Top Facebook Ads Spy Tools You Can Try

Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Using these Facebook ads spy tools, you can learn the ad social media strategies your competitors employ on Facebook and the key to their success in conducting social media ads. When entering any digital business that relies on social media ads, such as affiliate marketing, social media influencer, etc., you must study your competitors’ strategies. It is unlikely that the most successful influencers and affiliate marketers will freely reveal their success formula.

Some website journals and YouTube vlogs may teach you bits and data, but more is needed to survive in this competitive market. As a result, you must find methods to identify the advertising and promotion strategies and tactics that your rivals are employing. Using one of the best Facebook ads spy tools described below is a reliable method.

What’s A Facebook Ads Spy Tool?

Facebook Ads Spy tools are primarily web-based software that allows you to monitor valuable data that helps you create ads for your marketing campaign. In addition to SEO-optimized posts and customer engagements, digital brands primarily promote their brands, products, and services via social media ads. Using Facebook Ads for online advertising is one of the most popular and well-developed social media ecosystems.

Now, when you use an ads spy tool to specifically track ad data such as creative content, target audience, keywords, etc., used by your competitor in a successful ad campaign, you are using a Facebook ads spy tool. These tools typically provide the following information about the Facebook Ads platform visually appealingly.

  • Facebook Ads creatives created and published by the digital business of your competitor.
  • How the adversary positions their Facebook ads to increase their return on investment (ROI).
  • Position your ad social media campaigns to outperform your rivals.

Why Do You Require A Facebook Ads Spy Tool?

The term “ads” refers to collecting and analyzing data. You need one to gather data on how your rivals market their products on social media platforms such as Facebook. Below are the justifications for using a Facebook Ads Spy tool.

  • Obtain access to various Facebook Ads data regarding your competitors’ businesses.
  • Create a cost-effective integrated social media strategy by importing data from a reliable Facebook ads spy tool.
  • Develop a more inventive strategy than your rivals.
  • Upgrade the current digital media strategy to a superior one.
  • If some advertising campaigns become stagnant, they should be brought into the mainstream.

In summary, you need one of these tools to strategically plan social media advertising campaigns and ultimately increase the business’s revenue through direct conversion.

How Does A Facebook Ads Spy Tool Help You With Competition?

Different Facebook Ad Spy tools function differently, but the goal remains constant. They allow you to see the Facebook and other social media ads that your competitors’ business houses, affiliate marketers, and social media influencers are running. One group of Ad spy tools resembles a database of ads. They are the equivalent of a Google search for online ads posted by diverse industries, businesses, brands, and marketing agencies.

In social media advertising databases, there are numerous filtering options. For instance, the primary text search could provide search options for Ad Text, Comments, Advertiser, URL, and Landing page URL. Then, you can select additional search filters to narrow the search results to the highest quality. These additional search filters are outlined in the following section. However, there may be more or fewer options depending on the tools you employ.

  • Audience demographics such as country, age, and gender.
  • Total and daily comments.
  • Daily and cumulative likes.
  • Technology.
  • Associate ID.
  • Networks, Labels, Seen After, etc.
  • Media format.

After inputting the above data, the Facebook ads spy tool will select the appropriate ad from millions of ads. The system will then analyze it from multiple perspectives, including audience targeting, positioning, ad copy, creatives, etc. The tool will then provide raw data and suggestions for creating and positioning your own Facebook Ads campaigns. Find below the broad components of ad spying tools that enable you to outpace rivals.

  • Determine a social traffic group that clicks social media ads and purchases products and services.
  • Rivals’ sales pages, landing pages, call-to-action (CTA) icons, etc.
  • Determine what should be kept long-term and what should be abandoned.
  • Discover ads that generate the most global conversions.
  • Improve your bidding technique.
  • Increase conversion cost (CPC).

Now that you understand the what, why, and how of Facebook ads spy tools, you can find some reputable and effective ones listed below.

Top Facebook Ads Spy Tools You Can Try

As we curated, the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools are listed below.

1. Anstrex

Anstrex is a remarkable software for revealing your competitors’ campaign secrets. It lets you spy on ad campaigns created by others and allows you to create successful campaigns based on those. Therefore, it spares you valuable working hours you would have otherwise spent conducting an investigation. It provides the most accurate data from all main countries using residential proxies of the highest quality. The data is also available in a simple format for anyone to comprehend.

Ad duplicates can be filtered by category, country, ad network, device, surveillance tools, and affiliate network. You can sort the ads by using parameters such as prominence, duration, and date. Additionally, you can search using keywords for more specific targeting. Additionally, sophisticated users can combine multiple search and filtering criteria using boolean operators. Using the generated data, you can determine how to target your campaign accurately. This market-leading software helps you find all the relevant ads & landing pages for any campaign.

