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Ad Networks You Need To Try: Since they are free for any user, people frequently question how these large technology titans like Google and Facebook make money. This is all due to the specific term ‘ADs.’ In this rapidly expanding world, numerous growing ventures and established businesses exist. The majority of them reserve a sizeable quantity for marketing purposes. In the 20th century, these industrialists and company proprietors had options such as newspapers, periodicals, and flyers.

Aside from them, a TV ad had a small amount of potential, but it was not a particularly large market for advertisers because the number of users was low. Intriguingly, the business models of Google and Facebook (Meta) altered things at the turn of the 21st century, and advertisers now have options for displaying their products through digital media.

What’s An Advertising Network?

For publishers and advertisers, ad networks serve as a market. They work as aggregators to allow advertisers to place their ads on available spots on various websites and ad platforms. They assist online platforms in monetizing their available ad spots by matching them to the requirements of advertisers. The term Ad Network is independent of media. However, the Internet is frequently used as an “AD Network” because Publishers and Advertisers increasingly locate their commercial hubs online. Web-based networks deliver ads to the general public via an AD server, the primary distinction between print media and online promotion networks.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads may be the only terms that come to mind after hearing this. You are correct that Google and Facebook are recognized as the largest shareholder in media and advertising circles. Together, they generated $219 million in advertising revenue in 2020, representing 34% of the market. The market, however, is open to more than these platforms. There are currently numerous ad networks for advertisers to test. Before deciding on a platform, however, you should keep a few things in mind.

What Things To Remember While Picking An Ad Network To Market Your Product?

In this developing world, web-based advertising has grown exponentially. Consequently, the quantity of ad networks has exploded in the past two decades. It is extremely difficult for an advertiser to determine which ad network is the best suitable for their company’s success and capable of finding the ideal target audience related to the company’s business. When choosing an ad network company for your product, remember the following things.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies vary from company to company based on the company’s product and budget. Some companies’ products are designed only to serve a specific public segment, while others are produced for all people without discrimination.

For instance, companies like Lamborghini and Dior should develop their marketing strategies with millionaires and billionaires in mind. In contrast, products from companies such as Colgate and Pepsi are designed for everyone, so they must reach all kinds of people. Therefore, every ad network has a specialized community of publishers, and you must choose an ad agency compatible with your marketing strategy.

Targeted Location

Depending on the range of their products, every company has a target market in multiple regions. Hyundai, a company based in South Korea, distributes its automobiles worldwide. Therefore, they have a marketing budget for all the countries where they sell their product.

One option is to engage a single global ad network company and provide them with a contract to negotiate with the other companies. There is a greater likelihood that they will obtain the contract at a much lower rate than anticipated, but this may also impact their target audience. There is also the option of awarding contracts based on the local ad networks’ connection to the target country’s audience. In this option, you must choose various ad networks for different countries. However, certain spots on every AD network have a higher reach and population. For example, Crazy House is best for targeting China, JumpTap is best for targeting the United States, etc.

List Of Publishers

Whether you believe it or not, publishers play a significant role in any AD. If the correct advertisement is posted improperly, it will not be effective. What would happen if a banner for one of the best brands of canned fish, Salmon Sister, was posted on a blog titled “Top five vegan products for your daily routine”? No one will click on that banner because the publisher’s audience differs from the company’s target audience.

Every advertising network includes numerous publishers. However, remember that quality should always be prioritized over quantity. Generally, ad networks provide a lengthy list of publishers or inventories designated to them, but you should always seek out publishers relevant to your business. If the ad pertains to the automotive industry, you must examine whether or not the network’s publishers specialize in automobiles or other vehicles. Find out where your ads will be shown by requesting the site list! This will help you gain a greater understanding of it.

Metric Methodologies

Before finding an ad network for your AD, determine which measurement metric is best for your promotion. Some ad networks are appropriate for CPM, while others are suitable for CPA or CPC.

CPM – It is Cost Per Mille or CPM. CPM is also known as CPT, or cost per thousand, which means we want to pay the cost for every 1000 impressions. For example, if CPM is $10, the cost of 1000 impressions is $10.

CPA – CPA stands for “Cost Per Action.” It is the cost incurred for clicks/conversion. For example, your promotion generated 1,000 clicks for $100 each, and you achieved 100 conversions. Thus, your CPA is currently $10. The lower CPA value is indicative of a high conversion rate.

CPC – CPC stands for Cost per click. CPC, like CPM, is a measurement used in online advertising. This cost is based on clicks as opposed to impressions. If a user is shown the advertisement but does not click, there will be no charge, as the cost is based solely on clicks. If CPC is $3, each click costs $3, so 20 clicks will cost $60.

Now you know all the approaches to choosing the ideal ad network for your AD. Google and Facebook (now Meta) currently hold most digital advertising market. However, one should be aware of all ad networks besides Google and Facebook. They also provide superb services and, most of the time, at a lower cost than these two large corporations.

