How to Manage Twitch Notification Settings 2021

Twitch Notification Settings

This guide will discuss simple instructions on how one can easily manage your Twitch Notification Settings.

Notifications are a common feature of many modern online services; they are intended to keep you informed of what is going on as it happens. Notifications are critical in some cases, such as messaging apps, because they alert you when new messages arrive. Unfortunately, many apps and services include a slew of notifications that aren’t necessary and can be annoying.

Twitch provides various notifications; to avoid receiving messages that you aren’t interested in, you can manage your notifications settings ahead of time. The notification settings are accessible through your account settings. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner to get to them, then select “Settings.”

To access your account settings, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, followed by “Settings.”

How to configure your notification settings

Switch to the “Notifications” tab once you’re in the settings. The first option is “Smart notifications,” means if you leave this setting enabled, Twitch will check if you have a currently active session. And send you a notification to that device rather than sending a notification to all enabled devices.

The notification settings divides into three categories: “On Twitch,” “By Email,” and “On Mobile.”

The term “On Twitch” refers to the ability to control the notifications that can be received within a twitch browser tab. The setting “By Email” governs which notifications can be sent to your email address. Finally, the setting “On Mobile” determines which messages can be sent to your smartphone. Although the options for each platform are the same, each of the three devices can be individually configured to receive different sets of notifications.

The “Per Channel” section allows you to specify which channels you follow or to which you are subscribed can generate notifications. To disable notifications from a specific channel, move the slider to the “Off” position.

Tip: All notifications enable by default for all devices and channels.

Smart notifications send to the device you are currently using; you can also control which channels send messages and which notifications can go to which devices.

Moreover, one can enable or disable notifications when a channel you follow goes live, begins rerunning an old stream. Or when a clip from your channel or that you created becomes popular. You can also choose to receive notifications when an event you’re following is about to start when you’re mentioned in a chat room. Or when a friend sends you a “Whisper,” or when someone follows your Twitch account.

More administrative notifications include official messages sent to content creators. Also, notifications informing you, a chat you moderate requires your attention & special offers on drops or crates. As well as notifications if you receive a gifted subscription. Notifications for developers, recommendations of new channels based on channels you watch, when a channel you are subscribed to has an update, and Twitch marketing and promotion messages can also be configured.

You can disable all notifications at the top of the list by sliding the “All notifications on Twitch,” “All emails,” or “All push notifications” sliders to the “Off” position. Likewise, you can enable browser notifications in the “On Twitch” notification settings by clicking “Turn On” at the bottom of the list.

For each device, you can turn off all notifications or combinations of individual notifications.

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