Reduce Employee Turnover by Elevating your Internal Marketing Team – Expert tips

Reduce Employee Turnover by Elevating your Internal Marketing Team – Expert tips

Employees of a company are one of its most invaluable and prized assets. With the proper internal marketing strategy, you can enhance efforts like diminishing employee turnover. When your employees understand your business’ mission, they can be effective brand advocates.

Handling an internal marketing team is quite tricky as you have to be consistent with communicating with your team members. Are you someone who has been given the task of managing an internal marketing team? If yes, you have to understand each role for your team.

Why is this so? It is only when you can relate with your team members and employees in general that you can complete complex tasks easier. This is the secret to building a powerful team. Ultimately, 55% of the marketing directors want the culture of their team to be based on creative thinking and exploration. Before we move on to the internal marketing strategies, let’s take a look at what it is.

Internal Marketing – What is it?

Before you move on to handling a team, it’s important to think through what is internal marketing and the overall goal. Internal marketing is the relationship that is developed between the employee and your business. Employees of a company are usually treated as internal customers and any organization that doesn’t pay heed to its internal customers will invariably find a decline in motivation, productivity, and henceforth revenue.

Internal marketing works best with effective communication between the team, the employees, and management.  It should be focused on how employees deliver an authentic brand experience, so they can delve fully into the product or service their company provides. This allows employees to experience the customer’s perspective first-hand. Internal marketing efforts entrust employees as the voice behind the brand message, which permits them to become more invested in the company’s purpose.

Internal Marketing Tactics

As discussed, internal marketing mainly deals with educating and informing employees about your company. This specific task is usually given to the HR department. A few of the internal marketing steps that you can take are:

  • Encourage opinions of employees on corporate policies and allow open speech and accepting of criticisms
  • Maintain collaboration and communication within employees
  • Open services and products for employees to use and be involved in the process
  • Ensure all employees are aware of how their contributions to the company matter and help in shaping the success of the company

Take internal marketing to a next level – Secret tips to build a strong strategy

Internal marketing tactics need to be carefully laid out by following the steps given below. Here are few tricks for elevating your internal marketing machine.

Map out your team

The first step is to get your HR team involved in establishing all communication process with employees. However, to understand the brand at its best, you’ll certainly want the involvement of business and marketing leaders. These are the leaders who will set the work culture, speak about the mission, goals, and values of the company to sell services to the employees. So, before any step, gather your team leads.

Appraise your internal marketing strategies

Regardless of whether you have a formalized strategy in place or not, there is some level of internet marketing in your company. This is the time when you have to evaluate the strategy and determine aspects like internal marketing techniques. Once you do this, you’ll know if it’s working, what needs to change, how to make things more personal, and how to start from scratch.

Line up promotional messages and offer open training sessions 

A significant portion of the new internal marketing strategy is done by encouraging employees to promote and engage online and share through social media, email, forums, communities, and chats. This process is the core of employee advocacy. There are numerous things you can do to foster employee advocacy within your organization. One idea is to send an employee newsletter on the latest company news.

Make it simple for employees to feel involved

When employees start believing in the brand and feel engaged with the initiatives of an organization, it can lead to increased employee motivation. If you are seeking a career change to become an internal marketing manager of a company, you may want to consider higher education to help you reach your goal. Many universities will offer this level of executive education, such as a DBA specialized in marketing to qualify and prepare you for this type of role.

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