Top 6 Benefits of Custom CRM Software for Contractors

Customer relationship management is a huge aspect of any business. The case is not different for contractors. Roofers, general contractors, and plumbing companies alike need to store information regarding their customers and open tickets to ensure that their operations run smoothly. Customer information can be bulky, which is why good custom CRM software is required to scale, meet expectations, find new partnerships, grow into emerging markets, and keep both your customers and employees happy.

A custom CRM allows contractors to build strategic and beneficial relationships with their customers by maintaining points of contact, keeping their timeline on point, taking photos of the progress, and ensuring the client knows where all their money is going. For a company to receive continuous business opportunities, it must have multiple leads streaming in on any given week to keep the cash flowing. CRM enables a contractor to have the information on all the leads properly organized while having clear distinctions on where they are at with said lead in the onboarding, or pre-onboarding process.

Here Are the Top 6 Benefits of Custom CRM Software for Contractors:

Keeps Track of Project Bids

As a contractor, you will be needed to bid for various projects that clients may be advertising. It is important to keep track of all the bidding activities to stay updated on if you got the job, if you can lower your bid, or if you should move on and transfer your time onto a new lead. Information regarding bids and various prices that customers have paid before will help your business to have the optimum strategy when bidding on that certain project. A custom CRM helps you to store and organize all the relevant information relating to each specific project, bid, or client.

Sending Out Quotes Instantly

Most clients want to get their quote immediately after you have come to do the inspection. If you have to tell them, “I need a few hours and will get back to you” they most likely won’t be satisfied. If you take into account how busy your normal days are, you realize that you can’t possibly get a quote out to someone whose property you inspected in the morning if you have a full day out of your office with no CRM software. If you did have one, however, you could send the quote right away and keep track in your app or website if they accept your quote and what you need to do to move forward. It’s not only about conveniencing your client, but also streamlining your business to free up your time for both yourself and your team. Programs like that of Consciat’s custom estimating and CRM software will take care of all this, keep you updated, and make your business more professional all in the palm of your hand.

Real-Time Access to Documents and Business Information and Analysis

With custom CRM software, a contractor can access all project-related documents at any time or location. This plays a big role in ensuring that no project opportunities pass by unnoticed, because you can access everything by just logging into the software. A custom CRM also gives you real-time access to business information and analysis. Contractors need to make business decisions on a daily basis, and they cannot have all the information needed to make sound decisions off the top of their head. Real-time access to such information ensures the right decisions are made and on time.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

A custom CRM software helps in streamlining your supply chain, which ensures that your business maintains great relationships with suppliers. A timely supply of materials is key to ensuring a contractor delivers quality work to their clients.

Keeps Track of Resources Spent on Projects

A contractor needs to keep track of the time and resources spent on customer projects. Managing expenses and time is a huge aspect of any business. A custom CRM software makes it easy for contractors to track resources spent on various projects, to double-check if everything is working according to plan.

It’s important in Marketing

A custom CRM software also helps the contractor to easily access customers wherever they are. It provides a platform to directly communicate with customers on social media platforms. It saves on time and energy that would have been spent meeting with the clients physically.

Contractors also need to advertise their companies to strategically place themselves on the customer’s radar. A custom CRM software can help the contractor to keep track of both inbound and outbound leads. It also plays a big role in conducting targeted campaigns aimed at promoting the contractor’s business.

Wind Up

As noted above for numerous reasons, a CRM software is very important and helpful to contractors. It manages all customer-related information, how far along you are with that client, if they accept your quote, what information you need from them, and so much more. The contractor can then focus on delivering quality work to their client because they do not have to worry about information management. Not only is information management vital to the health of your business, it also lowers costs by more than that of an extra employee handling all of this. That said, every contractor needs custom CRM software for their business!

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