TOP 3 Print-On-Demand Trends for 2021

TOP 3 Print-On-Demand Trends for 2021

We’re well into February now, and if you are thinking of starting or expanding your Print-on-Demand business, it is best to look at how purchasing behavior got shaped in 2020. As a business owner, it is also best you partner with a Print-on-Demand provider that acts as a business acceleration system and can help you through the entire process from the placement of orders to their final delivery. We will discuss how the service can benefit you, but first, let’s talk about consumers and their interests.

We’ve put together a list of buying trends based on last year’s sales and online search behavior that will guide you on how to go about your business. Knowing what the customer is looking for can help your business be profitable and be a boon for your print-on-demand sales. So, let’s get into it.

Home Décor

The pandemic forced us to rethink how we do business, and home décor brands had to switch to online ordering, given the situation. The topmost sellable products in Home Décor are furniture, floor, and wall design but accessories and wall décor are also widely consumed. During the lockdown, we saw a surge in demand for these products as people were spending all their time within homes and had more time to think. In addition, wanting a comfortable home became a priority now that consumers were confined to them for months. The global décor industry was valued at $616 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound Annual Growth rate of 3.9% by 2027. This means that the industry will have a value of an astounding $838.6 billion by that year.

Given the growth, print-on-demand service providers can use it to their advantage and deliver products such as art pieces, ornaments, rugs. The business looks promising, so why not give it a try.

Home Accessories

TOP 3 Print-On-Demand Trends for 2021

If you looked at 2020’s Google trends, in-house accessories were also popular along with home décor. Since people had nowhere to go and their homes became their world, they started opting for comfortable clothing and related items. The need for fancy outfits decreased, and we saw a rise in sportswear and pajamas.

Before 2020, the keyword searches for ‘Pajamas’ would only increase during the holiday season, but last year we saw a rise in its searches throughout the year.

Another product in the home category was ‘Pillows.’ Pillows affect sleep quality, and people are always searching for good bedding. According to AliDropship, the demand further increased in 2020, with more people looking for online choices. If you have a print-on-demand business, you can level up the home accessories by offering customers customized designs.

Personalized Good and Services

Personalized goods fall under the category of niche print-on-demand services. Several luxury brands make customized designs for their customers and charge an extra fee. For example, Dior allows customers to personalize luxury bags with their names, and the customers are willing to pay for them. Your business may not be as established as Dior’s, as it is a 100-year-old brand, but you can learn from them.

The unprecedented times have put all businesses in a difficult spot; however, it is all about turning a challenge into an opportunity. The restrictions posed due to the pandemic limit us in many ways, but being on top of the upcoming trends in the print-on-demand business will put you ahead of your competition.

We at, Multi-Programming Solutions company provide you with a print-on-demand platform called PodZa that takes care of all processes such as technology, order fulfillment, and shipping.

Not having to deal with the technicalities of the process and the business’s automation can do wonders for you as a business owner. You now have time to work on other aspects of the business, and the redundant tasks are taken care of. The platform has a carefully thought-out architecture that allows it to add any type of functionality you wish for.

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