19 Top Free PC Games Downloading Websites

Free PC Games

Below you’ll find a comprehensive compilation of the top free PC Games Downloading Sites, trusted sources where you can acquire the newest and most desired games you’ve been Looking for, all at no cost to you.

Playing video games is an excellent method for unwinding and relieving stress after a long day at work, school, or any demanding task. Moreover, for elite players, gaming can also serve as a means to earn money. Many players enjoy broadcasting their gaming sessions in real time or sharing recorded videos on various platforms. Meanwhile, others simply take pleasure in discovering new games and conquering various stages purely for the excitement.

For the gaming community, a significant issue is the challenge of locating a dependable and top-notch website for downloading free PC games. While various games can be found on services such as Steam, Battle.net, Uplay, Origin (recently rebranded as EA app), and similar platforms, players are usually required to spend money to acquire these games. Yet, not all players might be in a position to shell out cash to indulge in gaming.

For avid players, we’ve compiled a collection of top-notch websites where you can obtain PC games. We’ve personally verified each of these sites for reliability prior to mentioning them in our article. You can confidently grab any title of your choice from these sites without worrying about faulty links, concealed viruses, spyware, harmful software, or other potential dangers. Furthermore, these sites provide various methods to download games, including all-at-once or in segments, and from different sources. Now, let’s dive into the list of the finest websites for free PC game downloads.

19 Best Websites to Download Free PC Games

Let’s begin our journey to smooth gaming by obtaining your preferred games through the PC game downloading platforms listed further on. Search for the desired games on the site and proceed to download from any available option as needed.

 1. Ocean Of Games

Free PC Games

Ocean Of Games tops our list as an outstanding website for downloading free PC games. For many years, this platform has provided access to a wide array of popular PC titles. Users can browse an assortment of games sorted into various genres such as Action, RPG, Adventure, and more, or they can look for particular games they want. While the download and setup procedures on Ocean of Games might initially seem complex, they become straightforward once you’re accustomed to the system, making it one of the premier destinations to obtain PC games without cost.

2. FitGirl Repacks

Free PC Games

Consider exploring yet another top-tier website for downloading PC games at no charge. FitGirl Repacks serves as a vast collection of games and their compressed versions. The site provides the freedom to download your desired games. Its straightforward interface presents a complete catalog of games, organized alphabetically and easy to browse. Whether you’re interested in well-known titles such as the Grand Theft Auto series or others, this premier gaming download destination allows you to acquire an unlimited number of games without cost.

3. Steam

Free PC Games

Steam is a highly favored platform for gaming clients. It’s also considered one of the top websites for downloading PC games. This platform offers an extensive selection of games directly from the creators. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for any game developer to publish their games at no cost. But, you might have to spend some money for certain premium games and versions. With Steam, one of the most intelligent and free gaming download sites, you can easily download the desired game and start playing immediately.

4. Skidrow Games

Free PC Games

Skidrow Games emerges as a superior choice for downloading PC games at no cost, offering a vast array of both contemporary and classic titles through torrents and direct links. This platform is regularly refreshed with fresh additions, enabling players to easily acquire new games. Additionally, brief summaries of the games along with their license codes and serial numbers assist users in selecting the ideal titles to suit their needs. As a bonus, should your desired game not be listed, Skidrow Games provides the option to submit a request for it.

5. ThePcGames.Net

Free PC Games

ThePCGames.Net stands as a dependable choice to be included in the roster of websites that offer free downloads of PC games. Similar to the service provided by OceanOfGames, it allows unlimited free game downloads. A standout feature of this website is that it offers the convenience of downloading games in segments, unlike the majority of other free game download websites. While users appreciate this platform, its notable downside is the presence of numerous advertisements and frustrating pop-up windows.

6. OvaGames

Free PC Games

Continuing with our top picks for websites to download PC games, OvaGames is a standout option. With OvaGames, you have the ability to instantly download your desired game. The site also enables users to explore a variety of games sorted into different categories. The search function of the website is notably robust, delivering precise and dependable results. The platform provides a range of options and platforms for downloading games. However, a potential downside to note is that this top-tier free PC game download site is heavily populated with advertisements.

7. GameJolt

Free PC Games

GameJolt stands out as a dependable and credible website among the top sites for downloading PC games. Much like Steam, it provides its own gaming platform that anyone can use. To access the games, you first need to download the GameJolt application, and from there, you’ll be able to download the games you want to play on the platform. If you’re on the hunt for cost-free games such as OddVenture, House Party, and more, this is one of the best free sites to download PC games that you should consider trying.

 8. Itch.Io

Free PC Games

Fans of independent video games will appreciate this top-notch platform for downloading PC titles. The site boasts a diverse collection of games spanning various genres and categories, catering to both enthusiasts of free games and those willing to purchase them. Players can conveniently search for specific games or developers and even sign up for updates and new content. If your priority is finding a user-friendly website for downloading free PC games, Itch is definitely worth exploring.

 9. Reddit

Free PC Games

Many gamers might not be aware, but Reddit also serves as a platform for downloading video games. It is recognized as one of the top websites to obtain PC games, showcasing a variety of creators and developers. You have the opportunity to discover the latest game releases from diverse developers across the world and follow particular gamers or creators if you choose to. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to be vigilant since dangers exist, such as some authors possibly posting links that are broken or infected with viruses, malware, or other harmful elements. Aside from those concerns, this platform stands out as one of the premier options included in the compilation of free PC game download sites. Reddit can also be regarded as one of the best tools for free movie download sites  .

