How To Download Instagram Reels Or Videos To Watch Offline?

Download Instagram Reels

During the pandemic, Instagram added the Reels feature to its app, which included short video content. Many influencers found it handy for generating quick and compelling content, and Instagram’s algorithm favors companies and creators that make the most of this feature. Because making content takes a long time and is rather tiresome, creators often need to distribute their reels over many platforms to increase reach. As a result, the Reels are better positioned to reach a larger audience. Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature for downloading Reels, but you can still acquire them via other apps that allow you to download Reels with their original sound. When you download Reels from Instagram, they frequently do not have the original sound. So, this article will show you how to download Instagram Reels with sound for iPhone, Android, and desktop.

What Is An Instagram Reel?

Instagram Reels, an alternative to TikTok videos, enable users to create a 90-second clip with various sounds. It may be shared with their Instagram Stories and Explore Feed (display recommended posts) on the user’s account. The feature is accessible in more than 200 countries, including India and the United States. The Reel Feed is similar to the TikTok feed, but significantly tweaked. The Reels feed will display reels from all the notable Instagram accounts currently trending. The reels are also accessible on the explore page, along with a few static postings. The Instagram Algorithm requires abilities to ensure your Instagram videos reach many people. It refers to the type of content you provide for your intended audience. However, the Instagram Algorithm is significantly different, as preferences are provided based on content published, accounts you follow, and with whom you interact.

How To Download Instagram Reels Within App?

Instead of downloading the Instagram Reel, save it for later in your Instagram app to prevent taking up unnecessary space on your device. While downloading Reels straight from the Instagram app without the assistance of a third-party app is not feasible, you may save the Reel for future reference. Following these steps, you may add Instagram Reels to your saved Collection, allowing you to make a folder to save key Reels for later reference.

  • On your device, launch the Instagram App.
  • Open the Reel you want to save right now.
  • In the right corner of the screen, you will find three dots.
  • Tap Save to find the Category/folder on Instagram.
  • If you desire to access the saved Reel via Instagram, Visit your profile page and tap the three lines.
  • You may find the “Saved” option in the top right corner of your screen.
  • In the Saved Folder, you will see three tabs at the top of your screen. Now you can view the Static posts and reels that you saved.
  • Tap the reels category to find the reels and videos you saved.

How To Download Instagram Reels On iPhone?

Easy methods to download Instagram reels with sound and share them on your iPhone are listed below.

Download Instagram Reels Using App

Instagram just added a feature that allows you to download reels from other public accounts to your iPhone. The procedure is easy.

  • Click “Add to Story” after tapping the Paper Plane symbol.

Download Instagram Reels

  • On your Instagram story, click the three horizontal dots option in the top-right corner and click “Save.”

Download Instagram Reels

  • The Reel you post to your story will be downloaded to your iPhone.

Note: While this will not download the Reel itself, it will download the story that includes the uploaded Reel. Continue reading this article to download the Reel.

Download Instagram Reels Via Screen Recording

If you stumble across a video on your Instagram feed, you may save it by recording your screen.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Operate the Control Centre.
  • Add the Screen Recording option to your iPhone’s integrated controls.
  • From the Control Center, it is easy to make a screen recording.

Now that you have the Reel screen recording, it’s time to save the Reel to your iPhone.

  • Install the Instagram App.
  • Play the video or reel you want to record.
  • Swipe down from the Control Center and tap the screen recording button.
  • The iPhone’s screen recording tap also captures the video’s sound.
  • Your iPhone has been downloaded with high-quality video and sound.

Download Instagram Reels

Download Instagram Reels Using Third-Party Apps

Although Reel Recording apps allow you to record a screen with sound, using third-party apps is the best way to download and save a Reel to your device with sound and video quality. Apps like InstDown and InSaver are popular and can be used to download Instagram reels.

How To Download Instagram Reels On Android?

There are many methods to download Instagram Reels on Android, including apps, screen recording, and others. Downloading Reels on Android is quite easy.

Download Instagram Reels Using App

  • Choose which Reel you want to download. Next, click the Paper aircraft symbol and tap “Add to Story.”
  • Click the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner and choose “Save.”
  • The selected Reel will now be downloaded and saved on your device.

Download Instagram Reels Via Screen Recording

Following these procedures will let you capture your screen and save the desired Reel for future use.

  • Swipe down your screen to see the Screen Recorder option, which is most likely in the tap above the notification bar.
  • Tap the Record Screen option after selecting the Reel you wish to record.
  • The Reel will be recorded and saved.

Download Instagram Reels Using Third-Party Apps

Like iOS, even Android devices give access to various apps that may help download and save the Reel to your device, saving time and duties from cutting the video via screen recording. InstDown, InSaver, and Video Downloader for Instagram are the most popular apps you can use to download reels. Aside from these, several more apps are available to help you download Instagram reels on your Android.

  • All you have to do with these apps is open the Reel and copy the link to the Reel you wish to download.
  • Launch the third-party app and paste the link into it.
  • Then, click Download, and the Reel will be saved to your camera roll.

Best Online Instagram Reel Downloaders

The best online Instagram reel downloader is easy to use, dependable, and has a variety of functions. Here are some of the most popular and well-reviewed online Instagram reel downloaders.

  • SaveInsta.
  • FastDl.
  • IGDownloader.

These downloaders all operate similarly. Copy and/or paste the URL for the Instagram reel you want to download into the downloader’s input area. Then, click the download button, and the downloader will save the Reel to your device.


Here are some typical questions people have regarding downloading Instagram Reels or videos for offline watching. Did we miss one? Please leave a question here, and we will answer!

When Were Instagram Reels Introduced?

On August 5, 2020, Instagram released Reels as a feature. Like the famous platform TikTok, Reels allows users to create and share short video content.

Why Has Instagram Launched Reels?

Instagram introduced Reels as a platform for users to create and share short, entertaining video content inside the app. This decision was most likely due to the rising popularity of short-form video content on other platforms, such as TikTok.

What’s A Reel Video On Instagram?

Reel videos on Instagram are short, compelling video snippets that may last up to 60 seconds. They are generally accompanied by music or other sounds, enabling users to create and share entertaining, creative content.

How Long Is A Reel?

A regular Instagram Reel may last up to 60 seconds, making it a short yet entertaining format for posting videos on the platform.

Can A Reel Be A Story?

Yes, an Instagram reel may be considered a type of story. Reels are short video clips that you may create and share on your Instagram profile. They frequently tell a small story or express a message in a short amount of time, similar to Instagram Stories.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Reels?

No, you cannot see who has viewed your clips on Instagram. This differs from Instagram Stories, which allows you to see a list of everyone who has viewed your story.

How Much Do Reels Pay For 1M Views?

It is tough to tell how much Instagram spends for one million views on Reels. Influencers claim to receive between $0.01 and $0.02 per 1 million views. An influencer might earn $10,000 to $20,000 for every million Instagram views.

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The Bottom Line:

Instagram reels are becoming more popular among users and reaching a larger audience. So, if you want to save these reels for inspiration, future reference, or other uses, there are various methods to download Instagram Reels on your device. The article above outlines all the steps and tracks you can use to download Instagram reels on an Android, iPhone, or desktop. So, use one of the abovementioned techniques to download Instagram reels to your mobile device.

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