Top A/B Testing Tools You Should Try

A/B Testing Tools

A/B Testing Tools You Should Try: In this article, we will define A/B testing, provide an illustration, and outline the resources you can use to A/B test your website with simplicity. According to Truelist, 77% of businesses use A/B testing for their websites, and 60% test their landing pages using the method. As is commonly stated in the real world, “Hard work is the key to success.” In the virtual world, however, “Testing is the key to success.” So let’s get begun!

What’s A/B Testing & Why It’s Needed?

Two or more variations of a webpage with the same goal are compared simultaneously in A/B testing to find the best version. Although it’s commonly associated with websites and apps, it’s one of the most effective ways to determine what works and what doesn’t.A/B testing eliminates all conjecture, enabling you to make decisions based on data and ensuring positive outcomes. In any case, A/B testing was different when the market adopted it in the late 1990s.

Today, marketers test using the same methodology. Still, in a highly volatile virtual environment and in real-time.B2B marketers need help to acquire qualified prospects, e-commerce stores experience high shopping cart abandonment rates, and digital media have low viewership. Here is where A/B enters the picture. It can assist you in identifying conversion funnel leaks. Here are some of the most significant benefits of A/B testing a website.

Improve Content Engagement

Each time you A/B test your content, you understand what is and is not effective. Your conversion rates may be low due to ineffective language, unappealing blog titles, or poor website content that fails to hook users. Your website will be able to test various variants for all of your issues and ultimately give you the one that works best with A/B testing.

Reduced Bounce Rate

A/B testing identifies the actions of users across a website. It helps you identify the elements that make your users remain on your website longer, ultimately resulting in higher conversions. There are several potential causes for your website’s high exit rates, including excessive text, complicated navigation, and a difficult-to-find call to action. However, conducting an A/B test can help you identify your visitors’ difficulty points and improve the overall experience for your users. Thus assisting you in effectively structuring your website’s content and reducing exit rates.

Increased Conversion Rates

Some aspects of your website hook customers and result in high conversions.A/B testing helps you determine which elements engage your audience and convert them into customers. Using this marketing strategy, it is simple to determine what is effective for your audience and what is not. Here is a case study of the brand Groove maximizing its A/B testing potential.

How Groove Optimized Its Landing Page Conversion?


One of Groove’s landing pages had a 2.3% conversion rate. As a result, their goal was crystal clear: to increase the conversion rate of their landing page. They began speaking with marketing professionals to find the cause of the low conversion. The company then realized that the landing page’s message should have been more effective. To determine what adjustments to make to the page, the company escalated its efforts and began speaking with actual users.


In one variation of the A/B test, the company prioritized its message. They created a concise and on-point copy before designing additional elements.


With an optimized webpage copy, the company nearly doubled its conversions. The rate rose from 2.3% to 4.3%. Here is the landing page image before and after testing.

Now, let’s examine the best A/B testing tools.

Top A/B Testing Tools

As we curated, the best A/B Testing Tools are listed below.

1. Convertize

Convertize offers businesses innovative A/B testing software to increase conversions on a budget.


Auto-Pilot – The built-in algorithms transfer more visitors to the variation with the best performance while conducting experiments.

Hybrid Statistics – This innovative fusion of frequentist and Bayesian statistics helps you quickly obtain experiment results.

Lightning Mode – While evaluating variations, the lighting mode makes each Javascript pixel brighter and quicker to prevent flickering.

Powerful Integration – Add Convertize’s software to your tag manager to integrate it with your website.

Smart Editor – Create variations of your web pages without writing a single line of code.

It is among the top twenty A/B testing websites worldwide.

2. VWO

VWO is the world’s foremost web testing and conversion optimization platform, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and foster development.


Powerful Editor For Marketers & Developers – VWO’s effective editor offers limitless customizations, dynamic features, and AI-driven copy suggestions.

Read-to-Use Custom Widgets – Enhance your website with banners, modals, timers, and more widgets.

Test Your Hypotheses – Connect the testing process to your hypotheses to determine if the test results correspond to your expectations.

