Best Free Keylogger For Windows 10


Keylogger software can read or record every keystroke made on a computer’s keyboard. A lot of folks won’t notice it running in the background. Anti-keylogger and antivirus software is the quickest and easiest way to detect a computer’s Keylogger. If you don’t, most people won’t even notice.

Please, don’t be afraid; you have genuine reasons to use keyloggers. Keeping an eye on your children, ensuring sure they’re secure on the internet from strangers or other potentially harmful aspects, or keeping tabs on your employees are just a few examples. Anyway, we’ve rounded up numerous respectable and cost-free keystroke loggers.


5 Best Free Keylogger Software Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

1. KidLogger

KidLogger is a free Keylogger program. Once it comes to keeping tabs on your children’s computer use, KidLogger is an excellent choice. It’s a free and open-source way to keep track of your users’ doing online. Additionally, it can record USB drive insertions, file/folder activity, microphone sounds, internet history, and take screenshots of Skype videos.

During capture, you can also choose specific keywords to alert you. For being so little and open-source, this program packs quite a punch. If you prefer, you can access the log files online through your KidLogger online account, which is optional. After installation, be sure to remove the shortcut from your desktop.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. Task Manager, Start menu, Program Files folder, and installed program list all have KidLogger shown as a running process or app. Even if you use a password to secure KidLogger, Task Manager will still terminate it.

Intermediate users will have no problem discovering and destroying KidLogger. KidLogger is a wonderful choice if you don’t care about being able to hide your activity.

2. Real Free Keylogger

Real Free Keylogger is the most excellent free Windows keylogger available. Anyone looking for a basic keylogger with minimal overhead should consider purchasing this program. There are no unnecessary extras. Even though its developers have abandoned it, it is still a good keylogger.

The most recent release is 2.5, which was released in 2014. There may be compatibility concerns if you’re using a newer computer, but this program should operate without a hitch if you’re using an older computer.

Moreover, once the software has been installed, it will prompt you to create a password so that only you and those who have the password may access the program’s settings and logs. Additionally, the log files can be exported as HTML files. It also features a scheduler that will log in at a predetermined time.

Ctrl + Alt + X (the default hotkey) can launch the software. It will launch in stealth mode after you press the hotkey. The user interface isn’t that horrible. The keylogger’s settings and menus are displayed.

This feature is paid, but don’t worry; you can entirely disregard the Stealth Mode at your peril. The software has already done a good job of hiding itself. It has no Start menu entry, installed apps, and tray or desktop icons in the System folder. As a result, the software will go unnoticed by most users.

There are still a few running processes in Task Manager, but they aren’t as obvious as they formerly were. As a result, they may hide long enough to avoid being discovered and killed.

3. BlackBox Express Keylogger

It is the best keylogger free download; perhaps this should be on your shortlist of top keyloggers for Windows. First and foremost, BlackBox Express Keylogger is a security tool. Because it features a keylogging feature, it’s on the list. Unfortunately, it’s a bit stale for the free version, released in 2011. It’s no longer available for download from the official website, but it is compatible with Windows 10.

It’s an excellent tool for the office because it can simultaneously monitor up to 200 distant PCs and one local PC. But, unfortunately, there is not much to be gleaned from the user interface, which is dated and unattractive.

When you use BlackBox Express, you can record anything from keystrokes to online searches to programs you’ve run to websites you’ve visited, emails you’ve sent and received, to instant messaging chats you’ve had. Almost everything can be done on a PC in the office.

If you like, you can alter the settings to exclude individual persons or set up alerts for specific phrases, websites, or programs. While BlackBox Express can operate as a service, it will still be visible in the Task Manager, desktop shortcut, Start menu, and install programs and program files.

So, if you want it to be fully undetectable, you’ll need to cover your tracks first. It cannot be launched using a key combination shortcut to prevent unintentional use. Instead, the executable file in the program folder is the only way to run it.

To keep the logs private from other people, you can set up a password for this free keylogger. But, of course, the great way to prevent keylogging is to get the software from a trusted source.

4. Revealer Keylogger Free

It’s another best free keylogger for Windows, Revealer Keylogger Free. Additionally, it contains features like the ability to record keystrokes. It can be password-protected and auto-cleaning logs and support several languages and customized startup settings.

These services are entirely free for you to take advantage of. The premium version includes additional capabilities such as screenshot capturing and automated delivery choices.

It’s not the best free keylogger, but it does a better job of hiding than most others. Unfortunately, Revealer Keylogger Free does not appear on the system tray, the Start menu, or the installed programs list of the computer. As a result, the software will go unnoticed by most users.

It will help if you remember that it can not hide in Task Manager, program files, or startup entry. That shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re hiding it from sophisticated users.

When it comes to malware such as keyloggers, the feature of granting enhanced rights is underappreciated. If you have elevated privileges, there will be no annoyances created by your operating system attempting to prevent the software from functioning. In the same way, automatic log cleaning is a good idea. Any free keylogger program that keeps a lot of logs may become a liability in the future.

5. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Keylogger Spyrix Personal Monitor is a paid version of Spyrix Free Keylogger. This software can record everything from keystrokes to clipboard text to screenshots. A social network and IM capture, visited web page log, webcam image, sound recording, and warnings are not available in the app’s free version. These functions are only available as part of the premium plans.

Using a hotkey, the default is Ctrl + Alt + A, or the run command, Spyrix Free Keylogger, can launch and protect with a password.

It’s more than enough for us to use the free version. Advanced features aren’t necessary; in fact, they’re turning the software into bloatware. In addition, Spyrix performs a lousy job of camouflaging.

It lacks any stealth capability. Task Manager and the installation folder are visible in Task Manager’s status bar. That defeats the purpose of being a keylogger in a way. The normal user should have little trouble spotting it and putting an end to it.

This program should be enough to keep tabs on your children if you don’t intend to use other keyloggers.

FAQ: Keylogger Software

What is a keylogger, and how does it work?

To put it another way, a keylogger is a piece of software that can monitor what keys are being pressed on a keyboard. Spyware monitors a user’s keystrokes is known as a “keylogger.”

What is keylogger software used for?

In addition to tracking the activity of your employees, keyloggers can use by hackers to get unauthorize access to your data. For example, certain screen recorders may take screenshots of your screen at random times. In addition, it is common for keylogger software to retain your keystrokes in a tiny file, which may access afterward or automatically email to the person following your activity.

Is a keylogger a virus?

Is it possible for hackers to use keyloggers to steal your personal information? For example, you might need to provide your credit card number, bank account PIN code, social network login, and password.

How do I protect myself against a keylogger?

To what extent can I defend myself from a keylogger? First, use caution when engaging in any online activity to minimize exposure to the keylogger virus. Cybercriminals who use keyloggers or other malicious software can deter from accessing the private information on your PC or device if you take this precautionary measure. A keylogger may include malware that you don’t realize is in an attachment or file you receive from an unknown source, so don’t open it. Watch out for phishing scams as well. Your computer or other devices can hack if you don’t keep your passwords strong and unique, encrypt them, and use two-factor authentication.

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Anti-keyloggers can also detect keyloggers in your computer by matching your documents to people in a database of keyloggers, which is a common practice. Finally, ensure that your computer protects from keyloggers using the best antivirus software.

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