Tools You Need To Change a Car Headlight

When your car headlight bulb burns out, you need a quick replacement to keep your vehicle safe. Tackle this easy DIY project in your own garage with the right tools. Learn how to replace a headlight and pick up the parts and tools you need at a trusted local auto parts store. Spend more time driving your vehicle and less time in the shop or your garage when you pick up the right tools and parts.

The Right Headlight Bulb

Not all headlight bulbs are the same. Because this component is vehicle specific, order it online or at an auto parts store that can help you find the correct bulb. Search online for a headlight bulb by first entering your vehicle’s information, or ask a local auto parts technician to search their database based on your make and model of vehicle. AutoZone website will show the perfect fit headlight bulb for your vehicle and you can order instantly to get the delivery within the quickest possible time.

Once you find suitable headlights, compare HID, LED and halogen options. HID lights are the brightest option, but they don’t have the same lifespan as LEDs. Halogen lights remain the least expensive, but they can’t compare with modern alternatives in terms of lifetime or brightness. So, pick the right headlight bulb based on your car brand, model, budget and personal preference. Once you have the headlight bulb on your hand, you need to have the tools to get started with the change.

The Tools for the Job

The precise tools you need can also change based on your vehicle. You need to consult your service manual or discuss your project with a trusted auto parts representative to know the exact tools you need. Spend some time understanding the process of changing the headlight and you will know exactly what you need. Maybe watch some videos of headlight change online and you should know what you need. Here are some items that everyone should gather to prepare for this project:

  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Work light

Depending on your vehicle, you’ll also need one of these items. Most vehicles require you to work under the hood, so safety glasses and a work light help create a safe workplace. Gloves are essential for preventing the natural oils on your skin from coming in contact with your new light bulb. Make sure you give safety the highest priority while changing the headlight. Review these optional items to see which ones you need to safely remove the headlight cover on your vehicle:

  • Phillips or flathead screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Tissues and alcohol wipes

Most vehicles require either a wrench or screwdriver to remove the cover. In some cases, you’ll need to remove your battery, air filter housing or other component to reach the light bulb. Tissues and alcohol wipes are optional, but are helpful to remove any debris and fingerprints from your new light bulb.

The Right Workspace

Once you’ve gathered the tools to replace your headlight, it’s time to prepare your workspace. You will likely need to work under the hood of your car. Some vehicles also require you to work in the wheel well. Find a flat, dry area with ample lighting to begin your project. Once you replace your headlight, you may want a suitable wall where you can test the direction of the low beams and high beams.

Where To Find the Right Tools

Don’t let a lack of tools keep you from accomplishing this DIY project. Whether you’re just getting started with auto maintenance or are an experienced car enthusiast, shop online to find the right tools. Have them shipped to your local auto parts store for convenient auto parts pickup. This allows you to save time and money and get started on your headlight replacement project.


Changing a car headlight should not be an issue if you are comfortable doing things yourself. With right set of tools and safety accessories, you can do a wide range of car part changes yourself saving you money, time and more. Just make sure you don’t damage your car in the process. It should be a great sense of accomplishment once you successfully change the headlight and your new car headlight just fits perfectly.

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