2. AdFlex

With AdFlex, you can spy on successful Facebook Ads campaigns to make more informed business decisions for your company. It lets you earn more money and spares your valuable time and energy. Marketers can use this software to obtain ideas and strategies from successful Facebook advertising campaigns. It lets you hasten up ad publishing with pre-approved and best-selling ad copies. You can select compelling CTAs from these ads to generate more leads and conversions.

This app’s precise data will also enable you to select the optimal location. AdFlex also includes a region filter option that can be used to search for ads based on location. It’s important to remember that you can go right with all of these options. In addition, it can reveal the marketing tools that your competitors employ. You can learn about your rivals’ methods; you will know what needs to be added to your campaign strategy.

3. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is a game-changer in native ad intelligence because it helps you monitor your rivals’ most lucrative campaigns on native traffic sources. You can make more informed marketing decisions as you obtain the most exhaustive data regarding the most successful ads. It provides campaign analysis in 32+ countries, including all main ones. Additionally, this app supports campaigns for all prominent platforms and devices, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android (phones and tablets). Downloading the data is also straightforward; download the landing pages from the tool’s interface.

4. BigSpy

BigSpy is a cloud-based Google and social media ad spy tool that helps businesses, agencies, and individuals investigate advertising strategies. In addition, it enables you to monitor advertising trends to enhance your marketing campaigns. In addition, it enables you to access an extensive database of Facebook ads from global markets. Additionally, the search tools include sophisticated sorting and filtering options. Using BigSpy, you can generate creative ideas from numerous platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Admob, and Pinterest. The web app enables marketers to investigate the most recent and viral ads others monitor.

5. AdSpy

The term “advertiser” refers to a company that provides advertising and marketing services. Its search engine features cutting-edge search capabilities and an unmatched variety of ad data. “advanced” refers to a term used to describe a product or service. For instance, you can create a search query that includes keywords, ad text, advertiser brand name, form of media employed, target audience, country, daily likes, daily comments, total likes, total comments, last ad viewed, etc.

6. Unicorn Ads

Are you a member of the eCommerce industry and interested in discovering the secret to a successful Facebook advertising campaign? Use Unicorn Ads to view online ads from the top 100 Shopify stores in the world. The platform provides easy access to more than 50,000 Facebook and Instagram ads. To do so, you can filter the niche to find the leading competitors in the industry. Then, click on the company’s card to view their Facebook ads. You can draw inspiration from these ads and create your advertising copy. You can also upvote the companies that create spectacular and effective advertising campaigns if you so choose. Thus, others can find the top Facebook ad creators with ease.

7. AdSpyder

AdSpyder is the end of your search for a potent Facebook Ads spy tool. With this software, you can analyze your competitors’ Facebook advertising campaigns in-depth. In any niche domain or market, you can also gain insight into the brand positioning of your rivals. Below is the matrix AdSpyder employs to help you uncover Facebook Ad campaign secrets from your rivals and dominate their Facebook Ads.

  • Its Facebook ads spy tool can search nearly every ad creative on Facebook’s global platforms.
  • Determine which call-to-action (CTA) icons receive the most interactions and conversions.
  • Discover the successful ad campaigns of your rivals and their engagement metrics.
  • Intelligent recommendations regarding ad creatives and ad copy.
  • It helps you create ad copies with direct messaging that sell more.

8. SocialPeta

You require a new perspective if you consistently observe that your Facebook Ads campaigns are not delivering the expected ROI. SocialPeta can provide you with this perspective by spying on your competitors’ ads and recommending ad positioning, ad creatives, ad copies, and more. It provides one of the best and most comprehensive spying tools for discovering ad data from rival businesses and gaining insights from the leading social networks, app advertisers, content publishers, and eCommerce advertisers. Its primary characteristics are outlined below.

  • Create and optimize the user acquisition plan for your brand or, if you are an agency, for other clients.
  • Examine creatives and ad copy that sell well and entice visitors to the payment page.
  • Obtain high-quality data on market dynamics and advertising strategies from multiple databases.
  • Its database contains 1,2 billion creative materials, ads from 70 prominent social networks, and advertisers from 69 countries.

9. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy employs thousands of data points and online sources to capture Facebook Ads and other social media ads. The extensive source of social media ad sources ensures that the developer of the tool can collect the Facebook ad structure you desire from the Facebook marketing ecosystem. The tool retrieves its data from a centralized PowerAdSpy server for data processing. This server accumulates, analyzes, visualizes, and stores Facebook advertising campaign data for usage on demand. When researching a competitor’s ad data, provide examples and the following data points.

  • Directly authorized data insights from Facebook Ads advertisers.
  • Collect and analyze voluminous amounts of data from Facebook advertisers and agencies worldwide.
  • It also collects Facebook Ads data intelligence from its global third-party partners.
  • Provides objective ad intelligence from rivals in your business domain.

Consider The Following:


You are now aware of the most popular Facebook Ads Copy tools in the pay-per-click (PPC) and social media ads campaign space. You can experiment with any or all of those mentioned above and determine which best suits your digital brand or business.

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