Why Does My Minecraft Java Edition Keep Crashing?

Why Does My Minecraft Java Edition Keep Crashing

Why does it keep crashing with my Minecraft Java Edition? Both of us love to play Minecraft. When it keeps crashing, what we don’t like as much is. Suppose you keep trying to play the game you love, but an error keeps coming up, most often the “Java SE Binary Platform has stopped working,” then you’re not alone.  

So, Some other players have also experienced Minecraft Java Edition crashing with another error message: “An unexpected issue occurred, and the game has cracked. We’re sorry for the inconvenience “.

This error has been shown to users around the globe. However, you don’t need to worry about it anymore! In the article, we will be discussing why your Minecraft Java Edition keeps crashing and what you can do to fix the errors quickly. These resolutions are proven to work on the Windows 10 version of Minecraft.


Why did my Minecraft Java Edition keep Crashing & Common Solutions?

There is more than one solution to resolve the error you’re facing, as it can have many origins. So, here are the common causes for why this Error to occur:

  • Java updates.
  • Windows updates.
  • Graphic driver issues.
  • Launcher incompatibility.

But Keep in mind that: Java is the coding language that fuels Minecraft. Though the platform runs on devices all around the world, it is still facing such errors.

So, By taking a look at the causes, you can probably figure out already what you need to do fix it. Now, here are some ways for you to do it:

Update your Video Card Drivers

All Game drivers are the most common cause of Minecraft Java Edition crashing. This problem you’re facing is so widespread that even Oracle and Microsoft have acknowledged the fault and have publicly suggested updating graphic drivers. These latest versions of Windows 10 let you automatically update your drivers through a built-in application.

Suppose you don’t know how to run the driver updates, check out this article for Windows 10. So, You can still manually download and install the latest updates too! Whether the problem persists, you should try a third-party app known as “Display Driver Uninstaller.”

This program is certified and efficient for thoroughly cleaning out your drivers and installing them again. Here, Replacing the drivers with the latest versions is quick and easy. Then, All the instructions are shown when you run the app.

Update Your PC’s Java

Even though Java updates happen automatically whenever you launch an application that requires Java, it’s possible that this setting could have been turned off. Well, To be safe, you should access the Java website and check to see if you have the latest version running. Suppose not, download & install it.

Update Windows 10

Well, An update to your system software is very likely to stop Minecraft Java Edition from crashing. Here, As with Java updates, Windows 10 updates itself automatically. Also, it is recommended to keep the auto-update setting turned on in the future.

Now, check your settings and manually install the required updates and open up Settings on your PC. Well, From there, you should see the “Updates and Security” menu with an option to “Check for Updates.” Click it & make sure you have an active Internet connection.

Change your Minecraft Launcher.

As well, Sometimes, the problem is just in the launcher being used to run the game. This newer launcher of Minecraft has some bugs that Mojang is still working to fix for all devices.

However, you don’t need to wait for them to do that! You can Easily download an older version of the launcher by following this link. Now, Install one that is compatible with your device, and you’re good to go!

So, Keep in mind that you don’t need to go through all these steps. This problem is usually with only one of the above issues. So, You should try to run Minecraft after doing any of the steps, and when it finally works, you will know precisely where the problem was for future issues!

But, if you’ve somehow come across the bad luck of trying all these steps and still experience Minecraft crashes, we even got your back.

Why does My Minecraft Java keep Crashing – Different Resolutions.

Though we hope you won’t need to go through all the suggested methods, as the ones given above should work for most people, here is what else you can do to fix Minecraft Java edition crashing:

Clear the All Cache

So, You may have heard of this for clearing data stored in browsers. As well, now you’ll want to do the same for Java. Now, Clear the Java cache by following these simple steps:

  • First, Open your PC’s Control Panel.
  • Then, Find and select the Java application;
  • Here, When the new menu pops up, go to Settings & find “Temporary Internet Files”;
  • Finally, Delete these files. Launch Minecraft & enjoy it!

Reinstall Minecraft

This classic “turn it off and on again” method. This works more often than not!

Remove any MOD files.

Suppose you are running a modified version of the game to improve your experience. The probability is that these files will cause the crash. Now, Try removing them and running the game then.

Turn off VBOs (Vertex Buffer Object)

Well, Sometimes, VBOs cause an issue if your system isn’t compatible. Suppose you can manage to run the game before it crashes. You will go to the Settings in Minecraft & disable VBOs from the “Video Settings” menu.

This is advisable to restart your PC after making these changes so that your system is refreshed.

Also, Check :

Final Words:

To conclude, these are all fast and easy fixes for crashing issues with the Minecraft Java Edition. One of these strategies is sure to work for you, and in the future, you will avoid Minecraft from cracking as well. 

Suppose you still find yourself facing an error with Minecraft Java Edition. Your best bet is to install & run a PC repair tool. This app checks your PC automatically and addresses Misconceptions, including corrupt files and improper databases. Several restricted apps do this. Once more, play your heart out. 

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