Luminous India – A Brand That Manufactures One of the Best Ceiling Fans in India

Luminous India - A Brand That Manufactures One of the Best Ceiling Fans in India

The number of ceiling fan brands in India is increasing with each passing year. And while this is a good thing for the customer as it gives ceiling fan buyers multiple options to choose from, it also increases the confusion as buyers are torn between the countless number of options available in the market. The best thing to do in a scenario where one isn’t sure about which fan to buy is to go for a reputable ceiling fan brand that has earned a reputation of manufacturing one of the best ceiling fans in India. If you want to go with a trusted brand like that we recommend that you should check out the ceiling fans from Luminous India, one of the country’s most trusted ceiling fans brands. Continuing the discussion forward, in this post, we list five reasons why Luminous India is considered one of the best ceiling fan brands in India.

1. Excellent Track Record

The number of years a company has been in business and its customer base are some of the important factors that can help determine the reputation of a ceiling manufacturer. Luminous India has been in the business of home electricals for around 30 years and it has a customer base of 70 million-plus satisfied customers across the globe. Similarly, the company has a network of 2900+ distributors and 70000+ dealers in 36+ countries. All this is a testament to how well the company is doing and its reputation in the market.

2. Superior Product Quality

One of the reasons Luminous India has not just survived but grown, at a very fast pace, over the last three decades is its superior product quality. The company pays attention to every minute detail that goes into manufacturing the best-in-class products. From performance to energy efficiency to design to maintenance, Luminous India takes care of every important aspect that goes into the making of a superior quality ceiling fan. For instance, they use high-grade plastic that ensures longevity and enhances performance. Similarly, their fans come with aerodynamically designed blades that provide strong and steady airflow.

3. Latest Technology

Innovation lies at the core of Luminous India.  The company truly believes that change is led by innovation and it is innovation that leads to progress. The company is inspired by technology which is evident from the leaps and bounds it has made in terms of revolutionizing the world of fans. Be it their patented UNICOG motor or the aerodynamic design of a fan’s blades, Luminous India has deployed the latest in technology to come up with innovative Tech Aire series fans that are designed to provide superior air delivery and exceptional performance.

4. Unique Features

Luminous India is known for its feature-rich ceiling fans. Some of the most notable features that the company offers are – smart control options, energy efficiency, integrated LED lighting, high air delivery, noiseless operations, and many more. The Audie, for instance, is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart fan that not only gives users the option to control their fan from wherever they are but also gives them multiple control options to do so. The fan can be controlled using a remote, smartphone, or voice command. Similarly, the New York Chelsea is one of the most silent fans available in India.

5. Unparalleled Customer Care

Most people, when they buy a ceiling fan, look for factors such as the performance and the design of a ceiling fan. What they fail to factor in is the after-sales support aspect. It is important to consider the after-sales support that a company offers so that in case of a breakdown one doesn’t have to run from pillar to post for a solution.  Luminous India understands how important customer experience is and they believe in giving a ‘wow’ experience when it comes to customer care. In fact, you should check out their online reviews to find out for yourself as to why Luminous India is considered one of the best ceiling fan brands in India.

Just as importantly

Besides the above-mentioned advantages of choosing Luminous India, customers also get to choose from a wide range of beautifully designed ceiling fans that the company has to offer. The Signature range of fans, for instance, brings an international ambience to your doorstep. Also, in addition to ceiling fans, you will also find several other home electrical products such as pedestal fans, exhaust fans, table fans, LED lights, bulbs, and more.

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