Top 5 Free Temporary Email Address And Password

Temporary Email Address

Regular email accounts have several advantages over disposable email accounts, but there are also some drawbacks. You can get temp email accounts in a variety of sizes and configurations. We will glance at free Best Temporary Email Address and password that can be used just like a regular email account to get you online quickly.


What Is a Disposable Email Account?

Free Disposable email address aren’t like Gmail,, Yahoo, and the rest, permanent services. However, you can sign up for one without giving out personal information such as your name, phone number, or address.

If you are signing up for a user account that you’ll only use for a short time or that you’re confident you won’t even need to read an email from, you can use a Temporary Email Address .

A good example is not using a fake email and password for your bank account, as you may need your bank statements or a forgotten password recovery email.

On the other hand, 1 week Temporary Email Address will provide you with the email you need to complete the initial sign-up process. Then you can totally forget about it (for instance, forget the email address and not write down the password).

According to the ideal scenario, use a “fake” email address when you don’t want to share your real one. Do not subscribe to spam, sign up for something quickly, communicate with someone briefly, and avoid data breaches against your primary account, among other measures. You will probably find a few reasons to use a disposable email account even if you don’t try it for any other reason.

If you use a disposable/temporary email account, remember that it will lack advanced features like seeing when someone has read your email and moving emails to different folders based on rules. Also save contacts, and export messages (most only let you receive them).

Please remember that temporary email addresses should never be used as your primary method of receiving emails from critical websites. A private email account, for example, is ideal because it’s secure, and only you have access to it.

Best Throwaway Email Accounts

Several services offer temporary email generators with passwords. These are the absolute best temp mail apps:


Send anonymous emails to other EmailOnDeck users, receive emails or messages from any email address. After some time, accounts become inactive.

10 Minute Mail

Random email addresses that expire in 10 minutes unless you ask for more time.


Select your email addresses or get one that’s been generated randomly, and return to the inbox whenever you need.

Guerrilla Mail

Send emails (and attachments) to any address.
Receive emails from any address.
Scramble your email address.
Delete particular emails.
Select your username (the part before “@”)
Choose from a selection of domains (the section after “@”).

Short, throwaway email addresses that last 2 days.

How to Use Them

The following services will be examined in detail so that you can get a sense of how they work.

You should use 10 Minute Mail if you frequently need temporary, expiring email addresses because it’s simple to remember. To prevent users from accessing their accounts after the 10-minute expiration period, the website redirects them to an email address with an expiration timer.

In case you need to reset the time back to 10 minutes, there is a refresh button and a copy button. Once the timer expires, you will receive a new address with a new expiration date. You can refresh the timer as frequently as you like, but you will lose all of your emails if you leave the page without refreshing.

Because there isn’t a timer when the email account will expire, MailDrop is different from 10 Minute Mail. Rather than using the random, often long username that comes with 10 Minute Mail addresses, you can create your username for the email address by typing it in the provided box on the website. Then select GO to access your new inbox instantly.

When a time limit is reached, MailDrop doesn’t delete all the emails in the account. Instead, they remain there for what appears to be an eternity. Choosing a username, for example, opens the associated MailDrop account, which may already contain messages.

When using MailDrop, you will receive an alias address different from your primary inbox, but it will still deliver messages to it. So if you don’t want to share your already anonymous email address, this is perfect for you!

When prompted for your email address on another website, use the MailDrop disposable email service to choose any username. Now go to, enter the username you previously selected to view your emails.

Try it yourself: pick a random username such as 1234box, next type it after the URL, just like this:

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