Top Free Tools To Convert JPG To PNG

Convert JPG To PNG

Have you ever used Paint to convert JPG to PNG? If yes, then you’re aware of the difficulty of using it. Therefore, how do you convert JPG to PNG? Using Paint to convert files is tedious because it requires resaving them in a different format and adding other elements. It is intimidating, and if one is not careful, it can lead to disastrous results. To save or export images to a different format, it is necessary to consider potential modifications, utility, and graphic content type. Numerous individuals convert Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPG) photocopies, angles, statues, portraits, pictures, photographs, models, icons, illustrations, reproductions, and reflections to Portable Network Graphics (PNG).

The JPG is the image format used for posting on websites and in emails because it requires the smallest bandwidth. In addition, these images are compressed, thereby sparing the audience bandwidth. PNG is the image format that contains raster or bitmapped images extracted from GIF. As a result, they can readily exhibit transparent backgrounds. We’ve compiled a list of tools to convert JPG to PNG images with a few clicks.

Top Free Tools To Convert JPG To PNG

As we curated, the best Tools to convert JPG to PNG are listed below.

1. VistaCreateConvert JPG To PNG

VistaCreate facilitates the transformation of PNG to JPG, TIFF, etc., via a simple drag-and-drop feature. In addition, it includes a variety of content-creation tools, including Square Video Post, YouTube Thumbnails, Instagram Story, Instagram Post, Video Full HD, etc. Upload the VistaCreate image converter, choose the format, click the convert button, and then download the PNG image.

2. Online-ConvertConvert JPG To PNG

Online-Convert is an online tool that can convert any image or video to other formats. It contains various tools, including online screenshot tools, compressed image files, compressed document files, converting with OCR, compressed video files, CAD converters, eBook converters, and audio converters. For example, to convert JPG to PNG with Online-Convert, users must choose the JPG file from Google Drive or Dropbox, Enter the URL, click on start, and then download the PNG format.

3. XConvertConvert JPG To PNG

XConvert is an online conversion tool for merging images to PDF, compressing images, resizing images, and compressing videos, among other tasks. It includes trim, compress, crop, word count, resize, decode, merge, encode, meme, and convert tools. Users can upload a JPG file of any quality and size from the PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox, start the conversion, and download the PNG file.

4. Soda PDFConvert JPG To PNG

Soda PDF is a ubiquitous tool primarily used for PDF conversions, document compression, document signing, etc. However, it also features a robust JPG to PNG converter. This can be accomplished with a few clicks. First, users can upload JPG images from Dropbox or Google Drive to the converter. Then, users can download the image or send it via email via a URL that will work for 24 hours after the tool has converted the image to PNG format.


JPG2PNG is a free online tool used for JPG to PNG conversion. The tool can convert images as large as 50 MB. Upload up to 20 JPG files and start the conversions. The user can then download the PNG file. It is straightforward and requires only a few clicks to convert files.

6., as its name implies, provides conversion tools for ebooks, documents, audio, video images, vector, archives, music, etc. Additionally, users can compress files, trim or crop video, and use it with other file formats. For example, to convert JPG to PNG, users must upload the JPG image from their device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a URL, then click “Convert to PNG” and download the PNG file.

7. NCH Software

NCH Software provides an extensive selection of editing tools, video tools, image converters, business tools, sound recording, webcam tools, utility software, accounting tools, video editors, etc. Users can convert RAW, PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, HEIC, etc., to any other format with an image converter. Users can choose the format, download the converter for Windows, upload their files, and let the tool do the work. After completion, users may download the PNG image format.

8. Zamzar

Zamzar, one of the most well-known online document converters, provides a variety of audio, image, document, and video conversions, among others. This well-known conversion tool converts files to various formats with just a few clicks. First, upload the file, select the format, click Convert Now, and then click the PNG format file to download it.

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The Bottom Line:

You are now conversant with the tools used to convert images from JPG to PNG while preserving their quality. As a result, it is simpler for users to convert files without altering or modifying them.

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