13 Best Open Source React JavaScript Frameworks For Building Native Applications

13 Best Open Source React JavaScript Frameworks For Building Native Applications

Looking for a perfect React.Js or React native for building Native Applications, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed the top 13 best open-source React Native JavaScript frameworks which you can try to build a better user interface (UIs) for your applications.

What is React.Js?

Before getting into the core topic, let’s brush up with some basics.

Well, React.Js is one of the popular JavaScript libraries which used to create interactive User Interface on the web or mobile applications. Being an open-source JS library, React is widely used by the developers around the world for building effective UI components or User Interfaces.

Apart from that, React.JS can also be used for the development of a single-page application and mobile applications. Currently, the React.JS library is maintained by Facebook and by the group of highly skilled individual developers and companies.

Top 13 Best React JavaScript Frameworks in 2021

Here are the lists of top 13 Best react JavaScript frameworks you can find in 2021. The below-listed lists of the best React JS framework manually tested by our developers and ranked according to their features and popularity.

1. Create React App

‘Create React App’ is one among the popular and essential frameworks used by the developers for building a single page application and for the development of React Native Project. It provides the best environment for the new developers to learn to React easily and also quickly. It is easy to use and helps you skip the manual setup & configuring applications.


  • Single Command-line Interface
  • Top-notch development tool
  • It is a tool that speeds the development process

2. Material Kit React

Material Kit React is the most preferred choice for the developers for building UI components. This Material Kit React was designed from the inspiration of Google’s Material Design System. This framework offers an array of components for the developers to build effective UIs. Expert developers often mark this kit as a simple and beautiful template for building UIs.


  • Supports easier and faster development
  • Option for custom design
  • More than 1000 fully coded components

3. Shards React

This Shards React is one of the modern React UI development kits which specifically built to support developers for developing high-performing applications. This React framework comes with a modern design system that allows developers for building custom components for their applications. The presence of SCSS syntax in this React JS framework enhances and styles the development process.


  • Lightweight
  • Minimal footprint
  • Well documented and easy to build effective UIs
  • Highly responsive and easily adaptable to all screen size

4. Styled Components

Styled Components is one of the efficient tools that help developers to build a highly responsive visual interface with the aid of building small and reusable components. Moreover, developers can enjoy the benefit of writing CSS syntax directly inside their application components. This eliminates the possibility of error formation at a high rate.


  • Helps to build highly readable components for the app development
  • Seeks JS for styling components
  • CSS helps developers to build custom components
  • With the simple invoking styled (), developers can easily convert any component into a styled component

5. Redux

Redux, the most preferred react js framework used in the state-management solution by the developers for building JS applications. Moreover, developers can use this framework to build applications that can deliver consistent performance in different platforms. Also, testing applications are easy while using this framework.


  • State prediction by this framework, helps developers to define the application’s data flow easily
  • Developers would find easy to test their applications
  • Developers can do time-travel debugging operation with the aid of reducer functions

6. React Virtualized

For developers who are about to develop an application which is likely to handle large-list and tabular-data form, then opting this React Virtualized framework would be the best option. Moreover, by using this awesome React Virtualized framework, developers are able to restrict the requests raised by the users by defining the numbers. With such restrictions, the performance of the application can be enhanced.


  • Displays large amount of data at ease
  • Capable of rendering a huge data set without any bugs
  • By using components developers can implement the virtual rendering

7. React DnD

Developers who are developing complex user interfaces with Drag-and-drop features mostly prefer this React DnD framework. Unlike other JS libraries, this React DnD comes with several predefined drag-and-drop libraries. Apart from that, the most interesting part of React DnD is it is truly built with the modern HTML5’s drag-and-drop API which makes it easier for the developers to make use of it.


  • Easy to create interfaces
  • Extremely performs well
  • Simple and powerful API
  • Comes with browser interactions

8. React Bootstrap

Developers are able to get more control over the component’s functions by utilizing this Bootstrap React JS framework. This React Bootstrap can be highly beneficial for building front-end frameworks for the applications. Moreover, this bootstrap comes with several hundreds of themes which can be used for building front-end frameworks.


  • Easy to import codes/components during the development process
  • Bootstrap reduces the typing work of programmers and reduces bugs significantly
  • Easy to use

9. React Suite

React Suite is another popular React JS framework that comes with an array of component libraries. Developers most prefer this React Suite JS framework for building enterprise-level applications or products. Apart from that, this React Suite is a platform-independent and supports all major browsers. Also, developers can make use of this framework for building server-side data rendering.


  • Easy management of application
  • Comes with global accessing features
  • Large Ecosystem

10. PrimeReact

PrimeReact comes with a set of components that covers all basic UI’s requirements and also supports mobile version along with touch-optimized elements. Developers can easily carry out the basic set of operations like menus, messages, data presentations, and so.


  • Simple and delivers high performance
  • Easy to Use
  • Enriched UI

11. React Router

‘React Router’ the most popular framework among the React Native developers for building efficient applications. Unlike other frameworks, developers feel easy to start working with this and it requires only basic knowledge of React.


  • Easy to work
  • Uses CSS transitions

12. Grommet

Developers who are about to create a highly responsive and mobile-first web application prefer this Grommet framework. This JavaScript framework comes with the Apache 2.0 license. Grommet framework mostly preferred by big companies for developing applications for their usage.


  • Offers open-door policy
  • Highly accessible
  • Comes with package

13. Onsen UI

The Open-source Onsen UI JavaScript framework uses HTML5, JS also integrates Angular, Vue and React for highly responsive and efficient mobile app development. Onsen UI framework components support iOS and Android material design.


  • It’s completely free to use
  • Supports JavaScript and HTML code compilation
  • Delivers native app experience

Bottom Line

Hope, the afore-mentioned lists of the 13 best React JS Framework will end your search for the perfect JavaScript Framework for your development. Make sure you pick the right one after understanding its features and advantages for your app development.

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