Unroll me Not Working? Best Unroll.me Alternatives

Unroll.me Alternatives

Today’s article is regarding Unroll.me and Unroll.me Alternatives. It is a service that many people are using over the years for removing or unsubscribing unwanted emails, as it is convenient and easy to use. You have to enable it to access your inbox, and then it identifies all your emails, newsletters that you have subscribed to. Therefore, you can decide which one to keep, and the rest can be unsubscribed automatically.

Recently, an Uber representative stated that Unroll.me has provided them customers’ information at a specific cost. This proves that Unroll.me is not secured. It can share your personal information. So, if you’re concerned about your privacy, then it is better not to use Unroll me and switch to an Alternative that gives you the same service while considering your privacy.


Unroll me Not Working? Unroll.me Alternatives That Values Your Privacy

Here’s the listing of of best Unroll.me Alternatives that can be utilized on Android, Mac, iOS, etc.

Unsubscriber by Polymail

Unroll.me Alternatives
Unsubscriber by Polymail is an easy Alternative for Unroll.me, and it even allows you to manage your email. Using Unsubscriber by Polymail, you can immediately get rid of unwanted emails and newsletters.

Steps to use Unsubscriber by Polymail

  • Connect your email account.
  • Pick emails and newsletters you want to unsubscribe.
  • Select Unsubscribe, and your work is done.


Unroll.me Alternatives
Mailtrack is an alternative for Unroll.me, which assists you in tracking your mail account. It is cost-free software for Gmail; it can be utilized on G-suite, Chrome, Android, and iOS. Mailtrack works as a tracking system; it shows you how many times you have opened a mail and also shows you if you have opened the email or not.

Steps to use Mailtrack

  • 1st, install Mailtrack on your device.
  • Open Gmail and move to Compose tab, and write a new email.
  • Tap on the Three dots and select Insert from Mailtrack.
  • Tap on the option Track your email and now you can compose and send your emails through Mailtrack.


Unroll.me Alternatives
SaneBox is an alternative for Unroll.me that manages and controls your mails to keep unwanted emails away from your inbox. A file is generated in your mail account named SaneLater, where your emails are sorted and stored. SaneBox is a paid service.

Leave Me Alone

Unroll.me Alternatives
The Next on our list of the best Unroll.me Alternatives is Leave Me Alone. With the aid of this website, one can easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails. For using this service, you have to build an account on Leave Me Alone.

During the Free-trial; you get a total of 5 unsubscriptions. You’ll have to pay $16 per month for 200 unsubscribers and $9.9 per month for 50 unsubscribers.

Steps to use Leave Me Alone

  • Attach your email account with your Leave Me Alone inbox.
  • Scan all your newsletters and emails in one place.
  • Tap Unsubscribe, and then your work is done.

Gmail Unsubscribe

Unroll.me Alternatives
This is 1 of the most simple and best alternatives to Unroll.me. You can unsubscribe from unwanted emails and newsletters using Gmail Unsubscribe. It is an open-source application. No 3rd-party application can get your personal information, and it is free of cost.

Steps to use Gmail Unsubscribe

  • Move to Gmail.
  • Initiate the Email to which you want to unsubscribe.
  • Next to the sender’s name, you can view unsubscribe button, tap on the Unsubscribe button, and your work is done.


Unroll.me Alternatives
Cleanfox is a convenient and easy-to-use alternative for Unroll.me. It is very effective in keeping your inbox chunk-free. Cleanfox is software that assists you in deleting and unsubscribing unwanted emails.

It ensures the protection of the user. You have to register on their homepage to use their service, and after that, you can provide access to your email, and it will automatically start its work. Cleanfox is free of cost.

Steps to use Cleanfox

  • Tap on the Start button on their homepage.
  • Enter the mail address of the mailbox which you want to clean.
  • Follow their login steps.
  • After providing them the access, it will automatically start its work.

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So, these’re the best Unroll.me Alternatives that you should check out to unsubscribe from disturbing and intrusive marketing emails/ newsletters.

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