

The problem with irrelevant hashtags is that they are neither appropriate for the post in which they are used or for the business in general. Typically, when hashtags are not relevant, it will lead to a very small number of impressions. Marketers can find inspiration by analyzing the hashtags being used by their main competitors that are being used a lot. However, it pays to stay away from the most popular ones, because, your post will be snowed under other posts with the same hashtag giving very little opportunity to users to discover your content. As your business reputation grows, it can be a good idea to develop a branded hashtag that will be unique to you. Keep in mind not to repeat the same hashtags in every post because then Instagram will classify your posts as spam making your investment to buy likes on Instagram, a waste.

Not Changing the Location Tags as Per Presence

If your business is spread over multiple locations and users have something to gain by using the location nearest to them, it is important to use location tags to differentiate your multiple locations. For example, if you run a chain of cafes, using location tags will help your customers to find out which one is nearest to them and reward you with their business. Location tags can also prove very handy for attracting users across different locations even if you are operating from a single location but able to serve them. According to, it is important not to use virtual office locations.

Not Making Your Username Searchable

Like any brand name, your user name needs to be memorable and indicative of the nature of your business. This means that you should attempt to keep the username distinctive and relevant as well as short and readable so that the target audience does not have to take any special effort to remember your username. The username should make sense in the language that most of your target audience is likely to use for looking for it. Using special characters or symbols that cannot be pronounced can lead to audience muffing it when trying to search for your business as the username become needlessly complicated.

Not Using Keywords in Your Bio and Photo Captions

Even though it is considered as one of the basic rules for Instagram marketing, leaving out keywords in your Instagram bio is a crime that many marketers are guilty of. The purpose of the bio is to explain to the user what your account is all about within the limitations of the allowable 150 characters. Including the important keywords will make your account more search-friendly, though it is important not to stuff it with too many keywords as the bio will need to be highly readable and compelling. Using the right keywords to optimize your account will ensure that your content appears in the top search results. The same principle holds good in the matter of inserting keywords in the captions.

Broken Images and Missing Alternative Texts

Elective tags, or alt tags, are HTML ascribes of pictures that help depict the content. As to on-page SEO issues, alt labels should be tended to. There are examples when the picture segment on your site doesn’t deliver well because of the ill-advised filename, off base record way, or an inappropriate augmentation utilized. In these cases, an alt tag for the picture will portray its content and capacities on the page. It likewise fortifies the ideal keyword by helping crawlers comprehend the data on the page. Broken pictures or missing alt tags are normal errors made.

Pages Not Indexed

Ordering implies including your site pages to the pile of pages that are accessible on Google. Google can’t rank what’s not slithered by its bots. A portion of the substantial reasons why your pages are not listed include:

  • 404 errors
  • For example where your pages have meta tags with the accompanying source code – > <META NAME=” ROBOTS” CONTENT=” NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”> won’t get indexed
  • Your sitemap isn’t exceptional
  • Copy content
  • Low fame or authority


If you look at it objectively, Instagram SEO is nothing but the application of techniques based on common sense for ensuring more users discover your posts, become your followers, engage with you, and become brand loyalists. By ensuring you do not make common mistakes, you can improve the performance and ROI of your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Author Bio:
Andrew Thompson is a content developer and online marketing guru. Having worked at SEO expert company for the last three years, He also advises to help with basic rules for Instagram marketing base and share effective SEO tips, strategies, and the latest developments and sure-shot strategies people can take to climb SERP rankings.

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