PoE Trade Guide – How To Trade In Path Of Exile?

PoE Trade

Trying to find out how to PoE trade? Trading with other league players is one of the finest ways to improve your Path Of Exile character unless you’re playing in a solo-self-found league. However, the PoE trade process has certain intended roadblocks and needs to be described in-game. Fortunately, it is rather straightforward if you know where to search. This post will lead you through the Path Of Exile item buying and selling process.

How To Buy Items From Other Players In Path Of Exile?

In-game auction houses are absent from Path Of Exile. There is a Trade chat channel, although it is useless. The great bulk of PoE trade is conducted via the official trade website. You’ll discover several ways to narrow your searches for particular things.

PoE Trade

For example, it’s Day 2 of Sentinel League, and I need fresh boots for my Seismic Trap character. I’m seeking something with movement speed, fire resistance, and longevity. I may select these options in the filters, as shown in the image above, to locate every matching item presently for sale by other players.

PoE Trade

How To Sell Items To Other Players In Path Of Exile?

If you have a premium stash tab, selling goods in Path Of Exile is simple. Pick the “public” and “each item individually priced” options by right-clicking the name tag of your premium tab. Then, set the item you want to sell in the tab, right-click it, and select a price. Consider the image above as an example. Unfortunately, selling stuff might be easier if you have a premium stash tab. Create a thread in the trading boards, link your things from your character profile, and use the “~price x chaos” tag. This may be too difficult and bothersome. Selling goods becomes considerably easier if you purchase a premium stash tab from the in-game shop. This is the closest thing Path Of Exile has to a pay-to-win system, and naturally, players are frustrated.

Which Currencies Should You Trade With In Path Of Exile?

Numerous currency items in Path Of Exile have values based on their in-game crafting applications. However, there are just two factors to consider while PoE trade. The Path Of Exile currency is Chaos Orbs. Most trades are priced in Chaos, particularly early in a league. Most of your low-to-mid-value goods should be listed under Chaos Orbs 99% of the time.

PoE Trade

Due to a change in patch 3.19, Divine Orbs are now the best currency for high-value trades. Previously, things costing more than 150 Chaos were often valued in Exalted Orbs. The majority of the Exalted Orb’s worth stemmed from metamods, which are high-end crafts that used to require Exalted Orbs to complete. Now, these crafts need Divine Orbs. The dust will take some time to settle, but Divine Orbs will certainly replace Exalts as the new high-value trading standard. To see the relative worth of each currency, check out the Bulk Trade tab. In Path Of Exile, Divine Orbs are more scarce than Exalted Orbs; therefore, anticipate Divines to be much more expensive than Exalts.

Trade Etiquette In Path Of Exile

A little remark about trade etiquette in Path Of Exile: remember that the buyer travels, and the seller begins the transaction. If you message another player about buying their item and they are willing to sell it, they will send you a party invitation. Accept the invitation, right-click on their character image, and select “visit hideout” to quickly go to their hideout. After that, wait for the seller to send you a trade request. This sequence of activities prevents traders from being inundated with invitations and trading requests. If you stick to that process, you will have a seamless trading experience.

Common PoE Trade Scams To Avoid

Unfortunately, when trading in Path Of Exile, you may sometimes encounter a nasty actor. As with any game, some players try to trick the system into gaining an advantage. If you know what to look for, you can avoid PoE trade fraud and fully enjoy the game. Don’t let this part concern you too much. Anecdotally, I’ve been playing the game for three years and experienced just one scammer.

Trade Cancel Bait And Switch

When performing a trade in Path Of Exile, both players must hover their mouse over each item they get, requiring you to double-check that you are receiving what you requested. Some fraudsters may wait for you to check their things before canceling the deal, starting a new trade, and swapping in a replacement. This might be a smaller stack of currency or an item that appears the same but has lower stats. Now, there are several legitimate reasons to cancel and restart a deal. Players may need to divide a currency stack or get another from their stash. Nevertheless, double-check that you receive the desired results if a player cancels and re-initiates.

Fake Six-links

Body armor and weapons with six link sockets are a vital component of any Path Of Exile character, and they trade in exceptionally large numbers throughout the whole league. Another typical scam involves listing a six-linked item and then inserting a three-, four-, or five-link item into the trade window, hoping you don’t notice. This is especially prevalent with high-demand unique body armors with gold or brown colorations that, at first appearance, resemble links, such as Shavronne’s Wrappings or Carcass Jack.

Low-ball Messages For Exact-price Listings

The basic low-ball message is maybe the easiest fraud to pull off. A player will message you are seeking to purchase an item using the regular, auto-generated message from the trading site, but with a lower price. Their objective is that you will not notice the difference between their offer and your listing and will accept the sum specified in their message. To avoid this, check the mentioned price before removing an item from your stash.

“I Don’t Have Enough Currency, But I’ve This Item That’s Worth Just As Much”

No. Please do not do it. If someone proposes an old-fashioned, item-for-item exchange, it is a fraud. We only accept currency for your products.

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That is all you need to begin trading in Path Of Exile! The process may seem frightening at first, but things rapidly get simpler after you’ve dipped your toe into the trade.

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