Best 5 UPS Monitoring Tools For Business

UPS Monitoring Tools

Learn about the top and most popular UPS monitoring tools that allow you to monitor your UPS systems for interruptions in the power supply to your network systems. Most businesses will likely take monitoring for granted regarding electrical and power systems. Yet, it is one of the most vital infrastructure components. The new norm is to have a secondary power system, preferably an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), to keep your systems operational during a power outage.

UPS enables the user to continue normal operations during the vast majority of power outages and provides ample time to close down systems when the battery charge reaches a critical level. Critical systems would benefit from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a generator for protracted outages, but the expense is often prohibitive. No problems! Today, in this post, we’ll discuss the top UPS monitoring tools for business without breaking the bank. But first, let’s define what UPS monitoring entails!

What’s UPS Monitoring?

Unexpected shutdowns are one of the most common problems that IT companies confront. Especially if you’re working on something important, it can be aggravating. Fortunately, UPS monitoring can heal this trauma. UPS monitor is a UPS program that helps you track the status of various performance indicators of your UPS device. For example, it provides information regarding the battery’s charge level, estimated runtime, voltage, charge, and current, among other things. This is done to ensure they are always online and operational.

Monitoring key performance indicators is essential for power system reliability, maintenance, and upgrading to withstand extended outages. The obtained information is crucial in a power outage, as it can help determine how long the system can operate on battery power. In addition, a UPS monitor helps troubleshoot UPS battery issues, such as improper charging. In addition to this benefit, there are additional advantages to incorporating UPS Monitoring. Let’s look at how a UPS monitoring tool can help your business!

Why Does One Require UPS Monitoring Tools?

A computer system may experience several potential problems over time. UPS monitors can help diagnose problems with your UPS system. Check the UPS monitor first if you are experiencing network system issues. It will help you identify any potential UPS system problems. In addition, a UPS monitoring tool can perform miracles in various other areas.

  • First, if your system does not have backup power in case of a power outage, it will close down. It can result in data loss or corruption, as well as an interruption of your work.
  • Second, your network systems will be unprotected and susceptible to damage if a power surge occurs. A UPS monitor can protect against power outages and surges, making it vital to keep your systems secure.
  • To be prepared for any forthcoming challenges, UPS monitoring tools also help you check the battery performance and charging status.
  • The UPS monitor is an important tool for computer users. It helps to ensure that the system receives the proper amount of power and provides a method for monitoring the health of your UPS system.
  • UPS monitors can also help reduce electricity costs. By monitoring the power consumption of your network systems, you can ensure that you are using only what is necessary.

If you are not using a UPS monitor, consider doing so now more than ever!

UPS Monitoring Tools Features To Watch Out For

An effective UPS power monitoring program informs you when something is seriously awry and provides vital information on the battery charge and performance. Depending on the size of your network, you can also modify your power system to withstand extended outages. Below are some features everyone should look for when choosing a UPS monitoring tool.

SNMP-based Custom Monitoring

Simple Network Management Protocol is the most important and widely used protocol that helps monitor the performance and issues of networks and devices. UPS monitoring tools with SNMP-based customer monitoring are the most effective and necessary tools available today.

SNMP Traps For Instant Alerts

SNMP traps are protocol agents that inform the user of an important network event. You will be notified immediately of any errors through emails or text messages.

Graphs, Reports, And Dashboards

A good network monitoring tool should display graphical representations and informative interfaces to help you analyze network data effectively. It helps you comprehend and investigate the networks in depth.

An Auto-discovery System To Log All Network Devices

SNMP-based auto-detections help you identify, monitor, and support all connected devices across all platforms.

A Facility To Analyze Network Performance Over Time

When it comes to maximizing network performance, timely network analysis is essential. A UPS Monitor tool should enable you to monitor and optimize the network’s performance over time.

Free Trial Or A Money-back Guarantee For No-risk Assessment

One must search for a demo or money-back guarantee when choosing a UPS monitoring tool in case the tool does not perform as advertised.

