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Inside, the Backrooms challenges you and your buddies with unique puzzles and gameplay concepts on each level as you attempt to escape the various rooms. With Inside the Backrooms, you and your buddies can spend an intense night playing a horror game with several mechanics. Take the time to explore, interact, and ponder, but be cautious; several creatures are said to be after you.

However, this game has several levels and puzzles, which are complex to solve.
It is why we’re writing this post. Therefore, if you wish to learn about Inside The Backrooms, all puzzles, and all levels, follow this guide to its conclusion.

Inside the Backrooms Puzzles and Stages – Guide

As stated previously, beginners will find it challenging to solve the puzzles and complete the stages in Inside the Backroom. However, you need not be concerned because we have covered every aspect of this issue.

Check out this entire Inside the Backrooms guide for all puzzles and levels:

#1. Parking garage

  1. Upon departing The Lobby / “The Backrooms” level, enter the parking garage via descending the hole.
  2. Collect the red valve handles that are scattered throughout the garage.
  3. Utilize the knobs to close the gas pipes.
  4. Using the previously blocked entrance, depart once all gas pipes have been shut off.

#2. Office spaces

  1. In the office rooms, four fuses need to be installed in the fuse box.
  2. To activate the electricity, flip the switch.

3. Once electricity is available, computer monitors are triggered in the office spaces.

4. Each monitor has a letter-corresponding symbol.

5. In the Inverted Room (? ), the symbols can be deciphered.

6. The backdrop colors make it clear which letters are in which sequence.

7. On the primary computer monitor, the order is displayed in notes.

8. To input, the password, click the keyboard within the game.

9. When the computer unlocks the blue door, it will automatically open.

10. Before opening the blue door, you must complete the Party Room first.

#3. Changing room

  • A code must be entered to unlock the safe at the far end of the room.
  • The route on the map may be followed by deciphering the wall codes.

  • After each set, the safe knob’s orientation can be altered by moving it with the mouse.
  • If you make a mistake, reset the knob by releasing the mouse button.
  • Ensure that you have the Motion Tracker by removing it from the safe.

#4.The function room

  • Press the button(s) simultaneously on the wall.
  • Locate and enter the red rectangle on the floor.

  • Each party game should be played until its conclusion.
  • The key is concealed in the table’s dessert. Could you pick it up and manipulate it?
  • You may avoid the panel by shutting off the electricity and entering the blue door.

#5. Its Pool

  1. Leaving the electricity in the pool while the blue door is open is fatal.

2. In a vast pool are “rare” Entity #5 monsters.

3. Using the motion tracker discovered in the Flipped Room, traverse the pool safely.

4. On the other side, an exit ladder is available.

5. Using the Red Access Card, you can leave via the door.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Conquer Inside the Backrooms?

You may simply solve the puzzles in Inside The Backrooms using the following six hints and strategies. Therefore, if you are a newbie, be sure to read the following advice:

#1. If Observed, Evacuate

Contrary to what may appear straightforward, players cannot fight back against the game’s opponents. When facing an opponent, the best course of action is often to flee and hide. If they can see or hear approaching creatures, players should have little trouble seeing or hearing them before they come too close. In rare situations, players can repel a creature on all fours by standing their ground, but they cannot harm or kill it.

#2. Read Notes With Care

There will be cabinets strewn across the levels, filled with supplies and, more crucially, notes and files containing knowledge on the game’s creatures and other elements. Before entering the Backrooms, please read these notes carefully, as they will be crucial to your survival.

Entity files, for example, frequently contain information on recognizing or handling them. Learning as much as possible about particular creatures is crucial since they behave differently and react differently to player activities.

#3. Examine puzzles Thoroughly

While some of the puzzles players must solve to progress might be relatively challenging, none of them are overly complicated. Each puzzle requires some logic and thinking to complete, and playing with others makes it simpler.

The game gives players the necessary knowledge to solve the puzzles; they only need to seek it. If players attentively study the environment surrounding the puzzles, they should find clues to help them solve the mystery.

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Players can determine the solution to the elevator challenge by examining adjacent walls more closely. Moreover, creatures are unlikely to pose a problem during puzzles, allowing players to rest somewhat.

#4. Listen For Unusual Noises

As it traverses the Backrooms, a creature frequently emits a characteristic sound. Once creatures are approaching, players have a little window of opportunity to escape. Therefore it is crucial to listen for these sounds. The game’s ability to keep players on edge can be challenging due to the continual ambient noise, but the noises emitted by creatures should be straightforward to identify.

#5. Maintain Your Friends

Solo play is possible in Inside The Backrooms, but cooperative gaming is equally as fascinating as escaping the creatures on your own. Particularly in the first level, the terrain is cryptic and maze-like, making it difficult to discern where and where you’ve been. As a level, it will be easier for players to become separated from their companions.

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When playing cooperatively, avoid becoming separated from your friends. A fragmented group will make things far more complex, and an entity will have a greater chance of taking out solitary people. If the participants become separated, retrace their steps to locate one another promptly.

#6. Move With Caution, Do Not Hurry

As the player’s stamina meter quickly depletes, the mobility dynamics in Inside The Backrooms are severe, and sprinting has a limited duration. There is a slight delay between walking speeds. Therefore it is better to progress through the levels with caution. It may take time to go due to the new and odd settings.

Entities often arrive abruptly and without notice in unexpected locations. If players lose patience and stamina, they will almost surely perish, and the only option to prevent death is to run.

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That concludes Inside The Backrooms, including all puzzles and levels. We hope you find this tutorial to be helpful.
Meanwhile, for further information, please comment below and let us know.

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