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Review Of

Reviewing digital marketing data can become a hassle a lot of the time. There are so many platforms to get the data from, and if you are not very organized, you may miss out on some crucial information. To tackle all of these problems, many have suggested as a plausible solution.

Is this add-on really useful, as some people might suggest? Or is it just another hyped-up tool that doesn’t come in handy at all? You will find the answers to all of your questions here. Here is the review of

What is for Google Sheets?

As mentioned, is an add-on specifically for Google Sheets that lets you import all of your digital marketing data from different platforms. As Google Sheets are the go-to for building databases and processing data for a lot of companies, chances are you are using Sheets only.

The add-on makes it so much easier to create your own reports and helps you automate PPC reports. It will save you from the frustration of copying and pasting hordes of data from different campaigns. provides very useful functionalities like real-time updates that automatically update the data while it is being collected.

With features like scheduling the updates or receiving the data via mail,  you don’t even need to open up anything, making it hard to not recommend this add-on. While there are a lot of features, the question is — do they work? And if they do, how well does it all come together?

How does it all work? is able to provide so many different features due to integrations of third-party tool APIs. APIs, which stands for application programming interface, lets you access a third party’s functionality or data to be used on your platform. With some of the best APIs out in the market, every feature works effectively. Efficient third-party party APIs that are currently integrated with are:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Criteo
  • DCM
  • DV360

Instead of ignoring the feedback given from its customers, runs a voting system to determine the most requested APIs. This means that these APIs are just the beginning, and with time, more APIs will be added to enhance the user experience even more.

Pricing for agencies

Everything comes down to prices when we are buying services. There are other options for the same service, but the expense factor can prove to be very crucial when you think about it. Dataslayer offers very competitive prices relative to its competitors. The prices have been divided into categories based on the number of users.

  • Small agencies

Small agencies or startup businesses which have no more than 2-3 heavy users can enjoy up to 100 daily API calls. The charge for this license is very minimal when compared with other competitors. $59 per month for unlimited users is a huge bargain as compared to Supermetrics’ $99 for only 1 user. You don’t need to be a mathematician to calculate how much profit you will be in.

  • Medium agencies

Recently established companies with up to 4-10 users. Dataslayer provides 250 daily API calls if you decide to go for this license. The charge for this license is $99 per month. Again if you compare the prices, you can guess how much you will be saving. This money is very important for startups as they can be invested in many other marketing strategies as well.

  • Large agencies

A well-established agency, which has a separate data analysis team, can have up to 50 heavy users. A team this large will need as many API calls as it can get. Dataslayer provides a whopping 1000 daily API calls with this license. Supermetrics cost a company around $20000  per annum for its enterprise plan. If you convert that into months, it would still cost you more than a thousand dollars per month. On the other hand, Dataslayer provides you with the same functionality and excellent exclusive support for merely $250 a month.

Is safe?

Safety and confidentiality of data are of the utmost concern when you are using add-ons like these, and you’d be glad to find out that your data is safe and there is no access to your data with even’s employees.

All data transfers are done keeping in mind the safety of the data and are encrypted through SSL encrypted connections. This means the data that will be using will be in encrypted form, and the original data will remain safe in your Google servers.

Wrapping up: Do we recommend it?

We will definitely recommend using if you are analyzing marketing data on a regular basis. It will save you a lot of time that you would’ve spent copying and pasting your data. Apart from Google Sheets, also provides support for Google’s Data Studio. With real-time updating and no time-lag in importing the data from different sources, making reports will never be easier.

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