How Businesses Can Market Better Using Mobiles

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The use of mobile devices has greatly affected the way businesses market their offerings. If mobile isn’t the core of your marketing strategy, you may be losing on revenues and profits.

With an increasing number of people using mobile devices to search for products and services online, it’s not surprising that mobile traffic has already overtaken desktop traffic. This trend is likely to continue as more and more people rely on mobiles. So, for you to achieve success and beat your competitors, you must adapt your marketing strategies for mobile devices and start embracing mobile marketing. You can watch the video below to understand how to create a ringless voicemail campaign.

Why Consider Mobile Marketing for Your Business?

Mobile marketing revolves around promoting your business by targeting mobile device users. One of the reasons why your business should target these users is that many people prefer using their mobile devices instead of desktops.

Another reason why you should market your products and services using mobiles is that mobile users are easier to convert. By using smartphones, you can reach your potential consumers in real-time even when they’re outside their homes. You can catch them when they’re most willing to transact with your business. Mobile users are more likely to take action because smartphones are more convenient to use than laptops.

Ways to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Strategies Better

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should take advantage of mobiles when marketing your business, it’s time to know the ways how you can market better.

At present, there are various services from providers like Drop Cowboy that you can take into consideration for improving your mobile marketing. No matter what your business goals are, choose the service that’ll help maximize your brand’s potential in the online market.

Below are the ways how your business can market better using mobiles:

  • Take Advantage of Automated SMS

SMS (short message services) automation isn’t a new concept. It has been in the industry for many years and most companies have implemented automated SMS as part of their core marketing strategy. However, there are numerous businesses yet to see the real value of automated SMS and remain stuck in the manual sending of messages.

Whether it’s during, after, or before your customers’ purchasing experience, automated SMS services like Drop Cowboy Text Blast will free up your time. Such services will also provide your customers with great experience and superb service. So, your consumers will think of you the next time they look to purchase.

Automated SMS services may let you send bulk text messages to help you increase your sales quickly. It can also integrate SMS with your core marketing strategy to keep your customers happy and updated.

One of the reasons why you should automate your SMS is to provide your consumers with a better experience. Marketing automation lets you send personalized and behaviorally-triggered messages. For instance, once a customer signs up to your loyalty program, you may send personalized messages welcoming them.

There are many benefits of using automated SMS and these include the following:

  • Instant Communication – It’s important to note that customers don’t wait. But with automated SMS, you can instantly communicate with your customers. You can give them a delivery time, information on new services or products, and more.
  • Get Better Results and Save Time – Sending customers reminders or surveys via messages are the things you don’t need to do if you take advantage of automated SMS. SMS can be optimized easily to achieve the best results. For example, you can determine the best time to send the messages. Sending customers surveys a few days after buying is a great way to get feedback instead of sending surveys a month later.
  • Fewer Mistakes and Have a Structured Plan – By automating SMS, you’ll know exactly when and what message goes out. It means that you may keep track of the times you’re communicating with your customers, what message works well, and build a more effective marketing plan. Moreover, since you won’t need to spend time sending the messages, you can check your message content to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes. On the other hand, manual messaging may cost you sales if you make any mistake.

However, such benefits may vary depending on your chosen automated SMS provider or the plan you choose for your business.

  • Level Up Your Social Media Strategy

Billions of people are using social media these days. That’s why many marketers use social media channels to generate leads, close sales, and build rapport. If you want to market your business better on social media for your target mobile users, you can add video content.

Based on research, most people use their smartphones to access social media. Because of this, you can grow your mobile audience by creating shareable content. For example, you can take your hottest blog post and turn it into a more engaging video. Use it as your opportunity to add new details, engage with your audience, and build your brand personality. A good way to have an impact on a diverse audience on various social media channels is repurposing your content.

You may also want to ensure that all your events are simplified and one-clicked online. For example, if you’re having a contest, see to it that it’s easy for your mobile users to tag the people they know, follow your brand, and share your posts.

  • Add Some Voice Search Keywords in Your Content

More often than not, you’ll be reminded that good SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to achieving success in online businesses. While that statement is correct, many things have changed when it comes to marketing your business. For example, voice search is now SEO’s new subset, which depends on voice-activated programs or devices.

This technology is built into new smartphones and continues to grow rapidly. Since people have become dependent on voice technology, many business owners look for ways to fine-tune and improve their existing voice search framework.

What makes voice SEO different from traditional SEO is that it focuses on what the consumers say rather than what they type. Marketers use the variation in language to identify keywords that are customized for their business. By implementing voice search keywords, your potential customers can easily find your website.