Instagram and YouTube are also excellent alternatives to Google and Facebook. YouTube has been an integral part of Google Inc. since November 2016, whereas Meta Inc. owns Instagram after Facebook’s 2012 acquisition. This is why YouTube and Instagram are not included on this list. This list of ad network companies represents the best alternatives to Google and Facebook ads.

Top Ad Networks You Need To Try

As we curated, the best Ad Networks are listed below.

1. Primis

Ad Networks

Primis is a video promotion organization that offers video AD network capabilities. They deliver captivating video promotions to clients with impeccable timing and the best ad placements to boost RPMs and customer satisfaction. Their native ad unit is fully adaptable to suit your website and performs all functions. With the help of video promotions from Primis, you can provide clients with ads they adore and generate substantial ad revenue. Primis believes it is accountable for the most customer-focused industry standards in media marketing. The advertising network is secure to use and protects clients from fraud.

2. Clickadu

Ad Networks


Clickadu is a leading advertising network with a global reach and multiple advantages for advertisers and publishers. More than 41K daily active campaigns generate a substantial traffic demand. Stable, high CPMs as high as $9. Pure sustenance. Weekly $50 payments with no hold via PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, Cryptocurrency wallets, and wire transfers. Numerous parameters for ad impression frequency. Quantity, range, and constraints on CSS Classes, Up/Under.

3. Perpetua

Ad Networks

Perpetua provides everything required to drive eCommerce brands’ profitable market share growth. They request your budgets and data instead of creating campaigns and tailoring branding for each target brand based on that information. Because of custom solutions, you can anticipate improved results for your brand. Perpetua optimizes proposals algorithmically, quicker, and more precisely than our manual method. You now have the time to focus on strategies, testing, and analysis. Pricing for Perpetua begins at only $250 per month.

4. SXM Media

Ad Networks

SXM Media is the greatest network for podcast advertising in the United States. Suppose your target audience listens to a variety of podcast genres. Therefore, this ad network company is ideal for your product, as you can target nearly 55 million podcast listeners through this platform. Their platforms offer several adoptions, including streaming audio, video, dynamic audio, and sequential audio. The best part of SXM Media is its Podcast Ads, which offer audience-based purchasing, Contextual Alignment, Branded Content, and Exclusive show opportunities.

5. AdRoll

Ad Networks

Adroll is an advertising platform with over a decade’s data from hundreds of thousands of brands and billions of consumers. This will help you target the appropriate audience for your product. They also provide optimal marketing strategies for your business. The application of these strategies will yield fruitful results. AdRoll runs ads and sends automated emails to a targeted audience, and the combination of the two increases website traffic. In addition, they have their USP in targeting the audience after some ads based on their change in preferences for products.

6. InMobi Audience Targeting


Fashionistas, admirers of quick-service restaurants, college students, health and fitness enthusiasts, auto shoppers, and affluent urban people are among the company’s influential audience. InMobi is an Indian company. It includes several features for advertisers, including Pulse – for market and customer insights, Audiences – a platform for customer targeting, DSP; and Exchange. Publishers offer valuable services such as monetizing mobile apps, header auction platform service, unifID- identity solution, game monetization, and various ad formats.

7. is a prominent global advertising agency with one of the most comprehensive configurations of advertising technology across all platforms. The platform operates on web-based ads by constructing top-level items across multiple sections of any AD technology. Because of this, the needs of each client are met without the need for multiple sellers. It facilitates consolidating solutions from multiple vendors onto a single platform to simplify managing ADs.

8. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads offers a variety of ad formats, from conversational to video and dynamic. It promotes your company’s ads to targeted audiences on multiple platforms, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet, and increases brand awareness. In the most-viewed professional news feed in the world, your product is shown. Campaign Manager on the LinkedIn advertising platform streamlines all of your advertising processes. It creates, evaluates, and streamlines missions across platforms. Moreover, their platform hosts over 65 million decision-makers. This could bring about a paradigm shift in your business.

9. Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads can reach up to 41 million consumers who conduct 400 million monthly searches on Microsoft and partner sites. It includes 15 advertising tools that can be used to boost the advertising campaign. Assuming you are performing exceptional work on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you can extend that work to Microsoft Advertising by allowing the import tools to do all the hard work. Therefore, you can devote less effort to routine social media marketing strategies and focus on business outcomes.

10. Twitter Business

Twitter Business offers over 20 product options for displaying your personalized ad on its platform. Below are some of the most important adoptions you can find on Twitter. Twitter is a platform with a large user base. If you want to establish a social media presence for your brand, Twitter is the best place to display your products or services.

11. Telegram Ads

Advertisers can target their ads in any public Telegram channel with over 1,000 members using Telegram Ads. They have over 500 million active users per month worldwide, and Telegram users generate 500 billion views per month across multiple channels. Currently, sponsored communications are in pilot mode. When they are fully operational and allow Telegram to cover its fundamental expenditures, they will begin to offer advertising revenue to the owner of the public channel on which messages are shown.

