The Best Website Builder For Small Business In 2021

The Best Website Builder For Small Business In 2021

While everything is getting digitized, it is a good idea for any big or small business to adapt to the same trend. And as the basic step, you can begin with building a website. A good website can not only expand your target market, but it can also lead to some new opportunities and growth for your business which were impossible previously.

Websites can help grow any on demand business, one-man companies, and other types of business models existing and surviving in the market. Many executives have found digital transformation responsible for improved operational efficiency up to 40%, marketing time reduced up to 36%, and customer satisfaction up to 35%.

Criteria To Shortlist These Best Website Builders

Moving forward, I would like to mention a few criteria which I considered to shortlist these website builders. It will give you an idea of the credibility of the information. Moreover, these criteria are enough to give you the assurance that these website builders have almost everything you are looking for.

  1. Affordability- Website building is a cost consuming process. Therefore, you need to fix a budget and move accordingly. While building a website, you might need to face some recurring expenses. A few recurring expenses might be:
  • Hosting cost;
  • Premium icons, templates, fonts, etc;
  • Media like photos, audio clips, music, videos, animations, etc;
  • Cost of domain names.
  1. Templates and Design elements- It matters a lot how your website will look. A website must have catchy colors, good looking icons, and a simple but attractive User Interface. Apart from that, the user interface on your website should also be easy to navigate.
  2. Data Security- Data security is an important point to consider as your entire website data will be stored on your hosting cloud. Therefore, it might be vulnerable to various security threats. In this blog, we are shortlisting a few web builders with good security protection.
  3. Features- The hosting service provided by website builders which we have included can provide you features like SEO accessibility, in-built analytics, social media plugins, etc.

Best Website Builders You Can Use For Your Digital Growth

Now, after discussing some criteria for shortlisting the best website builders, let’s dive into the list including names and highlights of these website builders.

  • WordPress

WordPress is one of the leading website builders existing at the moment. It offers a huge library of creative templates, UI/UX elements, and features. To build a website, you can simply pick a theme or you can customize your webpage according to your preferences.

Highlights of WordPress

  • You can upgrade your plans any time to unlock additional features like SEO;
  • Custom Domains are available according to your preference. However, it also depends upon the availability of domains;
  • You can build a robust website including blog pages, portfolios, business sites, etc;
  • Make a scalable website that can fit on any size of the screen without any hassle;
  • Customer service is available to assist you anytime;
  • There are more than a hundred themes available for your webpage. You can customize themes as well to bring your imagination into life
  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is another leading website that offers you domain names with features as per your preference and budget. It has multiple plans to offer for you. By upgrading your plans, you can unlock additional features for your website.

Building a website on GoDaddy is fast and easy. Moreover, GoDaddy can be used to subscribe to third-party hosting services like WordPress or Hostgator. Apart from building a new website, GoDaddy allows you to transfer your existing domain name, hosting services, or website to its database.

Highlights of GoDaddy

  • You can signup and get 1 free domain name along with website hosting for free. However, this website will have limited features for you to explore;
  • It offers you mobile-friendly high-quality websites for a better audience experience;
  • You can worry less about the security of your website with SSL encryption on all of its plan;
  • Premium and E-commerce plans allow unlimited social media integration for your web pages;
  • It provides you with a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 25,000 marketing emails varying according to your plan;
  • GoDaddy offers backup services for your website as well. So, your data is safe with GoDaddy.
  • HostGator

HostGator is a website builder with plans segregated into three categories. According to the category, you can take advantage of the features you receive. The basic plan titled “Express Start” has an introductory offer of $3.84 per month. However, Express Store has an introductory offer of $9.22 per month.

  • HostGator allows you to build a website within a few minutes without much hassle;
  • Use HostGator to build e-commerce websites with management tools for shipping, taxes, pricing, inventory, etc;
  • HostGator provides automated emails for a better marketing experience;
  • Build websites and integrate tools like scheduling and appointments;
  • HostGator offers 45 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services;
  • You can contact HostGator helpline 24*7 from anywhere.
  • Weebly

Weebly lets you build a website for free. You can build e-commerce sites and integrate secure payment systems on your website easily. You can choose a domain name and build a custom e-commerce site. Customizable templates and features help you in building a good looking website for your business.

Highlights of Weebly

  • You can use Weebly to create a blog or an e-commerce website;
  • The website builder has a few integrated e-commerce platforms to make the process more convenient;
  • You do not need any technical skills to build a website on Weebly;
  • The websites built on Weebly are easy to track and scalable according to screen sizes;
  • Use integrated SEO tools to create a brand image over the internet;
  • Weebly allows third-party integrations to make your website rich in features;
  • You can create custom domain names for your website, it depends upon availability.

Final Thoughts

Your website plays a crucial role in your business growth. There are a few things you have to consider while designing your website. Before we end our discussion, let me add a few of them:

  1. Your website should represent a clear business idea. For example, if you help businesses to hire fintech developers, you should make sure that your website represents your work;
  2. Do not add unnecessary features or it will just slow down your website and irritate the audience;
  3. Keep your website simple but make it look professional and good;
  4. Creativity goes a long way and plays a crucial role in business growth;
  5. Fill your website with high-quality trending content. Play with keywords and use SEO to get the best out of it;
  6. Pay attention to the weaknesses and negative points of the website. Resolve them in the earlier stage for better planning.

Now, in the end, I hope I was able to help you with your website building plans. Moreover, you can explore the internet for more information and curate a plan which you are satisfied with. However, my last tip to you is that you should make sure you are using a practical approach to achieve the digital growth of your business.

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