  • Launch Mobile Apps

The indispensable use of smartphones in all aspects of life has increased the importance of mobile users in marketing. For this reason, your business should launch a user-friendly and appealing mobile ordering app.

Mobile apps are an effective way to approach users in a user-friendly environment. As more people rely on smartphones, the apps are also in high demand. A mobile app provides your business with a better platform where your target audience can purchase your offerings. It also ensures security through customization.

Make a Responsible Website

The conversion rates of websites that are well-optimized for mobile devices are much higher as compared to those that aren’t optimized properly. It’s also necessary that your website is responsive. Having a responsive website can improve not just your rankings but also your customer experience. This is why you should check if your website works well on mobile devices.

A responsive website is a key to marketing your business better using mobiles as it guarantees a great user experience for your target mobile users regardless of the devices they’re using. You must also keep your loading time in check since many users abandon sites that take longer to load on smartphones.

Thus, if you want to get results and boost your mobile marketing, you must prepare your website for mobile use. It should be attractive and respond to all screen sizes. In short, don’t focus too much on aesthetics, make sure to work on your website’s smooth navigation and functionality.

When optimizing your website, there are some things that you should focus on and these include the following:

  • Offer options for customers to log in or sign up using their social media accounts. It provides your customers with a smooth experience instead of forcing them to make their profiles from scratch. This also makes it easier for them to continue their purchasing process instead of giving up halfway.
  • Pay attention to improving your website’s loading time. Since mobile users have less patience than those who use desktops, your website must load quickly. This can also be beneficial for consumers who have weak internet connections.

Once you have a responsive website, the next thing you should focus on is to improve your user experience. With improved user experience, it’s much easier for your users to navigate your website anytime they want. It also makes their transactions easy, which can make a huge difference to your conversion rates.

  • Launch Mobile Ads

If your goal is to market your business better on mobiles and boost its visibility, you should never neglect the importance of mobile SEO. A good way to boost your mobile SEO is to incorporate mobile ads. Thanks to tools like Google AdWords, you can easily create ads that may be viewed from mobiles only, enabling you to make the most of the ad’s potential in real-time. Such mobile ads are useful for local searches and may depend on the context.

If you don’t know what ads to launch on mobile devices, you must know what people search on their mobile devices when they are looking for relevant products and services. By using keyword tools, you’ll be able to dig deep into the most searched keywords and determine the ways to fulfill the needs of your users with your content.

Creating a fully optimized campaign can be a bit tricky when beginning from scratch. If you have some questions, never hesitate to get in touch with an expert to get more from mobile advertising.

  • Include a Mobile Payment Option

Mobile devices have changed the way people shop. Many buyers using loyalty programs use smartphones to compare prices and most people trust the reviews they read on the internet.

For many mobile users, the fewer steps they need to go through, the easier it’ll be to get them converted. That’s why large companies are changing their processes to enable paying via mobile. Even social media platforms have integrated ‘Buy Now’ buttons to allow users to purchase and pay directly from their accounts instead of being redirected to another page.

With this, users don’t have to go through several steps to confirm their purchase. It also reduces potential distractions, which makes it less likely for them to abandon the process along the way. As a result, conversion rates can be higher.

Purchases via mobile are also a great chance to reach out to your users at the precise moment when they’re ready to purchase. If you want to reap this benefit for your business, make sure to look for the best payment platforms. Then, incorporate the best one that offers simplicity and security. Mobile payment options will provide convenience to your consumers and also streamline your business processes. This is because the payment system will be integrated with your business software for more efficiency.

  • Pay Attention to Mobile-Friendly Trends on SEO

Most online searches now come from mobile devices instead of desktops or laptops. This simply means that the SEO trends are also changing. As a result, Google introduced mobile-first indexing in 2017 as it sees growth in mobile traffic for many years to come.

Mobile-first indexing is the use of the website’s mobile version for indexing and making search results on Google. It means that Google will use the content’s mobile version for ranking and indexing. This is the reason why it’s important to optimize your SEO for keywords that are used regularly in mobile searches for better exposure.

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that mobile devices have drastically changed how people interact, how information is shared, and how people search for products or services. For this reason, as more people use mobile devices, businesses must have a new approach to understand consumers and reach them effectively. By taking advantage of mobile marketing, any business can get a competitive edge. Just make sure to incorporate effective strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Follow the tips above to market your business better by leveraging the ever-increasing power of mobile devices.

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