The Complete Guide of Spectrum Services in Fort Worth

The city of Fort Worth is simply amazing. Even though it is surrounded by neighbors Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, the Funky Town has its own charm. It has a population of almost 900,000. You can find some quality things here. From the delicious fast food to some western-themed popular attractions, this city has got it all. But now let’s talk about the basic necessity of every Forth Worther and that is the availability of a stable internet connection along with an abundance of TV entertainment.

There are more than 40 internet providers in Forth Worth out of which 27 of them offer internet services to the residential quarters. If you set out looking for an economical and better ISP in the city, then you would most likely be recommended to opt for Charter Spectrum services. After all, approximately 95% of the city is accessible to Spectrum internet.

Why Spectrum?

Charter Spectrum is one of the most trusted internet service providers in the United States. It has earned the status of becoming the second-largest residential ISP in the country. Thanks to its powerful Fiber-Coaxial hybrid network which gives high-speed internet at extremely economical prices is what makes it a preferable option among the American consumers.

Another thing that makes the company so special is that it offers Spectrum cable TV and home phone apart from their internet services. In addition, it offers many attractive perks, features, and benefits to its subscribers. They also offer different packages, plans, bundles, and standalone services all of which are standardized. This allows a consumer to easily decide if a particular plan or bundle would meet their requirement or not.

Spectrum Enhances Your Online Experience

Charter Spectrum will easily enhance your online experience by providing a high-speed, uninterrupted internet connection due to its fiber-powered cable network. They offer the fastest starting speed of 100Mbps. Also, in some selected areas, you can expect to receive download speeds of up to 940Mbps. This speed is more than enough to compliment every serious gamer or a streamer’s needs.

Attractive Internet-Only Plans

As you are thinking to subscribe to Spectrum packages, note that the company provides three-speed tier deals. However, please remember that the variation in available speed will happen depending upon location and some other reasons. You can decide to get a Standard, Ultra, or Gig plan that will offer speeds of 100, 400, and 940Mbps respectively.

The best thing about Spectrum internet is that its high-speed internet deals start from $49.99 per month. Before you decide to go for one of their deals, it is important to be aware of the following things.

No Caps on Data Usage

Spectrum really knows how to take care of their customers which is why they do not cap the data. This means you have access to unlimited internet. While others may impose a requirement or condition with their partial no caps policy, the company can actually boast that it allows users the freedom to use the internet as much as they like with every plan.

Contract Buyout

You would be excited to know that if required Spectrum will provide you a contract buyout up to $500. This will help you to end the contract with your existing internet provider. However, before you think about doing this, you would be required to opt for a qualifying Spectrum package and fill their Contract Buyout form. You can send it to Spectrum with your provider’s last bill that has the early termination fee included. In addition, if you opt for Spectrum then the company allows you to cancel the contract at any time and would not charge you any termination fee.

Free Internet Modem & Security Suite

Another thing you should know is that when you subscribe to Spectrum Ultra or Gig plans then you would get a free modem along with a high-end router that will help you make the most out of the network. If you choose the Standard package, then you will still be able to use the connection for only $5/month. Also, with the purchase of any deal, you would get a free security suite that will keep you safe from cyberattacks.

Is Spectrum Home Phone Worth It?

Now, let’s talk about their other service; Spectrum phone. The company offers this service at a highly discounted price which is paired with Spectrum’s Internet Voice deal. It will cost you $59.98 per month. A question that you might be asking yourself is if should consider investing in a home phone in the age of a smartphone. Well, you might because it’s pros actually outweigh the cost. One common benefit is that there will be no battery-related issues associated with the home phone as compared to mobile. Secondly, the company offers HD reception which is best for long-distance calls. Another benefit is that you can make unlimited local and global calls.

The Cost for International Calls

While you must be excited to know that Spectrum allows you to make unlimited international calls, but you must be thinking that this will cost a lot. It is quite the opposite. The company enables you to get in touch with your loved ones in countries Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and beyond for a fixed charge of just $5/month. However, please make sure that the price is subject to change.

Don’t Cut the Cord Just Yet

Due to the outspread of IPTV, and different streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, cable TV is in a bit of a shaky position. Therefore, Spectrum has engaged itself in making cable TV popular again by offering plenty of options with their service. As of now, the company provides three different plans for TV, Select, Silver, and Gold. If you decide to bundle the service with the internet then it becomes a Double Play. If you want both TV and internet along with voice then you would get a Triple Play offer. Note that the prices change for every bundle or package.

The Perks of Spectrum TV

The perks that Spectrum TV offers will blow your mind. For starters, if you choose to subscribe to the Select package then you will get 125 channels with free HD programming. The users of the Silver package will get all the Select channels plus premiums such as NFL Network, SHOWTIME, and HBO. Those who select the Gold deal will get premium content from NFL RedZone, STARZ ENCORE, and TMC in addition to all channels of Silver.

There are also different interesting features offered by Spectrum that will make your TV viewing experience better by several folds. For instance, Free Primetime On-Demand will let you enjoy the best of TV shows whenever you want. You can also get the Spectrum TV app which will allow you to watch the programs while on-the-go. Above all, international shows are available for you to watch in a variety of languages including Russian, Hebrew, and French. Also, the company offers different Spanish packages for the Latinos that feature shows from Latin America.


This is a comprehensive guide that highlights different Spectrum services and their perks that one can get in Fort Worth. However, please note that the offerings may vary from one Fort Worth area to another. Hence, it is advisable to call the company’s customer support to know what services and features are being offered at your location. You can find the Spectrum phone number on their website.  It is also important to know that pricing and the actual internet speed may vary according to your locality.

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