Top Email Subject Line Tester Options You Can Try

Email Subject Line Tester

Email Subject Line Tester: A lot of work goes into creating the ideal newsletter. You spend much time crafting the perfect email copy, embedding the appropriate links, designing it correctly, and strategically positioning your call-to-action to encourage your subscribers to act. It could all go down the drain if the email is not even opened. According to research, 33% of email recipients open an email based on its subject line. 69% of respondents admitted that they would report an email as spam based merely on the subject line. Consequently, you must include well-considered subject lines in all of your emails. Glitter Guide’s newsletters are a wonderful example of memorable subject lines. The company sends its subscribers’ lifestyle-related newsletters.

Given a new trend to discuss daily, Glitter Guide recognizes the need for newness in all related content. It integrates the newsletter headlines with the latest news to ensure that its readers find the newsletter relevant and clickable. Likewise, you must thoroughly research your audience and test what works for them. However, most inboxes where your newsletter will arrive are already inundated with emails, which is a universal truth. Therefore, you must ensure that your headline stands out.

A good subject line includes numbers or data, an original justification, attention-grabbing information, and a promise. You must balance creativity and consumer knowledge to create a headline for your newsletter that will grab readers’ attention. If all of this sounds like excessive work, technology has you covered. Email subject line testers are tools with various features and advanced technology that enable you to compose the best headlines rapidly. These tools evaluate multiple aspects of a headline’s impact on the audience. They gauge the length of emotive words, avoid words that activate spam filters, and recommend the ideal headline length. TechPocket investigates extraordinary tools.

Top Email Subject Line Tester Options You Can Try

As we curated, the best Email Subject Line Tester options are listed below.

1. Mailshake

Mailshake is the most user-friendly platform for headline analysis. Its free tool analyzes your words for readability and spam. The email analyzer evaluates the message’s length, keywords that activate spam filters, and any embedded links. By “copy,” we refer to both the subject line and the substance of the email. It provides specific recommendations to improve the readability and deliverability of your copy. Mailshake suggests composing subject lines with 30 or fewer personalized characters to accomplish an above-average open rate. Even the email headline should convey a sense of urgency, but clickbait should be avoided. Well, according to its evaluation, if the email copy complements your headline, it increases the impact of your headline. Mailshake is a favorite among entrepreneurs, marketers, and salesmen who send custom cold emails in mass, and it is the best tool for writing captivating headlines with fast guidance.

2. Omnisend

The tool Omnisend provides a percentage score (based on data) for your newsletter’s headline. The tool evaluates your copy, generates a score, and makes suggestions for enhancements. Below is an examination of the subject string “Recipe blog update: revenue up 45% from last year.” The headline length, broken down by the number of words and characters, is displayed by Omnisend Headline Analyzer. It offers suggestions for secure words to use instead of spam-triggering terms. In addition, it checks the use of numerals and capitalization. It is a comparatively exhaustive tool, similar to Omnisend because you can check a preview of your newsletter subject line on mobile devices and desktops.

3. Send Check It

Send Check It offers a comprehensive email subject testing tool. It compares the headline of your newsletter to more than one hundred thousand marketing emails. The tool’s calculated scores are based on this comparison. It provides a result that has been demonstrated to work. In addition to the score, it provides advice on how to improve your subject line. On 16 parameters, it rates your subject line. Send Check It performs checks on the headline for length and readability. In your target audience’s inbox, the tool also offers a preview of the email. It includes how the email’s sender and headline may appear in mobile and desktop views. You can also conduct a comprehensive sentiment analysis of the subject line of your newsletter.

This tool helps you determine the emotion (positive, negative, or neutral) your subject line will elicit in your audience. The tool conducts a comprehensive check, which includes scanning for words that spam filters may flag. For example, it checks for a false “RE:” or “FWD:” at the beginning of your subject line, which may momentarily increase your open rates. In addition to reviewing reading grade level, the tool also examines the correct use of punctuation, capitalization, and emojis. Among other things, the tool helps you personalize the newsletter’s content to increase open rates.

4. CoSchedule

This content marketing software solution is also well-known for its email subject line tester. The tool focuses primarily on creating more engaging and effective subject lines. CoSchedule evaluates the subject line of your email based on words that increase the email’s open rates. It specifically encourages the usage of positive words, which can be selected readily from its Word Bank. The CoSchedule email headline analyzer recommends eliminating negative terms. The tool also provides feedback on which case works best for newsletter subject lines. In addition, you can obtain additional pertinent information such as word count, character count, and emoji count. The CoSchedule email subject line analyzer also shows how the subject line will appear on desktop and mobile. Is it not amazing?

