10 Top Game Streaming Apps For Android

Game Streaming Apps

Long gone are the days of simply being able to stream games on desktop computers. These days, gamers use Android smartphones to stream their gameplay footage. The greatest Android apps are available for download on the Google Play Store, and they may be used to stream game videos to several different devices.

Thus, your quest for the greatest Android app to share your amazing gameplay should end here. Some of the top live Game Streaming Apps for Android smartphone gaming have been compiled in this post. You can easily stream your favorite games with these Game Streaming Apps without paying any extra money.

Best Game Streaming Apps For Android

While there are many live streaming apps on the Google Play Store, this list includes only those that are specifically for gaming. Now, let’s look at the top Android apps for streaming gameplay videos.

1) Mobizen Live Stream for YouTube

The first on the list of Game Streaming Apps is Mobizen Live Stream for Youtube. Users can stream in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second using Mobizen Live Stream for YouTube. Users can also hide their chat box while streaming and turn their front camera on or off through this software. However, please be aware that Mobizen Live Stream is limited to YouTube streaming only.

2) Twitch

You have the ability to stream your video game content on Twitch. This is a gaming site where you can watch gameplay videos. In addition, you can chat directly with the players while watching them engage in all the activities.

3) Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming

Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming is an Android app that can be the best choice for you if you want to play games and share your videos with other gamers who share your interests.

Millions of players around the world can showcase their gaming skills on this app. Spectators support the platform, observe, provide feedback, and evaluate players’ gameplay techniques.

4) PRISM Live Studio

PRISM Live Studio is basically an Android live broadcasting app that enables you to stream and live broadcast your movies to your audience. You can share and stream your phone screen with viewers with the help of this app.

So, if you want to stream your gaming videos, share your screen with your viewers while playing games. Using the app, you can also edit your movies, have real-time conversations with viewers, and much more.

5) StreamElements

With the help of the app StreamElements, you can broadcast live gaming videos from your smartphone. You can use your phone or tablet to stream directly to Twitch or YouTube.

In addition, StreamElements lets you manage your live streams and interact with viewers and subscribers.

6) Loco

If you are looking for a streaming service and you live in India, Loco might be your best option. This app was created to allow live game streaming for the Indian gaming community.

Additionally, Loco allows you to interact with other game watchers via live chat while the game is being streamed live. Loco is the best Android game streaming software.

7) Turnip

If you’re looking for a voice chat, live streaming, and gaming community platform, look no further than Turnip. With this software, you can create gaming groups and play games like Fortnite, Brawl Stars, COD Mobile, Among US, BGMI, etc.

The app supports streaming in both landscape and portrait orientations. The games will be fully HD, high quality recordings and streams.

8) Rooter

The next on the list of Game Streaming Apps is Rooter. For anyone who enjoys watching live sports, Router is a fantastic piece of software. This fast-growing Android gaming and sports streaming software offers a plethora of helpful features for both viewers and streamers.

You can live stream your games or watch live streams with the router. With Router, you can monetize your streams to generate income and earn fun rewards.

9) Streamlabs

For those who create or stream videos, Streamlabs can be the ideal app. With a few taps on the app, you can go live.

Streamlabs’ breadth of users is one of its positive aspects. To further improve stream quality, Streamlabs even lets you add filters and video effects to streams.

10) Nexplay

The last on the list of Game Streaming Apps is, Nexplay is a streaming service in and of itself. Because it is a streaming platform in and of itself, it permits players to live stream their gameplay videos exclusively on its network.

The platform has a targeted user base, while not as popular as Twitch and YouTube. If you don’t want to stream, you can watch live videos from many events around the world.


Final Notes

With these free Game Streaming Apps, you can stream your gameplay footage across multiple platforms. Please use the comment section below to tell us about more Game Streaming Apps of this type. I hope you found this article useful! Please send it to your friends too.

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