Web Design Features You Could be Using that are Hurting Your Conversions

website owner with low conversion rates

Web design is not simply what your website looks like. You need to ask yourself if your website design works well in your favor. What does this mean exactly? Does your design appeal to your target audience? Does it provide a better experience for them? And most importantly, does it improve your conversion rates? These are all crucial questions that you need to ask.

For example, if you’re targeting customers in Barcelona or Madrid, you may want to tap local web design Spain agencies that can help you get the flavor that your audience will definitely find appealing. You may choose to hire a web design company, or you can also do it yourself.

If you built and designed your website on your own, that’s really an achievement you should be proud of. However, you must also be careful because you may have been using some web design features that are actually impacting your conversions negatively. Here are some of them.

Using Stock Photos

Many website owners are guilty of doing this, especially on new websites. It’s easy to get carried away and start putting stock photos all over your site. While using generic images is relatively okay for blog pages, you ought to use custom images for your conversion pages.

Your audience will immediately know if your photo is a real one or a stock image, and that will affect how your visitors perceive your website’s credibility. Remember that the images you use can be powerful. You’d want to earn the trust of your audience.

So as much as possible, use actual photos. If you have a gardening services company, for example, go ahead and take pictures of your team while you’re working and use that for your website. Visitors would love to know who the people are behind the website.

Unclear Message on Your Landing Page

Effective web design features allow you to convey your message to your audience clearly. However, you should not rely on them completely because you can have the best web design features but your content is hard to understand, then it will still be useless for your conversions.

So for this part, remember to use clear language that will easily be understood. No need to use incredibly difficult jargon unless when it’s absolutely necessary for you to convey your message. Apart from the actual content, make sure that you also divide them into short paragraphs so that they’re easier to read.

For your service pages, see to it that your audience will immediately see what services you’re offering. Are there any discounts? Is a promo coming up soon? What can they get from hiring your company? Give them all these pieces of information so that they will be encouraged to get in touch with you about your services.

Slow Loading Speed of Your Web Pages

Speed can do so much for your conversions. A slow-loading web page can discourage a potential customer from buying your products or services. In this fast-paced world, people have become impatient. And with so many businesses to choose from, visitors can easily go to another website if yours have been loading for a long time.

When choosing your web design, ensure that it actually helps in speeding things up, not slowing it down. There are some features that do this, like using big photos or too many videos. When you do decide to use these elements, think of how they will help the overall experience of your visitors.

Final Thoughts

There are so many other features that can impact your conversions negatively. The three mentioned here are the most common ones that website owners are not aware they’re using. So, take the time to review your web design and check if you’re doing any of these. You may then start working on improving your web design to boost your conversions.

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