Fixed Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed Error

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an role-playing action game developed by FromSoftware and published in February 2022 by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is compatible with all major platforms and consists of Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.
In the meanwhile, the error “Network status check failed” occurs for a large number of players on the majority of platforms. Follow this instruction if you get the Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed error.

Here are several potential workarounds that should be able to assist you. It isn’t enjoyable when it shows anytime a gamer launches a game. Bandai Namco Entertainment has formally recognized several faults or difficulties to players via a Twitter post. However, it appears there is currently no mention of the network status check failed error. We expect developers to be aware of it.

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Error Correction: Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed

As the error message implies, it is a networking connectivity issue and nothing else, which might have occurred for various reasons. Therefore, consider the potential workarounds listed below.

1. Verify the Internet Connection

It is essential to ensure that your internet connection is quicker and more consistent. You may quickly download more game components and connect to the server. Occasionally, weak or inconsistent Internet connection problems might lead to disagreements.

2. Stop Downloads and Uploads in the Background

Additionally, it would be best if you halted any background downloads and uploads that might disrupt the game’s connection of Elden Ring to the servers. Therefore, a bandwidth-hogging or lagging application must be upgraded.

3. Attempt to Use a Wired Connection

We recommend you use a connected Internet connection rather than Wi-Fi for more excellent reliability. A wired connection is more reliable and advantageous for streaming video or playing online Game . If you are already utilizing a wired Ethernet Internet connection, you may also attempt a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection.

4. Check the Status of the Server

Occasionally, faults on the game server or with the developer might result in several disputes and connectivity troubles. Check the official @ELDENRING Twitter account for real-time information of game Elden Ring in the event of any downtime or service interruption. In addition, you will be able to receive reports from other players.

5. Examine the Game Updates

You appear to encounter Elden Ring game issues when attempting to access it. Check for Elden Ring game updates since an out-of-date game version may create various problems. Depending on your gaming device, you may need to check for and apply the newest patch version (if available). We anticipate the developers will provide a patch fix shortly.

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That’s all, fellas. We hope you found this guide to be helpful in fixing Elden Ring game error issues. For more questions, please leave a comment below.

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