How to See Cheating Spouse’s Activity on Your Android Phone

How to See Cheating Spouses

Do you want to track your spouse’s online activities? If yes, then go ahead and read this article.

Almost every couple faces trust issues in their relations once in a while. Most of the time, it is due to their online activities. However, asking for their phone to monitor their activities will only make it worse.

Hence, you need a solution that can help you track their android phone without letting them know.

In this article, you will learn about a platform that helps you become an expert in android monitoring. You do not need to have any coding or technical knowledge to use this platform. Hence, anyone can do it without stressing over the complicated monitoring process.

Main Challenges You Face While Monitoring A Smartphone

Android OS provides complete security against unethical hacking methods. Hence, it becomes challenging to monitor an android device. Additionally, the traditional methods include some complicated steps that may not work for everyone.

Due to this, online monitoring platforms work on different technology. It can help you monitor any smartphone without even hacking it.

Let us start and discuss how to see cheating spouse’s activity on your android device.

ClickFree: A Complete Phone Monitoring Solution

ClickFree is an online phone monitoring platform. It allows users to monitor any smartphone remotely. This platform has more than a million active users.

ClickFree is the first choice of phone monitoring experts due to its easy to use design. Their website has a clean user interface that takes you through the journey of phone monitoring conveniently.

You can check your spouse’s activities by using the spying tools of this application. Hence, ClickFree acts as a company that helps you monitor any smartphone you want.

It includes Social media spy, location tracker, call logs, viewer, and many other exciting features. These features work on a single click and do not require you to follow some technical guidelines.

How Does It Work?

As we mentioned earlier, this application does not actually hack the smartphone. It works on an entirely different technology that gives you access to the device. It is based on the permissions of the android device.

You need to install a secret application in the targeted device, then you can easily monitor it through your online account. Similarly, you need to verify the iCloud credentials of your spouse’s iPhone to get its access.

The best thing about this platform is that it does not require you to root or jailbreak their device. This method works every type of device without messing with its security.

Features of ClickFree Application For Phone Monitoring

ClickFree offers some useful features for phone monitoring purposes. Some of them are:

Social Media Spy

Social Media Spy allows you to monitor all the social media accounts of the person. It includes applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook. You can access all these accounts and their conversations with a single tap.

Location Tracker

There is a location tracker feature that allows you to track the live location of the targeted device. You need to select the tracker option from the dashboard and get access to their location activity. Additionally, you can use the SIM tracker to do some advanced location tracking.

Call Logs Viewer

As the name suggests, call logs viewer allows you to check all the calls made or received from your spouse’s device. You can check the details like the call duration, favorite contacts, and other insights.


Keylogger records all the keystrokes of the targeted device. It means that all the text is recorded from their device. This way, you can check their passwords, deleted messages, and other crucial data.

Steps to Monitor A Smartphone With ClickFree

Follow these steps to monitor any smartphone remotely:

Step1: Register On ClickFree

 The first step includes registering for a free account on their platform. Click on the Clickfree option, and you will be redirected to its homepage. Click on Sign up now and create a free account. It will ask you for your email address along with a password.

After creating the account, subscribe to a paid membership to move to the next step.

Step2: Verify The Device

The next step is to verify the device that you want to monitor. It requires you to follow different methods for different Operating systems.

For Android Device: If your spouse is using an android device, then you need to install a secret application on their device. It can be downloaded from the setup wizard of your online Clickfree account. It takes a few seconds to complete the installation.

Additionally, you can hide the application logo by following the guide’s instructions.

For iPhone: If the targeted device is an iPhone, then you need to enter their iCloud credentials (refer to the above picture).

It will take a few seconds to verify the device and sync its data to your online account.

Step3: Monitor The Activities

Now login back to your online account and click on the dashboard. There you will find different tools and features that include social media spy and other monitoring tools.

For example – If you want to check their WhatsApp messages, click on the WhatsApp spy under the social media monitoring section.

It will show all their WhatsApp conversations remotely. Similarly, you can use all other features to get full monitoring control over their device.

Final Words

Phone monitoring platforms have secured a place in the market. These platforms work as a great tool to monitor any device remotely. However, things change when it comes to tracking your loved ones. Even though you want access to their device, you still want to ensure that their data is limited to your access only.

Due to this, platforms like ClickFree works as a trusted phone monitoring technology. It allows you to monitor all the activities of your loved ones without compromising their device’s security.

The website offers a simple user interface that makes it much easier to use. You can also check their live demo to know more about this application.

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