Analyze Performance – Obtain innovative and adaptable reports with VWO’s sophisticated reporting tool and gain better insights from a centralized dashboard.

Integrated Behavioral Insights – Effortlessly compare and integrate real-time user behavior insights with test data and results.

It has helped 2,500 brands in more than 90 countries conduct over 600,000 experiments. Vodafone, Toyota, Samsung, and eBay are well-known brands that have trusted the tool.

3. Personyze

Personyze aids businesses in generating high conversions with its potent A/B testing tool for landing pages, content, and promotions.


Audience Segmentation – Create control groups to prevent data contamination and rapidly test the same audience segment until perfection is achieved.

API & Integration – Personyze’s plug-and-play feature enables seamless CRM integration.

QA & Testing – With the aid of Personyze’s robust simulators, preview experiments before you make them live for your audience.

Customizations – Personyze’s pre-built templates allow you to quickly add content and 20+ codeless widgets to your website.

Personyze’s A/B testing tool has already benefited over 1500 websites.

4. Omniconvert

With its highly effective data-driven tools, Omniconvert fosters business expansion. More than 5000 websites use Omniconvert.


Split URL – Create different page variations and test them on various URLs to identify which page and URL produced the highest conversions.

Stacked Tests – Accelerate the optimization process by using the victorious variation of an A/B test as a benchmark for subsequent tests.

Customizations – Use the visual editor to create basic experiments rapidly and the advanced editor for more complex front-end testing.

Advanced Reports – Make use of a statistical calculator and other sophisticated tools to produce reports that are both informative and useful.

Multiple Statistics – Select the best statistical model for analyzing and reporting experiments and obtaining the desired results from the available options.

Top brands such as Whirlpool, Samsung, and WWF have all trusted the tool.

5. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a simple-to-use tool that does not require coding expertise. It lets you view results in real-time and helps you test websites, product landing pages, and more.


Super-Simple Setup – Add a distinctive crazy egg fragment to the webpage you wish to test on your website, and you’re all set.

In-Built Test Creator – Select the element you want to test, add your ideas, and create a new test in minutes.

Real-Time Optimization – Examine the test results in real time and add variations as necessary to achieve the best results.

Seamless Integration – Effortlessly integrate all your apps and services to make setup fast and painless.

It caters to over 800,000 websites in order to improve what’s working, repair what’s not, and permit websites to experiment with new ideas.

6. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is equipped with a robust optimization engine.


Mobile Optimization – This provides your mobile users with the experience they desire through mobile optimization capabilities.

Multi-Armed Bandit Testing – Automatically direct the greatest amount of traffic to the winning variation to obtain accurate and actionable test results.

Advanced Reporting – Out-of-the-box reporting to cover every aspect of the experiment and present the results in an easy-to-understand format using graphs, heat maps, and more.

Multivariate Testing – Test multiple elements simultaneously to understand each element’s contribution.

This engine helps with AI-powered testing, personalization, and automation in a single location. Its optimization engine has helped over two hundred thousand websites generate high conversions and increase revenue.

7. Convert

Convert fosters the growth of enterprises with its proven A/B testing tool. It is one of the top 10 A/B testing tools in the globe.


Unlimited Testing – There is no limit to the number of tests you can conduct or variations you can create and experiment with.

Seamless Integration – Integrate any third-party tool and conduct unlimited A/B tests with ease.

Advanced Targeting – Segment your visitors based on geo locations, past behavior, or JS events to obtain accurate results from your tests.

Dynamic Testing – Create customized tests in the JS editor and have complete control over your website’s JS, jQuery, and CSS.

Advanced DMP Profiling – Extract unique identifiers, such as lead scores, from your dispersed databases to improve your testing strategy and make data-driven decisions.

More than 50,000 websites have been helped to optimize their website experience for customers.

8. SiteSpect

SiteSpect helps you design and A/B test your website without the need for coding expertise. It guarantees increased site performance and conversion rates. Additionally, it safeguards your website from malware and other unwanted traffic. It is among the top ten A/B testing platforms in the globe.