5. Mizy

Automizy created Mizy to make content creation simpler. It is an AI-powered bot that helps you compose the ideal subject line for your email newsletter. The tool ranks headlines by comparing them to current campaigns. Well, it compares the performance of these campaigns and recommends clickable subject lines to improve the open rates of your newsletter. Mizy uses Deep Learning to assist you in writing better newsletter headlines. It analyzes open and click-through rates by accessing a database of emails. The insights make Mizy, an AI-powered company, designate campaigns as performing or underperforming. The bot generates a performance-based, 100-point rating for your headline. Additionally, it offers tips on how to improve your copy. The only downside is that Mizy is still in beta, so you may encounter errors and other issues while using the bot. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing email prototype with many potentials that generate subject lines as if you authored them.

6. SubjectLine

The simplest subject line tester is available; this free tool comprehensively evaluates your email headline. Analyzing any subject line on marketing and line parameters is beneficial, but do not expect your subject lines to be dissected in the possibility of other testers. It analyzes your subject line for filtering and delivery issues. After the tool undergoes rigorous screening, you receive an aggregate evaluation for your subject line. Your headline is analyzed and evaluated based on 800 unique principles. It enables you to determine where and how to improve the email headline. The evaluation is based on the performance of sent and monitored by email messages over time.

7. Zurb

Zurb, a design and branding solutions provider, offers a tool called Test Subject for evaluating the appearance of headlines on mobile devices. With the exponential rise in digital adoption, most people access emails via mobile devices, and this number will only increase. Zurb observed that the email subjects and previews are truncated on these devices. A poor presentation of headlines may discourage your reader. Your efforts may go down the drain if you use complete sentences and appropriate language. Test Subject is a tool that will assist you in addressing these issues. It ensures that the latest smartphone displays are interoperable with your email headlines. The tool is simple to use and helps you create mobile-compatible headlines for your newsletter. The headline, sender name, and preheader text are all previews that Test Subject offers. This preview helps you ensure that your newsletter’s subject line appears correctly in your readers’ inbox.

8. Is Not Spam

This Email Subject Line Tester Tool helps you avoid trigger words in your email headline. It prevents your emails from being marked as spam by spam filters. The free tool offers a comprehensive report on spam by putting your copy through five tests. The tests include DKIM Check, SPF Check, Sender-ID Check, DomainKeys Check, and SpamAssassin Check. It identifies words or phrases in your email’s subject line and body that are considered spam. In its detailed report, Is Not Spam identifies spam-related issues and suggests solutions. In addition, the email headline copy analyzer checks your email body to ensure it is spam-free.

Ready To Work On Your Email Subject Lines?

You can improve your CTR and create the best headlines for your newsletter with the abovementioned tools. Some even provide in-depth analysis to help you compare your newsletter to other successful campaigns. Nonetheless, it is prudent to test what works for your audience. You can choose from various tools that can help you increase email open rates.

But more importantly, you must invest in composing compelling headlines because they increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your email by capturing the attention of your subscribers. They assist you in achieving the desired results with your newsletters, such as increased website traffic, landing page views, and signups.

Tips To Remember To Write Converting Email Headlines

As a result, now that you understand the significance of a perfect email subject line and how essential it is to achieve a higher open rate, let’s examine how you can create one rapidly.

Include An Actual Person’s Name In The Subject Line

It makes the email content instantaneously more personalized. You do not want your subscribers to believe they receive emails from a bot. After all, a person is responsible for sending out those newsletters. As Licious did in an email to me, a subscriber, maintain this informal connection by including the recipient’s name in the headline.

Use Power Words

Absolutely! Words such as “inspire,” “only for you,” and “faster” are effective because they immediately capture the email recipient’s attention and create a sense of urgency. Using potent words in an email depends on its context. If you can dispense with email subject lines, keep them brief and uncomplicated. Alternatively, use the high-conversion words shown below.

Test Your Subject Lines Before Sending

Use any of the previously mentioned tools to optimize the conversion rate of your email subject lines. Some of your email subject lines may be correct, but you may also make mistakes from time to time. These testers will ensure that only high-quality subject lines are used in your email newsletters.

A/B Test Your Subject Lines While Sending

You could generate a thousand email subject lines, but to ensure that your subscribers will open them, you must A/B test them. ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, and MailChimp are email service providers that can direct you through the split testing procedure.

Don’t Forget About Emojis

Research indicates that 92% of online consumers use emojis daily. This is hardly startling because over 10 billion emojis are sent daily. Therefore, why not use them sparingly in your email subject lines? Copy and paste pertinent emojis from websites such as into your content. The number of emojis used should be reasonable. Consider them garnish, and include them only when they make sense or enhance your message. The objective is to be noticed, not to confuse your email recipients.

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Regardless of your industry, composing effective email subject lines is essential. Tools are available to help you sort out and significantly improve your open rates. Your email subject lines can potentially increase user engagement and shareability rates — bet on them and put in a lot of work on them.

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