Outbyte AVarmor: Antimalware Features and Review

There are many different antimalware and antivirus programs on the market. Some of the most well-known are AVG, Avast, GData, and Kaspersky, just to name a few. Windows also has its own inbuilt antivirus known as Windows Defender. So, the question is, with all the options available, which one do you choose, and how can you be sure that your system has all-around protection 24/7?

One thing to keep in mind is that your computer safety is not only limited to its protection from malicious software. There are also other dangerous programs and practices that can put the safety of your PC, as well as your personal information, at risk. These include spying software (aka spyware), untrustworthy websites, phishing, and more. This means that when choosing a program that is going to protect your computer, you need to make sure that all these aspects are also covered, and your PC is protected from all possible threats.

To accomplish that, you may want to install software that has features that can provide protection on many different levels. One of the programs that is able to do that is Outbyte AVarmor. In this review, we will dive into its features and try to understand whether it is a good option for enhancing your PC’s security level.

Outbyte AVarmor Features:

1. Comprehensive Scan. The first thing to do upon installing Outbyte AVarmor is to launch a scan. The scan goes over the following items so that you can determine how well your system is protected:

  • Websites you have visited from the web browser history – the software scans through websites and lets you know if any of these may be unsafe. The trust level of each site is derived from the database of Web of Trust, which is a reputable internet security organization. In the scan results, the sites are divided into different categories, such as related to malware or viruses, potentially unwanted programs phishing, scam, misleading, privacy risks, etc.

Outbyte AVarmor Features

You can click on “Show all” to see the list of websites belonging to each category, which is nice since you can see exactly which sites were detected by the program.

In our test, the software was able to identify 571 sites that might not be the safest or have the best intentions for its visitors.

  • Spyware – Outbyte AVarmor shows if there are any applications on their PC that are known to be spying on users. Such applications can secretly collect private and sensitive information as well as track their activity, such as mouse and keyboard use.
  • Malware – the scan also searches for viruses and harmful apps that can damage your system and files.
  • Potentially unwanted programs, aka PUPs – such programs can cause a number of issues in your system and negatively affect its performance.
  • Autostart applications – the software also checks for programs that launch automatically at system startup. Even though, in most cases, those are not harmful per se, such programs can take up your system resources and slow it down, so it’s useful to at least be aware of them.

2. Four Protection Layers. Outbyte AVarmor has four different tools that can improve your system’s security once activated.

As the name suggests, Spyware Shield is a tool for identifying any program that may be used for spying activities on your PC or collecting your data. Malware Shield is meant to protect your system from malicious programs and viruses by detecting and removing these. Phishing Shield is a tool that can help you protect yourself from attempts to gain access to your personal data like passwords, credit card details, etc. Web Browsing Shield can be used to determine how safe the websites you visit are and will warn you in real-time should you come across an untrustworthy website.

It is worth mentioning that Outbyte AVarmor is compatible with most existing antimalware and antivirus programs and can be safely used in tandem with them, which is definitely one of its perks.

3. Securing Access to Your Devices From Third Parties. Some programs try to spy on PC users via devices such as the camera and microphone.

Outbyte can help protect your system from that by disabling these devices while it is turned on so that your privacy is not compromised by other programs.

4. Passwords Checker. With the many online services and platforms, most of us use every day, it can be hard to keep track of all of your passwords and make sure that each of them is well-secured.

The Passwords Checker tool looks for duplicate, compromised, and weak passwords.

Should any of the mentioned categories be identified, it will notify you about them. It is recommended to change such passwords as this will make it harder for cybercriminals to steal them and gain access to your private profiles and the details you keep in these.

Bottom Line: Is Outbyte AVarmor Worth It?

 Outbyte AVarmor demonstrates that there can be all-in-one solutions when it comes to computer safety, or at least it is very close to being one. The program has different features that provide efficient system protection from most PC threat types like malware, spyware, dangerous websites, weak passwords, and more. Also, a good thing about it is that it can function together with another installed antivirus program without causing any issues. As for pricing, a three-month license covers ten PCs.

It would be nice to have an option to buy a license just for one PC which would also make the software at least somewhat cheaper. Also, it could be useful to be able to see an overall health score of the system in the scan results for users who want to quickly check how well their PC is secured.

Outbyte AVarmor also has a one-time trial option for users who would like to try it out before purchasing, which can be beneficial for those who want to test the software’s abilities first.

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