Top Online Review Management Software For Business

Review Management Software

Are you an entrepreneur or marketer? If so, you should monitor reviews with online review management software. Potential buyers will always examine online reviews before purchasing, regardless of how much you market your product. This sector should be unrestricted, as it has become an essential component of marketing strategies. Rather than manually monitoring all online reviews on various websites, you can use online review management apps.

What’s Review Management?

As the term implies, review management entails managing the online (websites or social media) reviews your product or company receives. It refers to the monitoring, analyzing, and responding to reviews process. Large businesses can promote positive reviews and address negative ones through review management.

Review Management Software Benefits

Using software for online review management will result in the following advantages.

Offer Real-Time Feedback

You can promptly respond to customers after they post a review using online reputation management tools. Thus, it will assist you in establishing a stronger connection with customers and delivering the appropriate response.

Handle Negative Reviews

To improve the business process, negative reviews help you identify the problems customers are experiencing. In addition, handling these reviews tactfully will showcase your business acumen; review management software can do this easily. You will also be able to identify and respond appropriately to false reviews.

Become Trustworthy Brand

By managing and responding to all online reviews, these tools enhance the credibility of your company or brand in customers’ eyes. In addition, responding to reviews promptly will make your brand appear responsible and customer-focused.

Factors To Consider While Buying Online Review Management Software

Before selecting a review management tool, you should consider the following factors.

Access To Popular Review Sites

The optimal review management tool requires the ability to integrate with the platforms people use the most, such as Google Maps.

Real-Time Monitoring

A prompt response is essential when responding to a question or negative feedback. Choose a tool capable of real-time monitoring of online reviews, forum discussions, and social media comments.

Ease Of Use

You need help navigating a tool to make it useful to you. Ensure that the online review management tool you choose has an intuitive interface and dashboard so that you do not have to spend time learning it.

Mobile App Support

While reviews can appear anytime, you can sometimes be in front of a computer to reply. Therefore, a tool with a mobile app is highly advantageous.


Your tool should include comprehensive reporting functionality. These reports allow you to monitor your products and businesses across social and online platforms.

Centrally Manageable

If your business runs from multiple locations, a centrally managed solution is an excellent option. In addition, your review management tool should enable you to view and reply to reviews from any location.

Top Online Review Management Software For Business

The best online review management software apps are listed below, as we curated.

1. Swell

Review Management Software

Using your reputation, the Swell online review management software contributes to your business’s development and online visibility. It is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that need more resources for reputation management. The tool is intelligent enough to know when and how to solicit customer product or business reviews. Swell invites customers to leave reviews via automated and personalized SMS messages on Facebook, Google, and other platforms. Using its built-in templates, you can rapidly respond to reviews.

2. NiceJob

Review Management Software

NiceJob stands out from the competition because (some of) its subscriptions promise guaranteed results or don’t charge you if they don’t deliver. NiceJob’s forever-free tier for the first 2500 customers is an additional benefit. NiceJob can also be integrated with 1,000+ apps to increase automation. Well, in addition to the referral widget, there are additional widgets, such as the leave a review and lead sign-up widgets, which make it simpler to attract new customers. NiceJob allows you to promote reviews on your website, allows you to reply to them, and includes photos to make them appear more authentic. To see why NiceJob is one of the best referral program software, you should test many more features with their 14-day free trial.

3. Reviewshake

Review Management Software

On Reviewshake, a user-generated review website, consumers can assess and evaluate any product or service, from restaurants to electronic devices. It is a practical method for obtaining information that would otherwise be difficult to locate. As a result, the website is quickly climbing the list of consumer review websites. This website lets customers read, post, and discuss their experiences with products and services, including international reviews. It provides a straightforward, transparent method for consumers to make informed decisions and confident purchases. Verified reviews make sure only legitimate perspectives are heard. Additionally, the platform encourages businesses to respond to consumer feedback and promotes open communication between customers and businesses.

On this secure website, customers can convey their genuine opinions and gain insight from the experiences of others. In addition, it gives businesses access to reviews from actual customers, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding their goods and services. The website is constantly evolving and reviewing the most recent technological advancements. The website provides user-friendly navigational features, such as comparison tables and product ratings, to facilitate access to the provided information. Businesses, vendors, and service providers use the platform to collect honest feedback, allowing them to improve customer satisfaction and service. The website’s simple yet intuitive design allows users to navigate it and find the best goods or services rapidly.


