7 Best KickassTorrents Alternatives You Can Use in 2021

KickassTorrents alternatives

Hey guys, Need the highly-rated KickassTorrents alternatives that actually works?

The number of torrent sites continues to grow every day. Only a few, however, were able to satisfy their users. One of the members of this group was KickassTorrents. It’s also a well-known torrent site with a large number of torrents. Kickass has a large number of torrents with various types of material. Regrettably, the original Kickass Torrent is no longer available.


7 Best Alternatives to KickassTorrents

For the past two years, the original Kickass torrent site has been inactive. This post will show you the 7 greatest KickassTorrents alternatives that will meet your needs.

1. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a torrent service that caters to a wide range of users. It was first released in 2009. Despite the current state of the file-sharing scene, Lime Torrents appears to be expanding and evolving. It recently debuted a new homepage with a clean look and huge buttons for the most popular categories.

It also boasts a search bar that has been hailed as near-impossible to beat. The rest of LimeTorrents, though, isn’t quite as attractive as the site. After all, LimeTorrents does not let its users down when it comes to content.

It provides instant access to everything from movies to TV shows to music to games to apps to anime. This website’s main search page is undeniably attractive and intelligent. As a result, LimeTorrents is one of the top KickassTorrents alternatives.

2. 1337x

Until recently, 1337x has been regarded as the most fashionable torrent site. Furthermore, it is a website that provides a directory of torrent files as well as magnet connections. It was established in 2007. It’s also regarded as a piracy site because it distributes illegal content online.

The movie download site 1337x is well-known. Also, it’s most likely how consumers who aren’t familiar with file-sharing websites want to see all torrent sites. Despite the current appearance of its webpage, 1337x has been in existence since 2007.

It provides new content to a large number of torrent users all around the world. 1337x’s main domain is currently 1337x.st, however, it also has several backup domains. 1337x is one of the famous torrent trackers on the internet. As a result, 1337x is a good alternative to KickassTorrents.

3. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine located in Finland. It was established in 2003. This website is run by a person named Flippy.

Torrentz2 is more than just another website. Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine that collects search results from different torrent sites. The user can sort the torrents on the search results page. They organize it by peers, rating, file size, and upload date. There are no torrent files stored on it. It provides torrent compilations of a range of trackers that are not available in the usual file.

The website aims to stay out of the way of police enforcement. Torrentz2 isn’t as user-friendly as some of the other torrent sites mentioned above, but it always tries to find the best available torrent. Torrentz2 allows users to rank torrents and comment on their reactions and suggestions. As a result, Torrentz2 is among the best KickassTorrents alternatives.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle is a relatively young and rapidly growing website in this industry. It is often regarded as a viable alternative to KickassTorrents and other torrent sites. It is also the one that is attracting a lot of interest in the realm of peer-to-peer sharing.

In 2008, Zooqle was founded. Zooqle now has over 3.5 million torrents available, with many more being added every day. Zooqle’s modern design is secure, and its superb functionality contributes significantly to its growing popularity.

On the right side of the homepage, the user may see the most seeded torrents and search for torrents. Zooqle is available in a variety of languages, including English, Russian, and others. Long ago, Zooqle was the Bitsnoop. The proprietors The site has been reorganized and updated with validated files.


RARBG is a renowned torrent site where you can download the most recent movies and TV episodes. It was founded in the year 2008. It is well-known as a torrent website for downloading audio, video, movies, and software. Unlike other torrent sites, RARBG is well-organized and has a nice look. Each of the torrents it hosts has a brief description and other helpful information. Movies & TV shows are often available from 360p to uncompressed 1080p Blu-ray rips.

RARBG also contains sections for games, software, music, and pornographic material. It is a close-knit community, and the tracker is run by experienced operators who are familiar with the file-sharing scene.

RARBG also takes advantage of the BitTorrent protocol for file sharing. This site’s torrent network is currently operational, and the torrent files updates regularly.

6. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest of the internet’s torrent sites. It also provides magnet links. These magnetic links lead to resources that can be downloaded through a peer-to-peer network. It began in the year 2003. It’s also a well-known and trustworthy website.

It was designed primarily for file sharing. Law enforcement and copyright watchdogs are involved in salary disputes. Some of those who support Pirate Bay have also been imprisoned. This website had been shut down multiple times before, and its domain had been frozen. The majority of Hollywood studios would prefer to see Pirate Bay go away. Despite this, the site is still up and running, with a plethora of torrents. In Pirate Bay, almost 35 languages are available.

7. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is a prominent Kickass Torrents rival website. Importantly, it is one of the torrent sites that matter to some torrent users and satisfies their needs. However, the original ExtraTorrent is no longer available. It’s a searchable database of digital software and media material.

When it comes to torrent downloads, ExtraTorrent is a well-known name. Furthermore, after the Pirate Bay, it is the second-largest software. ExtraTorrent’s original version is no longer available; hence the entire staff is unemployed. As a result, they are incorporated into other websites.

In terms of appearance and interaction, these websites resemble ExtraTorrent. As a result, these sites are referred to as ExtraTorrent Mirror sites. These Extratorrent mirror sites are currently being used instead of ExtraTorrent. As a result, it is one of the top KickassTorrents alternatives.

Why is KickassTorrent Not Working?

One of the original torrent websites was KickassTorrents. In November 2008, it was also launched online. Kickasstorrents.com is the domain name that anyone can use to access the site at first. The authorities largely overlooked this until several domain names were put on hold by the US Department of Justice in response to many other torrent sites. The first sign of it was come to know in the year 2013.

In London, the High Court granted an injunction in 2013 blocking access to KickassTorrents and two other pirate sites. Also, with the assistance of the six major Hollywood movie studios, the Motion Picture Organisation of America (MPAA) and an American trade association urged that Google remove all KickassTorrents search results from its search engine.

In addition, Artem Vaulin, a Ukrainian national, was apprehended in Poland by US authorities and is now facing years in prison.

The investigation against Ross Ulbricht, the creator, and operator of the Silk Road darknet marketplace, was then supervised by Vaulin.


Torrenting is not against the law. Torrents, on the other hand, are commonly used. Assume you’ve downloaded torrents using an insecure internet connection. Then there’s a good chance that your Internet usage will be scrutinized. Only a few torrent sites have managed to achieve the same level of popularity as KickassTorrent.

While the original KickassTorrent is no longer available, there are a plethora of fantastic KickassTorrents alternatives.

They provide a wealth of high-quality content to file-sharing fans all across the world. There are other unofficial KickassTorrent mirror sites.

However, be wary of spyware, bitcoin mining programs, and harmful apps that are being distributed. If you don’t want to risk it, pick one of the top 7 best KickassTorrents alternatives instead.

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