Funniest Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Funniest Instagram Accounts

Checkout our Best List of Funniest Instagram Accounts.

Humor is something we all need in our lives. Not everyone goes to Instagram to look for educational content or to buy something. Instagram is a platform meant to provide you with entertainment.

What is a better way than humorous posts, memes, and jokes on funniest Instagram accounts making your day?

Instagram is an excellent source to let you have fun, crack jokes, and break free from your serious and monotonous routine.

Many people are doing that for you by providing funny and humorous content for you. Let’s have a look at a few of them. Don’t forget to like them to get future updates from their accounts.

I am sure after following them, you will spend even more time for Grow Instagram Followers. So, brace yourself for a dose of humor before you start following them.

Fashion Dads – @fashiondads_

Fashion dads are the first humor-filled account on our list. Their profile is filled with funny catchphrases. They also have a related line of shirts and Tees.

Currently, Fashion dads are followed by 173k followers. These dads amuse their viewers with their funny poses and dressing styles.

Brown Cardigan – @browncardigan

Looking for funny videos? Brown Cardigans Instagram account is filled with fun-filled videos. These videos are what you need when you are feeling down.

Right now, more than 900k people are following the Brown Cardigans. They are your daily dose of entertainment.

No Chaser- @nochaser

Formerly they liked to call themselves Drunk People Doing Things have now changed to No Chaser. This account is a hub of jokes and funny posts for more than 7.9 million Instagram followers.

Isn’t it tremendous?

Well! I think it is incredible.

They have a collection of funny from all over the world. This account is everything that we can call funny.

Kookslams – @kookslams

With more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, the next humor-filled account on the list is Kookslams – @kookslams by

We assure you no one gets enough of this widely followed rib breaking Instagram account. one look at it, and you may want to go to these posts again and again. These funny videos showing surfers falling off from their boards or being carried away by the waves is the funniest thing to have fun right now.

Jerry of the Day – @jerryoftheday

Are you looking for funny sports videos? This Instagram account by Jerry presents you with a collection of humor-filled videos since 2011.

His profile is a house for bloopers, gaffs dedicated to entertaining his followers. So far, he has more than 15k posts on his Instagram and is followed by 2.1m followers worldwide.


Do you like to watch funny videos featuring animals? @chillwildlife is one of those entertaining accounts full of funny videos of hedgehogs and seals and many others. This account will show you there is no limit to these pets being funny.

The content and videos on this account get a lot of appreciation from the followers. Their preference is showered in the form of thousands of likes and comments.


Have you done the following @betches?

What? Not yet!

Well, its time to make amends. For humor, this account is a go-to profile. You will find everything properly done to provide you with the best humorous pictures, posts, and videos on this account. Currently, a massive number of 7.1m people are following this account.

@betches will make you see the humor in the simplest things.

Don’t waste any more time and signup for your journey of jokes and humor with @betches.


With this username, there is not much to say about this Grow Instagram Followers account. 819k followers are following this account where everything is funny when gone wrong. Follow this account to know when wrongs become funny.

Old Row – @oldrowofficial

There is definitely in this account, making a whopping 2 million people follow it. Filled with an extra dose of humor with its funny videos, photos, captions, and comments, this is one good humor-filled account.

The Betoota Advocate – The Betoota Advocate

This account is full of humor-filled news. You might see this satirical news becoming a reality in some way or the other. The Betoota Advocate is all serious posts with humor-filled captions.

As you go through the profile, hundreds of thousands of people are after this account for its funny headlines.

David Marie – @davidtherobot

David Marie is next on our list with his funny sketches and drawings. If you are one of those from the pervert club, follow this account at your earliest. David The Robot is being followed by 346k followers.

Beige Cardigan

This is one of the most followed satirical Instagram accounts. You will find jokes on a range of topics ranging from cooking mishaps to money mistakes. It is a profile worth following in 2020.


Satiregram is next on this list. You will see them creating humor by portraying funny pictures in their words. These captions are a breath of freshness in this world filled with pandemic tension. Follow this account to see how your overdone photos look like when described in words.

Sometimes our obsession with posting everything on Instagram goes beyond limits, and that’s what is described by these satirical captions.


Sometimes your conversation with your turns hilarious turns. This account posts screenshots of conversations between exes. Some of the texts can be from typical 3:am drunk messaging, but still, they don’t miss a beat.

Guess what? More than two million people are following this account. What are you waiting for?


This granny is going to make your day with colorful humor-filled makeup looks. Who said life gets boring in old age? Well, this account is fun personified. Follow this account, and you will own your age and number like a badge. This grandma account is one of the most followed accounts on Instagram.


Funniest Instagram Accounts is filled with all the humor you require in your life. The Covid-19 has spread enough gloominess. These Instagram Funniest profiles will be a breath of fresh air for you.

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