Parallel Space Alternatives Clone Apps To Manage Multiple Accounts

Parallel Space Alternative

Parallel Space is an app that permits you to run two instances of the same application on your Android smartphone. This is important if you want to use 2 accounts for one app on one device. Primarily, you can clone and run multiple instances of the same app simultaneously. However, Parallel Space has become bloated over the years, and it now causes faster battery drain. Also, with the screen off, it drains the battery in the background. Therefore, if, for this reason, or a reason of your own, you see for a replacement for Parallel Space, you have arrived at the right place. Here are the top 5 best Parallel Space Alternatives that you can use to handle multiple accounts of the same apps in 2021. 

Note: Xiaomi (Dual Apps), OnePlus (Parallel Apps), Realme (Clone Apps), Vivo (App Clone), and Samsung (Dual Messenger) give their own versions of the app cloning feature. You can try it out before attempting a third-party application if you want. Launch the Settings application, search for the feature by name, and proceed from there. 


Parallel Space Alternatives Clone Apps To Manage Multiple Accounts

Applications like Parallel Space are a boon for users who want to run multiple instances of the same app. For instance, I use the cloning feature to run 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. And since my phone carries Dual-SIM technology, I don’t have to bring an extra phone. Many people use such applications to create a hidden file system for their individual files, while others use them to continue their work and private life separate. There are various use-cases, and you can be as creative with these apps as you want. With that stated, let’s get to our list, shall we? 


Parallel Space Alternative

If you don’t believe private companies with your data and want an open-source Android application to replace Parallel Space, you should download Shelter. The shelter is a free and open-source application that leverages the “Work Profile” feature of Android to give an isolated space where you can install cloned applications. This is an excellent app for people who want enhanced privacy. Using this, you can manage all the data collecting apps like Facebook in a container, where they cannot obtain your data outside your profile. 

Of course, you can further use it to clone apps and manage multiple accounts. One of my preferred features of this app is that it allows you to freeze background-heavy or seldom-used applications when you don’t need them. Not just it’s good for privacy, but it also means that the cloned apps won’t drain the battery too quickly. That being stated, remember that like Island, you will not be able to hide cloned apps behind a password-protected vault with Shelter. You will get all the other advantages of using a FOSS app. The application is free, there are no ads, and there is no tracking. If you want to secure your data privacy, you should use this app. 

Note: Because it works using the native work profile on Android, it might hit on those Android Custom ROMs that possess broken implementation of the work profile feature. 


Parallel Space Alternatives

Island, while, however, in “Early Access,” is a fitting app that can replace Parallel Space for you. It’s produced by Oasis Feng, who is also the developer of Greenify (free), a popular power and resource management application for Android. The developer is well-known for his privacy stance, so you can be ensured that your data will be safe. Regarding the features, Island brings most of the features you can expect from an app cloning app. You can isolate applications for privacy protection, clone apps for running multiple accounts, and freeze applications to block their background behaviors completely. 

Using these traits, you can run multiple instances of the same apps, safeguard your data, and ensure that power-hungry applications don’t eat your battery. The application uses the built-in work profile feature of Android to create a space for you. Therefore, you will miss out on the password protection feature to hide the cloned apps. You can hide the applications, but you cannot put them behind a vault. Nevertheless, you can also use an app locking application to create a vault yourself if you need to have it. Aside from that, it’s best for running cloned apps while maintaining data privacy. 

DO Multiple Accounts

Parallel Space Alternatives

1 of the best app cloning app that can substitute Parallel Space for you is “DO Multiple Accounts.” This application USP is that it enables you to create more than two spaces. That suggests if you want, you can run 3 instances of the same app. Whether you require to create multiple accounts for your favorite chat app or run multiple instances of social media accounts like Facebook, this application will let you do that. I further love that the app gives you notification control over the cloned apps. Therefore, if you want to keep an application private, you can disable notifications for that app. 

It further brings a built-in privacy locker that lets you hide the cloned apps behind a password. The application is also light on resources, so it doesn’t drain the battery as quickly as Parallel Space. Other features combine support for Google Play Services, multiple game accounts, one-tap swathing between spaces, & more. DO Multiple Accounts is good, and it’s 1 of the best Parallel Space alternatives you can use right now. 

Dual Apps

Parallel Space Alternative

Dual Apps is a famous app cloning app that you can use to manage multiple accounts on your Android device. The application promises to bring enhanced privacy and runs clone apps without leaving a trace on your primary space. You can further use it to make your space private and hidden. That suggests only you will be able to access that space. Apart from social accounts, the application also supports gaming apps’ cloning with support Play Store services. When you use this application, both the accounts will remain online all the time. You can further choose to hide notifications of the hidden applications, thus furthering your apps’ privacy. Overall, it seems like a good Parallel Space alternatives, and you should try it out. 

Clone App

Clone App is a good Parallel Space alternatives that you can use to clone apps. Apart from its primary function, the great thing regarding this app is that it doesn’t show any ads. Also, if you are using the free version, there are no ads to spoil your experience. Like Parallel Space, you can use this application to clone apps to manage multiple accounts on the same phone. I further love that it brings special support for WhatsApp and allows you to use colorful skins. 

The application supports both 32-bit and 64-bit apps, so no apps are left behind. It arrives with a built-in VPN for enhanced privacy. That being stated, the VPN is not that good. You will be better off using any 1 of the dedicated free VPN apps. Other highlights of the app include support for space themes, emoticons, and more. This is a good application for cloning your chat and social media app. Note that my experiment didn’t work well with games. 

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Final Words of Parallel Space Alternatives

Those are the 5 best Parallel Space Alternatives apps that you can use to handle multiple accounts of the same on your Android mobile phone. If you are privacy conscious, I recommend you try either Shelter or Island. Note that you will not be capable of hiding the cloned apps behind a vault if you use these applications. If you want more traits, DO Multiple Accounts and others on this listing be a good option for you. Check them out & make us know which one worked for you the best. 

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