What Are the Best APIs for Web Designers and Developers?


It is always the wish of every developer to create a website with one of the most amazing online experiences for the users. Also, several clients have learned the power of technology hence are demanding various features on the website. With APIs, this is an easy task for developers as they only have to create a connection between the website and the application. This is in line with giving the user of the site one of the most exceptional experiences ever. There are multiple APIs that are available upon which one can easily choose from. If you were longing to find the best APIs, do not worry as I have for you APIs that have been created by Google and other companies.

Google Geolocation

As you would have seen Google Maps and how it works, you would know how powerful their APIs are. But there are other ways to use this API to your advantage. It gives you an overview of the maps that you desire. Also, it can show you the route to follow and the traffic insights on that road. You can be able to locate any location around the world by the use of google maps.

G Suite Apps

It is another vast API by Google; it is frequently used for collecting personal data of a website. Let’s say you have a contact form that provides your client with important information prior to a sales call. It is an excellent way of reaching users. You could configure the Google Sheets API to capture the data submitted by users, which would help the sales rep or business owner in preparing for the call ahead of time.


YouTube IPI is another vast tool that has come up to give every developer a chance to embed their videos and upload them to the website. Also, with the API, one can easily customize the playback settings. Youtube also allows you to easily pull any amount of data from the YouTube channel to the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most used API ever. Every web developer needs this API to track the members who access their website. It shows how many visitors when they visited, and the time they spent on the site. This is an excellent experience for the developers.

Facebook Messenger

Looking to create a chatbot onto your website where users can easily chat with customer care? If yes, then the Facebook messenger is here for you. The messenger API is integrated to allow the users of the website to communicate easily. What’s more, you can program how the bot interacts with visitors, so it doesn’t just end up being a holding queue for visitors waiting to connect with a real person through the site or over on Facebook.

IP Geolocation API

IP Geolocation API is used to easily find out where your website’s users come from. The API allows getting the location of any IP, and that data could be used in key business processes, helping you to understand who you serve so that in the future when improving the website, you can easily include what they love most on your website. The API is secure and ensures all data are kept private.


Ever wondered how you can integrate voices and SMS on your website? Twilio API is here for you. It is best for a business that deals on one with the client and allows the client to book for anything or request support.

Payment Processors

There’s no reason to manually process payment information anymore when payment processors have created such a reliable means of connecting their platforms to our websites. The APIs for payment processors like Stripe and PayPal are what enable developers to do more than just collect payments, too. You can enable tracking, handle refunds and disputes, and more.

Bottom line

There is always the desire to make work easier and make the website more appealing to all features. Make use of the above APIs, and you will easily be able to improve on the services that you are offering to the clients. Also, the users of the website have got the opportunity to interact with a fantastic website.

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