How To Find Someone Birthday Online? 6 Ways

Find Someone Birthday

No one desires to strain a personal or professional relationship. Sending birthday greetings on time is the best way to maintain a strong relationship. Additionally, you can extend congratulations to your loved ones on various occasions besides birthdays. To wish someone a happy birthday, we’ll discuss how to find someone’s birthday online in this article.

Why Find Someone Birthday Online?

Searching for someone’s birthday online may be motivated by various factors. Perhaps you overlooked your close friend’s birthday, or perhaps that person has chosen to conceal it from their social media accounts. If you are concerned about the possibility of neglecting the birthday of a loved one, you can always use online tools. Find someone’s birthday and send them your best greetings. This will affect your relationship positively.

How To Find Someone Birthday Online?

There are numerous ways to find someone’s birthday online, not just one. The best ways to find someone’s birthday online are shared below. To commence, let us proceed.

Find Someone Birthday Via Social Networking Sites

The simplest way to find loved ones’ birthdays is on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Birthdays are frequently displayed on social media profiles, which can be used for your benefit. The chances of finding your loved one’s birthday on those social networking sites are high because they require date of birth information for account creation. The disadvantage of using social media sites is that there is no way to find that information if the person has changed their profile’s privacy settings and concealed their DOB. To illustrate how to use social media platforms to find someone’s birthday, we have used Facebook in the section below.

  • Use your preferred web browser to navigate to Proceed by logging into your account.
  • Once the site has loaded, click the See All icon in the left sidebar.

Find Someone Birthday

  • In the Social section, select Events.

Find Someone Birthday

  • In the sidebar on the left, select Birthdays.

Find Someone Birthday

  • Your birthdays are now visible to all users you have a friendship with.

Find Someone Birthday

Such is it! From social networking sites, you can find birthdays in this way. You must check your profile to know a person’s birthday on Instagram. In the Bio section, you will find the birthday.

How To Find Someone Birthday On Google?

You can use Google Search if the person you’re interested in knowing the birthday of is technologically proficient has a presence in the tech industry, or possesses a website. If the person has kept their birthday private on social sites and other platforms, Google Search will not show you their birthday. A Google search can show the birth dates of personalities and well-known individuals.

  • Initiate your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • Presently, navigate to and enter the individual’s name, followed by their birthday, into the search bar.

The person’s birthday, for instance.

Find Someone Birthday

  • Should the birthday not be returned by the Google search, the query may be modified. Additional personal information, such as the city’s name, college, business, or employment, may be appended to the birthday entry.
  • You may type in the celebrity’s name followed by their birthday if they are a person of interest. Google search will display a prominent excerpt that includes the birthday of the individual whose information was being sought.

For example, the birthday of Robert Downey Jr.

Find Someone Birthday

How To Find Someone Birthday By Email?

You are presented with various options if you possess an individual’s email address and desire to ascertain their precise birthday. After adding the individual’s email address to your contact list, you can retrieve their birthday using the Google Calendar app. Additionally, third-party websites that retrieve data from the email address can be used. How to find someone’s birthday via email is detailed below.

  • Add the individual’s email address to your contact book to begin. Add a new contact with their complete information, including name, phone number, and email address, to their phone.

Find Someone Birthday

  • Sign in to Google Calendar using your Google Account credentials. Use the same account that was used to log in on your phone.
  • Tap the Hamburger Menu icon located in the corner’s upper-left.

  • Followed by the Settings.

  • Tap Birthdays by navigating to the bottom of the Settings menu.

  • On the Birthdays page, toggle the Contacts option on.

Proceed by closing and reopening the Google Calendar app. You’ll see the birthday of the saved contact after refreshing the Google Calendar app on your phone.

How To Find Someone Birthday Public Records?

Knowing how to find someone’s birthday using public records is something that many users are curious about. Public records consist of court, criminal tax, birth, marriage, divorce, and other information and are accessible via online databases.

The birthday is frequently listed in this record. They function as free birthday lookup services or tools., FamilySearch, VitalRec, BeenVerified, and other similar websites. Presently, no free background check services are available, which presents a problem. You will need more trustworthy information even if you find a free one. Sign up for Public Records websites and search for the person whose birthday you want to know.

How To Find Someone Birthday On WhatsApp?

On WhatsApp, there is no way to view someone else’s birthday. WhatsApp does not request your birthday, even during the account creation process. Finding someone’s birthday on WhatsApp, therefore, has lower chances. However, if you only have access to a person’s birthday via WhatsApp, follow these steps.

  • Examine their most recent WhatsApp status update. A status update detailing birthday celebrations is likely to be shared by the person celebrating their birthday.
  • If you know the birthday of the person you’re interested in, you can ask your mutual acquaintances via message.
  • Look in the About section of the person whose birthday you want to know. Occasionally, users include their birthdays in their profiles.
  • Check out their social media accounts.
  • You may explicitly inquire whether communicating is detrimental and will not affect your relationship.

How To Find Someone Birthday On Snapchat?

Snapchat has become a central location for social interaction among millions of users. You can still join the platform to check the birthday of the intended person, even though young adults primarily use it. You can easily find the birthday of the intended recipient if they use Snapchat. Read that article to use Snapchat as a birthday finder app. You can also use additional birthday finder apps on your Android or iPhone.

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In light of this, these are some of the best ways to find someone’s birthday online. We’ve discussed various ways to find shared birthdays online or via apps. Please let us know in the comments section below if you know any additional ways to find someone’s birthday.

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