Tech That Powers Online Gaming

The technology that is involved in the online gaming world has progressed to an all-time level over the last decade or so, but it would not be a surprise if it were to continue to develop and provide players with gameplay experiences that seem rather unimaginable at the moment.

Indeed, games come in all shapes and forms, however playing online has become one of the main appealing features as players will want to go up against others for the ultimate experience.

Whether playing some of the best slot games at some of the very best online casinos which each offer bonuses for new players, or whether playing on a console that allows for the connectivity, the technology available certainly makes it incredibly easy to connect and play.

What Software is Available?

Perhaps one of the most familiar of gaming technologies available to players widely is ‘Cloud Gaming’. This software model is one of the newest to have been brought to the attention of gamers, however it has since become a staple.

‘Cloud Gaming’ allows for games to be saved to a ‘Cloud’ and allows users to access from wherever they wish when they log into their accounts. For example, a game could be started on a desktop computer, however by saving it to the ‘Cloud’, they will then be able to access it via a different laptop or desktop once logged into their account.

Steam are perhaps the most recognisable company that offer this particular service for gamers, although there are others such as Epic Games that continue to appear and provide players with different alternatives.

‘Esports’ is another form of online gaming that has benefitted from the technology that powers it. ‘Esports’ is an organised multiplayer video game competition that has seen an astronomical rise in popularity over the last few years.

Due to the sheer popularity, gaming companies have had to develop some of the very best software to ensure they attract as many new players as well, as this will essentially keep them in business and keep them relevant in an industry that is incredibly competitive.

Virtual Reality, otherwise known simply as ‘VR’, is another technological advancement that will continue to lift off the more available it becomes. Players will be immersed into a life-like environment and will feel as if they are part of the game, thus requiring the game to need some of the best tech available to ensure it works as effectively as designed.

Sony’s PlayStation are perhaps one of the leaders in this field in regards to traditional consoles, however mobile gameplay has since allowed for the VR technology to be implemented and used effectively, thus providing gamers with a number of different options.

Another form of reality gaming is the Augmented Reality form of gaming. Simply known as ‘AR’, there have been a few hit games to have appeared on some of the most powerful smartphone devices to have ever been produced. Games such as Pokemon Go were a huge hit when they were first released, whilst other titles are yet to really achieve the same success. Nonetheless, the market continues to grow and developers are needed to find and develop the best software available to ensure they can provide gamers with the best online experiences possible.

Who Are The Best Developers?

As mentioned, the gaming industry is incredibly competitive and there are a number of top game developers continuously producing some of the very best titles on what appears to be a near-daily basis.

Of course, the bigger the company, the more likely that they produce some of the best games to have ever existed, although there are some rather smaller studios that have managed to hit the nail on the head in regards to focusing on one particular title and being able to develop the game to a high standard

Here are just some of the companies that could currently be considered to be some of the best in the industry at the moment:

  1. Zero Games Studio
  2. Electronic Arts
  3. Nintendo
  4. Ubisoft
  5. Sony Interactive Entertainment
  6. Activision Blizzard
  7. Epic Games
  8. Gameloft
  9. Square Enix
  10. Bungie Inc

As can be seen, many of the aforementioned 10 game developers are known across the world as they have each managed to provide some of the best games to have ever been produced.

Indeed, some of them – such as Electronic Arts – have other divisions within their organization that continue to develop some of the best online games ever, whilst others have been formed via acquisitions after huge success in the past. For example, Activision decided to purchase Blizzard after the latter had a huge amount of success with their World of Warcraft franchise.


Technology has played a huge role in making the gaming industry as great as it is and it is hardly a surprise that there are many different developers continuing to work hard to provide the best software available.

With technology likely to continue to improve in the future, though, it will be incredibly interesting to see what these provides will bring gamers next.

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