Review Management Software is a well-respected solution that serves the requirements of digital marketing agencies worldwide. This end-to-end review tool allows you to manage and reply to online reviews on over 165 review sites. It has an intuitive dashboard ideal for monitoring the entire review collection and reply process. This web-based tool collects website reviews via SMS, email, and direct mail campaigns. includes white label capabilities businesses can use to generate branded reports, whitepapers, and widgets. In addition, you can manage your business listings automatically and schedule recurring reports.

5. Podium

Review Management Software

Companies should use Podium if they want to become the highest-rated businesses. The online review management software can significantly increase your monthly review volume. This tool also displays your ratings and reviews in locations where they will be most appealing to users and potential customers. Customers can offer feedback by responding to the text-based review invitation, and you can automate inviting their reviews. This platform makes it simple to manage your reputation across multiple websites from a single dashboard.

6. Brand24

Review Management Software

Brand24 offers marketing solutions in the cloud for media monitoring. In addition to serving large enterprises, it offers ideal solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, marketing firms can monitor multiple initiatives for one or more brands. Users can use its comparison tool to compare the performance of various initiatives. Once you add relevant keywords, this app will collect their occurrences in the online sphere, including Google reviews, social media, blogs, and online forums. The collected data can be filtered by time. Furthermore, its sophisticated sentiment detection feature can classify positive, impartial, and negative brand mentions.

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a unified platform for monitoring social media responses and online reviews. Meta, GMB, Yelp, Glassdoor, and TripAdvisor are supported for online review management. This tool is a centralized platform that informs you of what people say about your company or brand. Businesses can modify their approach to managing reviews by filtering and categorizing review data. Sprout Social also offers insights on local business operations that your company can use to improve the consumer experience. Its engagement tools are also capable of strengthening relationships with customers and clients.

8. BrightLocal

BrightLocal is a popular online reputation management solution that will monitor reviews on your behalf. This cloud-based tool is easily accessible from any desktop, laptop, or tablet. It monitors over eighty review websites like Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google. BrightLocal generates reviews on 200+ websites and highlights the reviews you’ve received on various sites. In addition, it offers a one-click response option for responding to Google and Facebook reviews. This tool integrates Google Analytics, Meta, and Twitter to display all data on a single dashboard.

9. Sprinklr

Sprinklr includes robust software that empowers you to take control of managing feedback. You will clearly understand when and where to offer support and feedback to your customers to promote positivity as you use this tool. It manages your company’s reputation by cost-effectively managing real-time negative feedback across all digital and social channels. This tool also works to improve the consumer experience by facilitating the sharing of valuable reviews and increasing review response rates. In addition to capturing positive product reviews, it analyzes product performance to provide insights for developing more effective business strategies.

10. ReviewInc

Are you searching for a tool to improve your online reputation by managing your online reviews? If affirmative, then select ReviewInc. Additionally, it connects you to over 600 review sites for comprehensive coverage. One platform allows you to monitor and respond to online business reviews easily. Multiple team members can use ReviewInc due to its multi-level access. This software includes military-grade security features such as complete data encryption and passwords encrypted twice. Its dashboard can be customized using various filters so that you can view business-critical data.

11. Yotpo

Businesses can generate authentic online reviews with Yotpo and showcase them in influential locations to make an impact. This data-driven online review management platform simplifies the company’s management of its feedback. As a reminder to leave a review, it dispatches email and SMS requests after every purchase. Additionally, customers receive queries tailored to the products they have purchased. Yotpo also displays the best reviews at conversion-critical touchpoints throughout the purchasing journey. If desired, users can also seek and sort reviews. Additionally, its official partnership with Facebook and Google increases social media traffic.

12. BirdEye

BirdEye is enterprise-level review management software with enterprise-grade functionality. There’s no restriction on the number of team members who can use it or their location. Large organizations can make the most of this solution thanks to features like the role-based dashboard and batch review management. More than 150 websites are supported by the tool for monitoring reviews. It also facilitates the updating of business listings across more than 50 websites. BirdEye’s auto-response templates are always useful for efficient review management. It can also be used to eliminate spam and defamatory reviews.

The Bottom Line:

Before deciding to purchase a product, many consumers consult online reviews. However, with the rise of false reviews, your business should implement a software-based online reputation management strategy. Depending on your organization’s requirements, you can choose one of the online review management tools discussed above. It will increase the online visibility of your store or product and improve the user experience.

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