Best 13 Employee Communication Platform Options

Employee Communication Platform

Employee Communication Platform Options: The internal communication process is one of the most difficult aspects of any organization to improve. Information is the lifeblood of any organization, and an inefficient communication system can impede the passage of information between employees. As a result, it causes confusion, disrupts the workflow, and diminishes the workforce’s productivity. The pandemic made us recognize how crucial it is to cultivate communication and engagement among employees in the new world. Thankfully, many employee engagement platforms on the market can effectively manage the complexities and obstacles that impede remote workforce communication and engagement. Let’s gather more information about them.

What’s Employee Communication Platform?

Using a separate tool to access various categories of information can be overwhelming for employees in a remote work environment. Employee communication platforms are, thankfully, here to save the day! By deploying these platforms, organizations enhance communication and enable employees to connect, communicate, and engage with one another. These platforms enhance two-way communication by fostering interactivity and collaboration, thereby enhancing the performance of employees. Unlike an email or instant messaging tool, a robust Internal communication platform ensures a constant flow of information in real-time. Users can converse, communicate via video or audio, and securely exchange files and documents. A decent employee communication platform includes several features that greatly simplify internal communication. Let’s take a peek.

What To Look For In Employee Communication Platform?

Consider the following factors before selecting an employee communication platform for your enterprise.

Instant Messaging

The ability to chat enables the workforce to connect and address common issues right away.

Workflow Management

Real-time interaction reduces uncertainty in operations, thereby increasing productivity.

Content Sharing

Use news feeds and email newsletters to distribute company announcements and files.

Third-party Integrations

Integrating third-party software, such as payroll or cloud storage, offers team members convenience.

Trial Plan

Check if the platform offers a trial plan so that you can evaluate the features they claim to offer.

Let’s examine the employee communication platforms you can rely on to improve organization-wide communication.

Best Employee Communication Platform Options

As we curated, the best Employee Communication Platform options are listed below.

1. SnapComms

Employee Communication Platform

SnapComms is the only global employee communication platform with end-to-end critical event management features. The dynamic and visual tools of the software ensure 100% message readability on desktop, mobile, and any other digital display. In addition, the software offers configurable features to ensure that employees working in the office or remotely receive your message at the appropriate time. By offering a variety of methods to inform and engage employees, reduce email congestion, and reduce workplace noise, SnapComms aids in enhancing internal communications. The alerts, tickers, screensavers, and interactive surveys keep your employees informed, entertained, and engaged.

2. Staffbase

Employee Communication Platform

Staffbase is a robust multi-channel employee communication platform that offers everything from an intranet and email newsletter to a newsfeed to facilitate planning, communicating, and maximizing engagement among internal team members.

3. HubEngage

Employee Communication Platform

HubEngage offers an intuitive employee experience platform for organizations to engage and communicate with their employees. The platform has comprehensive communication features that work in tandem with tools for in-depth segmentation and analytics. HubEngage uses iOS and Android apps, desktop intranets, emails, and digital displays to deploy a multi-channel strategy within the organization, allowing instantaneous communication with any team member. In addition, HubEngage is a comprehensive online Employee Communication system with potent features such as Chat / Messaging, Employee Directory, Knowledge Management, Surveys & Feedback, and other tools.

4. WorkVivo

WorkVivo is a new participant in the field of employee communication with a mission to transform the experience of workplace communication by bringing remote teams together and keeping them informed, engaged, and connected. Offering more than traditional communication tools, it aims to foster a meaningful and natural bond between team members. The presence of an intranet, communication tools, and mobile app in a single bundle enables companies to provide employees with freedom and flexibility while keeping tabs on them. In addition, the platform features a UX for social networks that is readily adaptable by users.

5. TalkFreely

TalkFreely is a flexible and simple to deploy employee communication platform that fosters a positive work culture in your organization. Large enterprise businesses can communicate with employees in large groups and provide customized content. Additionally, uploading videos, images, and other media to increase user engagement is possible.

6. Happeo

Happeo offers an intranet to enhance the quality of internal company communication. The software integrates with the G suite, enabling users to access content management features and employee engagement analytics. After deployment, Happeo offers an intranet, collaborative tools, and social networking features in a single product. It is also possible to customize the platform’s appearance and language to reflect your brand’s identity and correlate with your company’s culture. Happeo can also be accessed via a mobile app on both iOS and Android.

7. OakEngage

OakEngage is a sophisticated, all-inclusive intranet service enabling businesses to connect with their employees and coworkers. Most traditional intranets could be more complex or deliver a better user experience. Fortunately, Oak Engage facilitates simple collaboration and content sharing by eradicating the complexities of communicating strategic, tactical, and crisis-related communications to boost productivity. In addition, this platform is user-friendly and highly intuitive, and its exhaustive set of tools enables organizations to make better, more informed decisions on the go or in their cubicle.

8. BeeKeeper

BeeKeeper is a communication platform designed particularly for frontline employees that consolidates all engagement and communication tools in a single location. It instills a sense of participation in the frontline workforce, enhancing engagement, productivity, and workplace safety. BeeKeeper’s immediate messaging channels and campaign tools enable businesses to unite all employees across all departments.

9. LumApps

It is a full-fledged employee experience platform with over 7 million users worldwide that connects employees to tools, people, and information, enhancing their productivity and performance. LumApps caters to the unique requirements of every employee and can be accessed in any language or device. As a result, LumApps is the optimal solution for medium to large enterprises struggling to scale or transform their workforce digitally.

10. Unily

Unily is the following platform on this list, empowering businesses to deliver better communication opportunities to achieve better communication and engagement. As a cloud-based communication platform, it delivers comprehensive digital experiences by bringing together people and tools. Unily can quickly deploy as an intranet, communication platform, or any other type of portal, delivering commendable user experiences across all devices. In addition, Unily offers a content management system with elements that can be dragged and dropped, 1:1 translations, device and user segmentation, and additional features. This is supplemented by social media-specific features such as segmented conversations and private channels.

11. Haiilo

Haiilo is a prominent employee engagement and advocacy platform that provides insights about the effects of your enterprise and enables employers to communicate with, engage, and comprehend their employees. This platform comprises four modules that work together to improve your organization’s communication quality and brand value.

12. Simpplr

Using the Live EX feature, Simpplr enables enterprises to connect, communicate, and interact with their employees more effectively. In addition, it enables the administration to access meaningful insights regarding employee alignment and sentiment in real-time. As a result, Simpplr assists its clients in achieving measurable productivity gains, increased employee engagement, and accelerated business performance.

13. PeopleOne

PeopleOne is a revolutionary intranet solution that helps organizations bring vitality to their remote office workspace culture. Designed to work with Microsoft SharePoint, it offers a high level of security and enables team members within an organization to communicate, collaborate, and connect more effectively. PeopleOne is an excellent option for organizations seeking a unified communication and engagement platform to facilitate communication, collaboration, and engagement from anywhere.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Communication is the driving force behind an organization’s success and expansion, particularly in the post-pandemic era. You can deploy any dependable employee communication platforms outlined above to improve communication and engagement between decentralized and remote workers in your organization.

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