12. Yahoo Ad Tech

Yahoo Ad Tech offers a wide variety of buy- and sell-side tools. It incorporates a Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Exchange with multiple channels. AD Buyers can bid for and buy inventory, manage their buying, and monitor their Ads on Yahoo’s DSP platform. Yahoo Ad Tech’s primary USP (User Selling Proposition) is the non-competing access to premium, brand-safe inventory with the highest viewability across native, video, and display through an exclusive partnership.

13. Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads (ASA) is an advertising network channel that connects advertisers with a powerful interest group. 20 million registered iOS application developers manage 500 million weekly visitors, resulting in fierce competition for all verticals. They are successful in generating $100 billion in revenue. Apple Search Ads includes two options: Standard and Advanced. The Advanced version includes additional features at a higher cost. Note that a similar ad will not appear for all Apple Search Ads users. There are several varieties of ads, with variations including the number of images and videos.

14. Amazon Ads


Amazon Ads has access to over 300 million active accounts globally. They deeply comprehend how customers perceive the products and brands they find, browse, and buy online. They offer services such as Sponsorship of Products, Brands, and Displays. Also, they offer audio and video ADs and custom ads to their clients as part of that. Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform) enables advertisers to buy display, video, and audio ads programmatically. They offer seven distinct services and eight distinct products to their customers. Amazon Ads works in 18 countries, including Australia, Brazil, India, etc.

15. Taboola


Taboola is a New York-based local advertising network. It distributes “suggested” content in frequently visited news sites and locations. Medium-sized companies (51-1,000 employees) and the Marketing & Advertising industry are the most frequent repeat users of Taboola Ads. They have exclusive partnerships with the world’s leading publishers, including USA Today, NBC, MSN, Business Insider, and Bloomberg. Taboola will assist you in efficiently reaching your marketing objectives and generating valuable leads.

16. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads are primarily used by advertisers who wish to target millennials. The majority of Snapchat users are of this youthful age group. You can target ads based on various factors, including interests, behaviors, location, and more. Connect with the people who are influencing the new values and behaviors that are transforming the world. The total addressable market for Snapchat Ads is approximately 319 million users. These users are regularly active. As part of that, Snapchat reaches nearly 75% of millennials and GenZ, so it would help your brand grow among them. There is no greater platform than Snapchat if you are developing a brand for young people. Your promotions can soar among children.

17. TikTok Ads

Since September, TikTok has had more than one billion users. WeTikTok ads can now reach an estimated audience of 825 million people (18+) worldwide. The platform offers various kinds of advertisements, including in-feed ads, video ads, image ads, spark ads, top view ads, pangle ads, carousel ads, branded hashtag challenges, and branded effects. For advertisers to publish an ad on their platform, TikTok offers a straightforward 4-step solution. The fundamental stages include choosing your objective and audience. The next step is to submit your budget. In the final stage, you must design your advertisement, after which your commercial is complete.

18. Spotify Ads


A few years ago, FM Radio was the only option for advertisers targeting a music-loving audience. However, things have now changed. Spotify Ads primarily provides three filtering options for your targeted audience: Demographics, Behavior, and Contexts. Additionally, you can restrict your audience with custom targeting. Spotify offers flexible advertising options. Therefore, there is something for you regardless of the extent of your budget. Ad Studio, their self-service advertising platform, allows advertisers to launch their campaigns for only $250.

19. Suomzilla

Suomzilla assists affiliates and marketers in monetizing their traffic and expanding their market reach. Regardless of your industry, it provides you with innovative traffic solutions. Suomzilla’s comprehensive data protection systems allow novice and seasoned advertisers to realize their campaign objectives. Using its sophisticated targeting solutions, marketers can increase lead conversion rates and maximize return on investment. In addition, it has an anti-fraud system to guarantee only high-quality traffic. Every client is assigned a personal manager who can always offer optimization suggestions for advertising campaigns. You can also obtain current data, including statistics and metric reports on the effectiveness of your campaign.

20. Epom

Epom provides a complimentary 14-day trial to evaluate the platform. To grow any business over time, they offer a variety of Ad server solutions, including White label Ad servers, Powerful RTB Bidder, and Whitelabel DSP. Epom allows you to create hyper-targeted advertising campaigns to reach your audience. Numerous ad formats, such as display, mobile, in-app, and video, are available. Ad Server pricing at Epom ranges from as low as $212 per month (Basic Plan) to $2125 per month (Advanced Plan). Additionally, you can tailor your plan with the Enterprise mode.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

The preceding list includes the best-performing ad networks from our extensive publisher list. Some are very specific to particular advertisers and only perform well for them. Customization is the key to expanding your business through digital marketing, so keep this in mind regardless of which ad network you place your AD on.

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