Glass Screen Protector: An Extra Layer of Shield for Your Smartphone

Glass Screen Protector

Time has changed and so are our needs. Ever since with the invention of the first mobile phone, the world was shrinking with each passing year due to the advancement in connectivity avenue. And after the invention of smartphones, it shrunk so much that one canconnect with the whole world from a small yet powerful device in their palms.

Smartphones have become anintegral part of our lives. None of us can imagine a day without using them. It has revolutionised the whole world and with each passing year the smartphone industry in making great strides. Everything we do is somehow connected with our smartphone and we are worried more about its protection than before.

Smartphones being a screened device are more prone to cracked screens and breakage.Corning gorilla glass is tough enough to withstand any external blows to an extent. But an accidental fall can shatter the screen into pieces. Screen replacement is a costly affair and to prevent that, one should use the best accessories to prevent phone screen cracks. Glass screen protector is one such accessory, so let’s discuss it in detail.

What is Glass Screen Protector?

A glass screen protector also known as tempered glass is a layer of glass made specially to protect your smartphone screen. This glass is specially made by a complex process of heating and adding special chemicals to provide strength to the glass. Once its surface gets cooled off, it automatically gets compressed, providing it a strength 5 to 10 times more than ordinary glass. This tempered glass is a perfect solution to safeguard your smartphone screen.

The following are some of the reasons emphasizing the importance of glass screen protectors for your smartphones.


We all aspect that our smartphone stays with us unaltered until we decide to upgrade it. But all the smartphone eventually has to face the uncertain events that can happen any time. A typical smartphone lies on a table, pocket, or purse, during which they are susceptible to scratches and falls. The most common of the obstacle is scratches caused by keys or coins while lying in our purse or pockets. By applying a glass screen protector over your smartphone screen, will enable you to protect your main screen against those unwanted scratches.

These glasses can also resist scratches caused by any sharp object. And the cherry on the cake is its capability of withstanding shocks caused by sudden fall. This glass absorbs the impact and protects the main screen. Thus, providing an extra layer of protection for your smooth smartphone screen.It keeps your smartphone screen safe and by absorbing the impact it also helps in keeping the inner circuitry intact. As a result, it increases the longevity of your smartphone.

Uninterrupted Touch Response

Many people might have misconceptions over adding an extra layer of screen protection in the form of tempered glass. They believe that it will affect the touch response of the smartphone and they will feel lag in operating the same. But the reality is quite different. As a matter of fact, it works just fine and you don’t need to worry about any issues related to its touch response. These glasses are durable and it serves the purpose just fine.

You won’t face any difficulty while gaming and using different utility app. For a gamer, uninterrupted touch response is the biggest concern and protective glass doesn’t affect the same. They are thin and don’t come in the way of their functioning. It reduces the accumulation of fingerprints and grease over its surface, which results in smooth touch response.

Easy to Clean

Let’s be real, we all had a phobia when it came to cleaning the smartphone screen. And that phobia was a result of initial TFT screen which were delicate and used to get damaged easily while cleaning. A typical smartphone screen catches a lot of fingerprints and some sort of grease during normal days. Now, we might face difficulty in cleaning them right away.

But, with this screen protecting glass, you can clean it at any time you want. You can just splash some water on it and clean it by rubbing a cloth on its surface. This negates our worries related to screen issues caused by excessive cleaning. They have a special oleophobic coating which makes its surface unaffected against fingerprints and smudges.

Outdoor Visibility

A smartphone is a simple device, having a full-screen display with volume and power buttons on the side. Now, for a device having a full-screen setup, outdoor visibility becomes a concern. We also consider these criteria while buying a smartphone as we check for viewing angles and outdoor visibility. So, it is but obvious that we might be skeptical when it comes to protective glass and outdoor visibility after its application.

Whether you select a tempered glass with a glossy or matte finish, it won’t affect your smartphone’s outdoor visibility. In fact, protective glass limits the enlargement of any glares coming on to your screen. They are designed in a way that it never hinders your viewing angles in indoors as well as outdoors.

Clarity and Sharpness

When it comes to smartphones, we select the one which comes withthe latest technology. The premium smartphone comes with a smooth screen experience with high pixel reproduction which increases the overall user experience. And now displays are coming with a higher refresh rate to enhance the gaming and overall experience of operating your smartphone.

A glass screen protector doesn’t affect the viewing experience. The colour and image quality remains intact when the screen protector is installed. You might not even notice any difference while using your smartphone. For gamers, photographers, and binge-watchers, a glass protective screen rather enhances your experience without affecting its colour reproduction and sharpness.

Final Thoughts:

With the smartphone industry evolving each passing year and screen size becoming bigger, adding an extra layer of protection won’t hurt you. By applying a glass screen protector over your smartphone screen, secures your investment from any accidental falls. It takes all the brunt when pressure comes on it fractures itself to absorb the impact, keeping your screen intact. While choosing your screen protector, see to it that it fits your smartphone perfectly and which has a silicone adhesive.

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