Value For Money Packages

Look for the best value among the numerous options available. Then, check whether the features you’re getting for your money are satisfactory. In light of this, here are some of the finest and most affordable UPS monitoring tools to help you with efficient UPS monitoring. By locating the appropriate tool for your business, you can ensure that your UPS units are always operating correctly and that you are prepared for any power outages. The following are some of the most popular and effective options.

Best UPS Monitoring Tools

As we curated, the best UPS Monitoring Tools are listed below.

1. Site 24×7 UPS Monitoring

UPS Monitoring Tools

Site 24*7 offers a 30-day free trial to help you determine if this tool meets your business’s requirements. It provides essential UPS monitoring features, such as viewing the UPS status, power consumption, and battery life. It is a powerful network monitoring tool that has been around for a long time and has garnered the worldwide respect of users. Aside from that, this software is designed with some out-of-the-box support, such as monitoring devices that support small, micro, medium, and large data centers; network closets; and home offices, among others. Therefore, it is ideally suited for modest businesses and home-based enterprises. Additionally, the Site 24*7 UPS monitoring tool includes default templates for a wide range of devices, such as APC Smart-UPS 1500, APC Smart-UPS 750, APC UPS 9605, CyberPower UPS, Dell UPS v4, Liebert UPS, and many others.

2. OpManager

UPS Monitoring Tools

The OpManager is a well-liked UPS monitoring tool. This tool is designed for all business categories and enables the monitoring and management of the entire network to attain 100 percent uptime. Easy to use, the software offers a variety of features, such as the ability to remotely monitor and control your UPS units and receive real-time notifications in the event of a power outage. OpManager is a powerful UPS monitoring tool that provides extensive querying and administration capabilities and the ability to generate custom reports. In addition, their unique report display elevates the user experience, making it straightforward for the user to identify flaws immediately.

3. Nagios UPS Monitor

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With the Nagios network monitoring tool, you can monitor the network’s performance over time, analyze history, check reports, receive immediate adjustments, and do everything you need from a UPS monitoring tool! This software is designed for larger businesses and corporations. It offers more sophisticated UPS monitoring capabilities, such as viewing UPS status, power consumption, load shedding, and network management. In addition, the Nagios UPS monitor can keep track of battery backup systems with quick processing and immediate notification features. In addition to offering a free trial, the UPS monitoring tool from Nagios also offers a free trial period, which is beneficial for businesses wishing to determine whether or not it is effective. In addition, they enjoy the trust of millions of consumers, including SMBs and Fortune 500 companies. So if customization were a problem for you, it would no longer be an issue!

4. PRTG UPS Monitor


With over 500,000 users, PRTG is one of the most profitable UPS monitoring tools available to businesses of all sizes. As a monitoring tool, PRTG permits you to review the battery status of your UPS system, which can range from normal to low to depleted. With PRTG, you can check your system’s remaining run time, battery life, and power consumption. PRTG is more than just a monitoring tool, as you also have the option to receive emails and text notifications based on the custom packages you select. It makes monitoring so much simpler and more convenient overall.

5. 10-Strike Network Monitor


10-Strike Network Monitor is an additional potent and indispensable UPS monitoring tool. This tool is the most effective network monitoring tool integrated with the SNMP protocol. It offers the same capabilities and features as the other UPS monitoring tool, with the advantage of being accessible anywhere in the world. In addition, the 10-Strike network monitor tools have a notification feature that informs you via text messages or emails of even the smallest movement within the network.

This unique module can monitor almost any network with the help of SNMP monitors and is the simplest tool for accessing information about your UPS 10-Strike Network Monitor. Choosing the 10-Strike Network Monitor has the advantage that their support team is available for feedback and help. In addition, their web interface is easy, quick, and seamless, making this tool more trustworthy and practical. If you intend to purchase this 10-Strike Network Monitor, take advantage of its 30-day free trial.

Consider The Following:

Final Thoughts:

As you presumably already know, monitoring your UPS systems is important for any business. The uninterruptible power supply is essential for keeping your servers and other equipment operational. Choosing the appropriate monitoring tool is crucial because of this. We trust this article aided you in selecting the appropriate business tool. Review the features and functionalities of any tool before choosing it.

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