10. GameTrex

Free PC Games

GameTrex stands out as an excellent option among websites for downloading PC games. It boasts a top-notch user interface and ensures that all its download links are functional, avoiding any disappointment from failed downloads. Despite the presence of some advertisements, they simply open in a new browser tab, which can be easily closed before the page finishes loading. This remarkable platform allows you to search for and download games through various links, presenting a fantastic alternative to other free PC game download websites.

 11. OldGamesDownload.Com

Free PC Games

If you’re a fan of classic or old-school video games, you’re going to enjoy visiting OldGamesDownload.Com. This website is a trustworthy source for downloading PC games compatible with various operating systems including Windows and DOS, as well as Apple. You can also search for games based on their release year, with the collection featuring titles dating back to the early ’70s. Every game available on the site is free to download. Furthermore, the site boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it one of the easiest places to obtain games at no cost.

 12. Origin

Free PC Games

Origin is a popular service for downloading computer games. This platform is managed by Electronic Arts (EA), a prominent global gaming corporation. It offers various functionalities, including Twitch broadcasting capabilities, integration with social media and gaming console accounts, comprehensive user profile options, and more. Origin is a great option for locating and engaging with games. Although the selection of free-to-play games is limited, it still provides a considerable assortment of enjoyable games to choose from.

 13. G2A

Free PC Games

Let’s examine G2A as a platform for downloading computer games. This website for downloading games for your PC offers significant price reductions on the latest game releases. Additionally, it features the G2A Loot System, which enables you to interact with fellow users and trade coins to unlock Cases. Within these Cases, you have the opportunity to acquire multiple games free of charge. For those fortunate enough when opening them, these complimentary games can even consist of the latest blockbuster game releases.

 14. MegaGames

Free PC Games

Coming up on the list of top free PC game download websites for you in 2024 is MegaGames. Launched in 1998, MegaGames has established itself as a trusted resource for downloading a variety of game types. This site enables you to download countless freeware games. In addition, it provides modifications for current games. Furthermore, MegaGames provides up-to-date gaming news and informative articles within the gaming industry.

 15. Battle.net

Free PC Games

Battle.net, also known as BNET, is an additional website where you can obtain PC games at no cost. This service is operated by Activision Blizzard, and it provides access to a variety of well-known games such as World of Warcraft and StarCraft II for download.

Additionally, Battle.net features its own unique game launcher and a contact list so you can keep in touch with your friends and see their current activities, guaranteeing an enjoyable gaming experience.

 16. AllGamesAtoZ

Free PC Games

Continuing with our roundup of top websites for downloading free PC games, we land at AllGamesAtoZ. Unlike direct download platforms like Steam and Origin, this site doesn’t host game files for download. Rather, it serves as a directory offering details on numerous PC games that are available for free. It’s essentially a valuable tool for tracking and listing the wide array of free PC games currently accessible. The site frequently updates its inventory with the latest free game offerings and provides links to other sites, including Battle.net and Epic Games Store, where these games can be found.

 17. World Of PC Games

Free PC Games

Up next on our roundup of top websites for downloading free PC games is World Of PC Games. This site boasts a diverse selection of games, accommodating both high-spec and more modest gaming setups. It provides a plethora of gaming choices sorted into several genres. The site enables you to choose and download a variety of games and applications tailored to your specific OS. It caters to users of Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and more.

 18. ApunKaGames.com

Free PC Games

ApunKaGames.com makes an excellent contribution to the top game-downloading platforms available. Boasting a massive selection of over 100,000 games, this website provides an extensive catalog organized by various categories and styles of games for user convenience. It simplifies the download process by allowing users to download games in segments, making it easier to manage downloading larger games by acquiring them in smaller chunks and then combining them to install the full game. Additionally, the site features search functionality for finding games, modifications, repack versions, and more.

 19. GOG

Free PC Games

GOG stands out as the following entry on our compilation of top-notch websites for downloading free PC games. It’s a truly exceptional site that provides an extensive array of games spanning various genres and classifications. Besides offering games at no cost, GOG also gives you the option to purchase various titles. This platform makes it possible for you to connect with gaming communities, ensuring you stay in the loop with fellow enthusiasts.


We trust that the suggested websites, or top free websites for downloading PC games, have met your expectations. With one or several of these options, you should find it straightforward to acquire a wide selection of games, whether they are new releases, classic titles, or games of any genre. Each of these alternative sites offers the ability to download premium games at no cost. You have the convenience of exploring the site, looking up specific games, or browsing through various game categories to discover the exact game you’re looking for.


Each of these websites presents you with gaming options, though their methods vary. While some platforms offer direct full game downloads, others give you the option to obtain the games in segments. Depending on your needs, you should choose a PC games download site that suits you. If your computer’s capabilities are limited or you’re working with restricted internet data, it might be more practical to download games piece by piece. Ultimately, the decision on how to proceed is yours to make.

If you want any other help from our end, use the comments section below to convey your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download premium PC games for free?

Participate in digital game shops’ giveaways to locate and download free PC games.

How can I download premium PC games for free?

Keep an eye on game freebies to get premium PC games for free. You may also acquire entire games for free via pirate websites; however, we recommend that you download PC games that are far beyond their shelf life.

Is it unlawful to download PC games for free?

It depends on where you’re downloading it from. Avoid sites that contain pirated versions of games, since downloading them is prohibited in many countries. The websites on this list are secure since they only give out these games following a contract with the individual companies.

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