How to Change Text Color in Discord? Discord Text Formatting


A few years ago, the popular desktop messengers are now history; G Talk, Yahoo Messenger MSN Messenger, are all gone. That Is not to say that desktop messengers are now extinct. So, there are still plenty of messaging apps that you can use on your desktop, plus these apps have mobile counterparts that permit you to carry on a conversation from a mobile device when you leave your desktop. Well, What we have now are desktop messaging applications that are popular with certain types of users. Utilizing Markdown to format Text in Discord isn’t tricky. Let’s Start How it Works.


Discord Fonts

TheDiscord is popular in the gaming community. This is used in work-place settings as well, but its reputation pits it as the go-to messaging platform for gamers. So, That said, the messaging app doesn’t limit itself and has features that allow it to compete with other messaging apps like  Telegram, Slack, and even Skype.

This is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. There is an application for iOS and Android. The messaging app supports group messaging, audio and video calls, and introductory Text messaging. This allows users to join servers, making it popular among gamers and anyone looking for casual communities to connect with. This also has support for Markdown that will enable users to stylize Text sent over a message.

Discord Text Formatting

So, Text sent over a Discord channel can be stylized to appear bold, in italics, underlined, or struckthrough. This also supports code blocks. Well, To keep things simple, the Text is stylized using Markdown instead of giving users a formatting toolbar.

Discord Bold, Bold Italics, Underline, Italics, and Strikethrough

As well, To format text in Discord, you need to surround the reader with the right characters.

  • First, Open Discord and select a friend or a channel to send a message over.
  • Then, Please enter the message you want to join but don’t send it.
  • Next, use the table below and surround the Text with the characters needed to stylize it.
  • Click Enter.
Bold **
Italics *
Bold Italics ***
Underline __
Bold Italics Underlined __***
Strikethrough ~~
Bold, Italics, Underline, and Strikethrough __~~***


Please copy and paste the following examples in Discord to see them in action. Now, Make sure you include the special characters when copying and pasting the Text.

Italics: Use this single asterisk or a single underscore on both sides of the Text.

*This message will appear in italics*

_This message will also appear in italics_

Bold: Use these two asterisks on both sides of the Text.

**This message will appear bold in Discord**

Bold Italics: Use these three asterisks on both ends of the Text.

***This text will be bold, and in italics***

Strikethrough: Add these two tilde characters to both ends of the Text. The tilde character can generally be entered from the key directly above the Tab key on a QWERTY keyboard by holding down Shift.

~~This text will appear struckthrough~~

Underline: Use these two underscores on both ends of the Text.

__This text will be underlined__

Bold, Italics, and Underline: Use these two underscores and three asterisks on both ends of the Text to apply all three styles.

__***This text will be bold, in italics, and it will be underlined***__

Bold, Italics, Underline, and Strikethrough: Use these two underscores, two tildes, and three asterisks around the Text to apply all four styles.

__~~***This text will be bold, in italics, underlined, and struckthrough***~~__



Well, To send a code block over Discord, you need to use the backtick character. So, This character is entered from the key above the Tab key on a standard QWERTY keyboard.

  1. First, For a single line of code, use one backtick on both ends of the code.
  2. Then, For code blocks with multiple code lines, use three backticks on both ends of code.

Multiple lines of code

echo "Stay Home"```

The single line of Code



Colored Text

You can apply color to the sent Text, but it’s slightly more complicated to add color to do since the colors all used to be different commands that you will have to remember. Here, The syntax will be the same in most cases.

  • Start, Open Discord, and click inside the text input field for a friend or channel.
  • Then, Add three backticks at the very start of your message.
  • Next, use the table below to pick the command for the color you want to use, and add it after the three backticks.
  • Here, Enter the message you want to send and use the correct text marker (see table).
  • Now, Add three backticks to the end of the message.
  • Lastly, Send the message.
  • Color Command Text marker
    Blue ini Enclose text in square brackets []
    Cyan json Enclose text in double quote marks “”
    Lime green diff Add a plus + at the start of text
    Orange css Enclose text in square brackets []
    Red diff Add a hyphen – at the start of text
    Yellow fix None


Lime Green

+This text will be lime green


[This text will be orange]


-This text will be red


This text will be yellow


[This text will be blue]


"This text will be cyan"


Highlight text

This To highlight Text sent over Discord;

  1. Open Discord & click inside a text input field.
  2. Enter three backticks & add Text after it.
  3. Go to the next line, & add a dollar sign.
  4. Now Enter your message after the dollar sign.
  5.  Go to the next line, & add three backticks.
  6. Click Enter to send the message.



$This will be highlighted

Also, Check :

Final Words :

Utilizing Markdown to format Text in Discord isn’t tricky. So, You might need to reference the syntax when you first start formatting it, but you’ll learn it quickly. The coloring text is a bit more misleading since each color has a different command and marker. However, many users prefer this method for formatting text instead of utilizing regular buttons that you’ll find in more sophisticated text input fields. Well, Outside the colors listed in this post, Discord does not support any other colors.

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