How to Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number

Blocked your number

This article will teach you how to call someone whose phone number has been blocked. Then, if necessary, you can contact someone who has blocked your phone number. The steps for calling someone who has blocked your number using the call blocking feature on an iPhone or an Android phone are outlined below.

Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number

The call blocking feature on iPhones and Android phones helps block spammers and annoying calls. It can also be used to block people we disagree with. In addition, to avoid legal callers.

As a result, the main purpose is to assist people who have been wrongfully barred from entering the country (such as someone who owes you money). And those who need to contact someone right away for personal reasons.

Use Caution and Respect Privacy

Before you try to call someone, remember that calling someone who doesn’t want to accept your calls can be considered harassment & may result in legal action.

Even if someone on the other end is unlikely to take action, it is your social responsibility to respect privacy and not contact anyone who doesn’t wish to be contacted.

The purpose is primarily to assist people in an emergency or have compelling personal reasons to contact that person.

1. Hide Caller ID and Make A Call

If you don’t want to call from a different number, turn off the Caller ID on your phone and call the person who has blocked your number.

Your contact’s iPhone or Android phone will not detect your number if you use a Hidden Caller ID. As a result, the call will be complete.

You’ll be able to deliver your message or notify the other party that their phone number has been blocked once you’ve made contact with them.

The steps to Hide Caller ID differ depending on the type of smartphone you have.

Go to Settings> Phone> Phone > Show My Caller ID > Turn Off Show My Caller ID.

In an Android phone, go to Phone > More (or 3-dot icon) > Settings in the drop-down menu.

After that, go to More Settings >Show My Caller ID.

To exit the Caller ID Menu, click Hide Number > Cancel on the pop-up.

After you’ve hidden the Caller ID, call the person who has blocked your number, and you should be able to reach them.

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Note: If your carrier has disabled Caller ID Blocking on your Android phone, this feature will not work. In this case, you can try calling from a different phone.

2. Call From Another Number

The simplest way to contact someone is to borrow someone else’s phone and call the person who has blocked your number.

Because the new number you’re calling from will not block, the person on the other end will most likely answer your call.

It will assist you in communicating an important message or resolve any misunderstandings you may have had with them.

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