The Tools Supporting e-Commerce Development

Due to the pandemic, online sales have become the hero of commerce in 2020. However, this channel has been already developing rapidly for the past few years and is now supported by a variety of technologies. Read this article to check out the most popular solutions dedicated to e-commerce and how you can use them to develop your project.

Open-Source Products

Some of the most popular solutions for e-commerce are open-source products. If you’re planning to launch your own online store, you don’t need to develop it from scratch. There are already a number of available products that may serve as a foundation for your store, easily customizable and secure. By using such solutions you can kick off your e-commerce business smoothly with much shorter time to market and reduced cost and effort. If you’d like to learn more about e-commerce-dedicated open source products, check out the page:

Price Monitoring

Price monitoring tools are some of the most commonly used products for e-commerce. They allow you to know the prices on the market including not only your products, but also competitors. Such knowledge will help you choose the right pricing strategy and get a competitive advantage. How do price tracking tools work? Such solutions, usually based on web data extraction tools, automatically analyse marketplaces and online stores across the Internet.

Thanks to them, e-commerce business owners can get valuable market data from the platforms of their choice with no need to track hundreds of websites manually. It allows them to save a lot of time that they can then spend on more important tasks, thus growing their business.

Payment System Integration

Online shopping and banking solutions are already incredibly popular. It’s not surprising at all that they are constantly contributing to the development of online payment tools. In case you have not yet integrated them with your shop, you should not hesitate any longer! Providing your customers with convenient and intuitive payment solutions will improve the UX in your store and allow them to complete their payments conveniently and faster than ever before.

Thanks to this, they will be more eager to shop at your store, which will lead to an increased number of orders and loyal, satisfied clients. You can already implement Payment Integration Systems into any CMS system such as Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento. If you have any doubts, you can always ask for the help of an experienced software development company.

Products for e-Commerce Development

If you’re interested in modern products for e-commerce development, there are already a number of software development companies providing services to small and mid-sized e-commerce businesses. Check out their portfolio to make sure that the products they offer will perfectly match both your business and technology needs.

Digital Payment Processing Systems

Making the availability of your products easily on your website is a crucial aspect of business. In today’s modern world, payment providers by third parties have made all kinds of online transactions much easier and without trouble. It’s very easy to manage online transactions now. Two of the most common and popular solutions these days, Paypal and Stripe, have made the lives of thousands of businessmen much easier. Almost all of the e-commerce platforms can successfully include their payment solutions into the infrastructure of websites.

Advanced Analytics and Tracking

The moment your e-commerce site is all set up, there is an immediate need to track all the present sales of the company. You need to analyze them to ensure that everything is going smooth. A tool like KissMetrics puts forward the service of customer engagement automation that aids you understand the shopping habits of your present customers. This e-commerce tool helps you to test critical data points to look for the ways to take the efficiency to the highest level.

Shipping Service Integrations

There is a crucial need for the business to have a clear understanding of how to handle their logistics efforts effectively. Shipping Easy and Ordoro are two apparent companies, which are ideal for e-commerce businesses. You can carry out shipping service integrations through these companies to put a name tag of generation for the fulfillment of your order. These companies can greatly aid in order generation and ensure marketplace fulfillment with extreme efficiency.

Social Media Management Solutions

It is a matter of fact that all leading e-commerce companies need to pay attention to their social media presence. However, updating social media accounts can be very time consuming. You need a social media management solution for your e-commerce storefront. HootSuite has set a standard in the world of social media automation. It gives you an opportunity to access and post all the related digital content.

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