Why VPS Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting | Things To Know

We have so many alternatives to hosting packages in the web market but it is confusing to subscribe to one package. You have hundreds of options available at your disposal but you cannot make the most of it without knowing the real-life performance differences. As we already know that shared hosting is cheaper compared to VPS hosting, but many experts choose VPS hosting over the shared one.

Shared vs. VPS Hosting: Which is Better?

There is no doubt that VPS is a better choice but there are many contributing factors involved in the process. It’s your project requirements that make the difference here and we are going to list down the number of features, so you can make the final decision. We will put Shared Hosting & VPS Hosting together and compare it side-by-side.

  1. Hardware

Customers can choose the server hardware and the entry-level package begins with a low-powered server machine. For instance, you get a 1-core processor, 1GB RAM, 50GB SSD Storage, 2TB Bandwidth, and more. However, you may get such a strong entry-level VPS server to keep the price low and it will be shared with many other customers.

VPS Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting

In shared web hosting, you will get an unknown count of processors, unknown GB’s of RAM, 10GB SSD Storage, and 1TB bandwidth. You can measure the winner here and that’s where the VPS server excels. You have the option to customize the hardware or select a high-powered server machine to conduct business. You cannot customize hardware power in a shared package because they cannot provide it & it is a limitation.

Winner: VPS hosting

  1. Sharing is caring?

You might have heard about the popular phrase “sharing is caring” and it is not a positive phrase in the web hosting business. The majority of the shared hosting servers are overcrowded and you won’t get the maximum performance that you get in a VPS server. The number of customers on the server varies from provider-to-provider and many cheap service providers have overcrowded shared hosting servers.

VPS server is equipped with high-end processors, RAM, and storage to the maximum supported limit. The majority of the servers have 16-core to 32-core count processors, 128GB – 256GB RAM, up to 10TB storage. You can select the package and you will reserve the number majority hardware, which leaves five or ten customers in one server.

If you select a 6-core processor package, then the server has only 10-core or 22-core processors left for the rest of the customers. In short, you know how many sites are going to run in one server and that is why VPS servers are popular. We have explained how the VPS server excels here and you can make a good comparison.

Winner: VPS hosting

  1. Scalability

If you are choosing a reputed web hosting company like HostArmada, who is offering the best VPS hosting to the customers, then you are getting what is ordered. Let us assume that you have selected a single-core CPU package and then, later on, you had a situation to upgrade the package to 4-core CPU, then you can do it.

In VPS hosting, you can scale the package as your business progresses in the digital world. VPS servers have a minimum 16-core CPU, 64GB RAM, 10TB Storage, and more. You can choose to upgrade the hardware for maximum performance and you cannot do this in shared hosting.

If you purchase shared hosting and later on, if you need additional raw power, then you have to move the entire on the VPS server. Of course, if you choose a good provider, then they provide a free migration service. However, it won’t change the fact that the VPS server is scalable and upgradeable.

Winner: VPS hosting

  1. Performance

Let us put two websites on the in-depth site loading test. We have selected the Pingdom website for accurate information and it will help you to improve the website loading speed.

Website 1: Shared Hosting

VPS Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting

Website 2: VPS Server

VPS Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting

You can tell the difference in website loading performance and server response time. We have selected the websites of people, who have worked with us. We know a lot about the web hosting provider, what tools they are using, and more. We have checked the performance on the Asian server and both websites on Asian Data Center.

VPS server will load the pages faster because it has several processor counts, memory, and premium SSD storage that has a minimum 500 GB read/write speed. Nobody can deny that raw power and software optimization boosts the performance of the site loading speed & server response time.

Web hosting providers manage the server health, so you don’t have to worry about the junky operating system and software. You can expect a 50% boost in performance and no one can deny it as long as you choose a reputed web hosting company.

Winner: VPS hosting

  1. Pricing

Shared hosting is a lot cheaper when you compare it to VPS hosting because you are getting customizations, features, full control, and hardware power. Unfortunately, web hosting service providers don’t offer in-depth package features like hardware information, which puts the site administrators at a disadvantage.

You can see the difference in pricing and VPS hosting brings premium features & functions that you don’t get in the shared one. You have hardware power, full control, a limited number of users on one server, and more.

Who should buy Shared Web Hosting?

We should say that shared web hosting is value-for-money and you should know the limitations. We recommend a shared package to the following individuals.

  1. If you want to run a four or five-page static website.
  2. It is an ideal package for students, who want to practice in real-time.
  3. A personal blog, where you can share portfolio and stories.
  4. An informative blog that mostly has text content.

We don’t recommend shared hosting for websites that have over 200,000 unique visitors per month because it cannot handle the traffic and it will crash. Shared hosting will run smoothly on lightweight sites but it is not recommended for online shopping sites, web-applications, and heavy websites. If you are planning to run a WordPress blog then you can consider a shared package because we have tested it on multiple hosting providers, and it offers optimal performance.

Bottom Line

You have to keep many aspects in mind before proceeding to buy shared web hosting and VPS hosting and we have shortlisted HostArmada as the best hosting with the above points in mind. If we were in your boots, then we would make a list of things that required running the website smoothly, and then comparing it with the package. You can contact the customer support team for suggestions or comment down below for our recommendations.

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