No-Flicker – Robust architecture designed to prevent flickering and guarantee unparalleled speed across all devices.

SPA Testing – An agnostic approach to supporting the optimization of Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and commonly used technologies, such as Angular and React.

Auto Optimization – Analyze campaigns and variations easily to make data-driven decisions and improve user experience.

Advanced Dashboard – Comprehensive dashboard to measure key metrics and determine the dependable outcome of your tests and campaigns.

Visual Editor – Work with Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and rapidly customize your website with SiteSpect’s robust drag-and-drop function.

Its primary clientele consists of,, and Cabela’s.

9. Optimizely

Optimizely is a Digital Experience platform trusted by millions of customers for engaging content, commerce, and optimization.


Targeting & Personalization – Create memorable experiences for your audience by incorporating personalized messages, offers, and pertinent content.

Visual Editor – Personalize your web pages with appealing text-based content or widgets without technical assistance.

Advanced Experiments – Conduct multiple experiments on the same page with innovative features, such as the exclusion group.

CDN A/B Testing – Conduct tests and experiments for every aspect of your consumer experience without compromising the efficacy or speed of your website.

Program Management – Manage your team’s productivity with effective creativity, management, and reporting tools.

It is one of the top five A/B testing sites globally, with over 1 million websites as customers.

10. Freshworks

Freshworks is a dependable platform for all of your experimental requirements.


Easy-to-Build Landing Pages – With Freshworks’ inductive editor, you can create multiple variations of your website, from basic text adjustments to advanced coding.

Optimize For Revenue – Using revenue tracking objectives, optimize your website for revenue and add more value to your conversion experiments.

Audience Segmentation – Monitor your visitors’ behavioral characteristics and generate unique insights to optimize your websites for the best user experience.

Analyze Tests – Understand the impact of your tests by gaining unique insights such as conversion over time, individual conversions, and results attained in a single dashboard.

Integrated Heat Maps – Learn about the activities of your visitors and what is effective for you with integrated heat maps.

More than 9000 websites have already tested and trusted the experimental services of Freshwork.

11. AB Tasty

Regarding AI-powered experimentation, personalization, and product optimization, AB Tasty is among the top 10 A/B Testing companies.


Target Segments – Effortlessly create targeted, personalized segments using in-built templates to manage your audience’s content interests.

Create Variations – Easily personalize your website with popups, widgets, and other add-ons using its highly effective drag-and-drop editor.

Set Goals – Track experiments and create multiple goal combinations to evaluate performance with robust KPIs.

Allocate Traffic – To obtain reliable data points and results, choose which audience segment you want to experiment with easily.

Data Stack – Analyze your user’s voyage from a 360-degree perspective and transfer performance data to any analytics tool with a single click.

It has historically catered to 39,000 websites, and more than 18,000 websites are currently fostering their development with AB Tasty.

12. Kameleoon

With over 23,000 websites as customers, Kameleoon is among the top 20 A/B testing websites globally.


Unlimited Testing – Easily optimize your user experience across all devices by conducting unlimited tests and experiments.

In-Built Simulation – Prior to presenting your hypotheses to your audience, you can preview them with Kameloon’s highly dependable simulation tool.

Audience Segmentation – Segment your audience based on 25 criteria, including geo-locations, user behaviors, and more.

Dynamic Traffic Allocation – Drive traffic automatically to a successful variation of Kameloon’s multi-armed bandit prior to the conclusion of the test.

Friendly Code Editor – With the tool’s developer-friendly code editor, you can create complex, impactful experiments using Javascript and more.

It caters to multiple industries, including finance, e-commerce, travel, media, and healthcare.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line: A/B Testing Tools

A/B tests are necessary for a website to achieve high conversions. Certainly, you must be satisfied with the conversions you obtain without A/B testing, but if you conduct testing, there is a good possibility that you can increase conversions. The above-mentioned A/B testing tools are tested and reliable. Increase your conversions over time by using whichever fits your requirements and, more significantly, your budget.

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