5 Concrete Signs to Identify Satisfied and Happy Employee at Workplace

The development and the growth of technology have given rise to many machines, tools, software, and application that has contributed to the ease of men’s work. And despite automation and other vices, man still remains the focus. Thus, many organizations consider the employees as a crucial asset.

If the organizations need the manpower or the human resource for their progress, then is it not necessary to make them feel happy and satisfied? And the organizations that have realized the importance of this are focusing and strategizing plans to make sure that they are happy, satisfied, and needed, in short, engaged employees.

Understanding Engaged Employee

In a simpler form, Engaged employees are those who are motivated, enthusiastic, and are willingly ready to achieve the long-term goals of the organization for mutual benefit.

Engaged employees are the most vital asset and also considered as the backbone of the organization, without whom it may become challenging for the organizations to run their business successfully. They are proficient and give importance to the targets and the overall progress of the company.

What Are The Signs To Identify The Engaged Employees?

Since we now know the engaged employees are key aspects for any organization, it is vital that we identify them in the organization. It is quite impossible to satisfy everyone. Therefore, it is important to recognize the engaged employees and focus more on retaining them. But then, the thought itself may give rise to the question – “How to identify the engaged employee?”

To make it simple and understanding, there are certain signs that engaged employees tend to exhibit in the organization, which are not found in the disengaged employees. Some of those signs are discussed below. Thus, you will be able to differentiate the engaged employees from the disengaged.

1. Enhanced Performance And Participation

The first and foremost sign that can be observed from the employees if they are satisfied and happy with the company that they are working is by being productive. It is crucial for employers and managers to understand the silver line that exists between being engaged and productive.

It is true that all employees engaged in the organization are productive. Research shows that employees are 44% more productive when they are engaged. But then it doesn’t mean that the productive employees are engaged. There is a vast difference. If the employees are really happy and pleased with the organization, then they are undoubtedly concerned about the targets that relate to the progress of the company.

Even if they are to stay after the working hours, they won’t create ruckus regarding the same. Rather more happy, irrelevant of the fact or propose, be it official or non-official. All that they are concerned about is the satisfaction that they experience while participating in the organization related programs.

2. Friendly Relationships With The Colleagues

Another sign exhibited by the happy employees of an organization is the relationship and the rapport that they will build the colleagues. It is understandable that the active time spent by the employee in the workplace is much more than time spent with the family. How can any individual stay with the people that he/ she is hardly interested in for about 8-9 hours a day?

On the other hand, when the employee is willing and happy to establish a good relationship with the co-workers, it acts as a booster for employee engagement. Although the choice of building up the relationship is personal and varies from person to person, the impact of choice is quite effective.

However, if the employee manages to build a rapport with the co-workers, it ultimately turns out to be a conducive investment. Research has revealed that about 51% of employees are passionate and committed when they have a good colleague or friend at the workplace.

3. They Demonstrate An Optimistic Attitude

Engaged employees are often observed to express positive and optimistic behaviour while in the organization. This is basically because of the satisfaction that they experience while present in the workplace. This enables the employees not only to be productive on their own but also to create an engaging and cheerful environment that positively impacts others too.

The positive approach of the employee is not just his own surrounding, but then, it is for the overall progress and the future of the organization too. Because the optimism of the future of the company is sure to lift the spirits of the employees. This approach also serves as one of the indicators to identify the job employee’s satisfaction.

4. Adaptive And They Care For Company’s Resources

It is very usual to address someone who feels nervous, “Please, Feel at home.” What does it mean? Why this and not something else? Doesn’t it give rise to any question? It’s sure to do. Right? That’s what the ultimate aim of the organization is gradually turning out to be concerning the employees.

As discussed earlier, employees should feel a sense of belonging when it comes to the workplace. As much as they care for their home, so too are they expected to think of the organization. But then, this aspect acts as a matter of identifying the employee who is engaged and the who’s not.

There are some employees who are very concerned about the electricity or water being wasted. Just as they prefer no wastage at home too. In comparison, others are not much concerned. For example, those that you see switching off the lights, closing the leaking water tap properly, etc., without any instructions are engaged, as they understand the expense involved by the organization for the same.

The technique might seem very simple and outdated, yet it is very effective t when analyzing it practically because it reveals the actual reality of an employee.

5. They Offer Creative Solutions And Suggestions

Employees who are genuinely engaged with the organization tend to exhibit a feeling of belonging. They are so interested in the development of the organization that no matter what, they would be ready to make suggestions, give feedback, and comment wherever necessary and are sure to work accordingly.

Why the organizations are supposed to take this seriously because some of the suggestions and feedback that the employees bring out coils be very effective from the business’s point of view. Even more, when they are out of experience and learning. When any business can benefit from the employee’s insights drastically with less cost, then why not go for it?

A perfect example of this is the experience of the brand named “Colgate.” The company experienced an increased profit with the suggestion made by the peon. Therefore, it is important not to under-estimate the suggestions that come out of free willingness from the employee’s side.

Other Characteristics Of Engaged Employees

Apart from the signs discussed above, the following characteristics can also be identified in an engaged employee:

  1. Disciplined
  2. Focused
  3. Approachable
  4. Guides and supports the others
  5. Prioritizes targets, Etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Engaged Employees?

First of all, possessing an engaged employee itself denotes that your business is on the right track towards success. Along with it, the other benefits that happy and satisfied employees contribute are as follows:

  • Drastic reduction in the turnover
  • Improved and enhanced productivity
  • Better workplace environment
  • Positive impact and influence on the other employees
  • Improved work culture


Many organizations who have understood the importance of workforce engagement have been trying in various ways to promote and improve engagement practices. While some have developed and implemented the right strategies and are experiencing the benefits, others are still figuring out how.

However, it is the need of time that the organizations begin working on it sooner. Because engaged employees are capable of directly impacting the profitability and success of your organization.

You can even take advantage of the various tools and questionnaires that are available on the internet to measure the ratio of happy and engaged employees. And the ultimate aim to identify is to make sure that they are retained and contribute to the prosperity of your organization, as there is a vast battle in the market for the top talent. When you have one, make the best out of it.

Author bio:

Divyang Metaliya is a Business Consultant working with factoHR. Apart from managing and improving business processes, his hobby is to spread his vast area of knowledge to the people out there. He loves to create content that is innovative and engaging for the readers.

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